Thursday, January 29, 2009

Capitol on Consignment: Make $ and Make Room!

Is there anything better than making some money and making room to buy even more! I don't think so. Consignment is the beautiful answer to cleaning out your closet and truly making room for your fashion evolution. In this fantastic time of recession, we are all trying to figure out ways to make extra cash and not really change our lifestyles that much. This might just be the answer to our prayers.

As I have already promoted, cleaning out your closet twice a year is truly the best way to keep things organized, remember what you own and make way for your new seasonal goodies. Giving things to Salvation Army is the kind and generous thing to do, but passing along a Gucci blazer to a person who may as well think it came from Target is just a crime. So, I suggest putting together a separate pile of those beautiful items that true shopaholics may enjoy for half the price. In order to receive such gifts, you must give such gifts:)

Tribecas Closet is one of my latest and greatest finds. It is an on-line, yes on-line, consignment store. Does life get any easier? The greatest part is that if you live in the NYC area, the beautiful and lovely owner will actually personally come and pick up your garments! Talk about a custom-made service. Now, not only is consignment a fantastic way to clean out and clean up, but it is also the perfect answer to buying designer at half the price. Did I mention recession proof style? Well now I did.... Go be fabulous and frugal, no one will know the difference!

Go find fabulousness at Tribecas Closet!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally! A Real Bag for the Walking Gal

I cannot tell you how many women ask me what to do about their ridiculously heavy bags that they must lug around with them all day. In fact, the only people who will now be annoyed that I have found the answer are the chiropractors of the world (sorry my dear brother:).

There are certain times when I will not give up fashion for comfort, and rolling around a bag looking like a complete fashion faux pas is one of them. On the days when I must lug my computer, my gym stuff and my general life around with me, I cry. Seriously, you will see me walking the streets of NYC literally with tears coming down my face:) Honestly, I use and abuse my gym locker room stopping through there throughout the day to pick up and drop off my life. I am sure Crunch would be happy to know this:)

Well finally ladies, I have found a bag that is cute, functional and will continue to put you above tribes of women in every fashion circle. A lovely introduction (made by a follower of this blog!) has saved us all. This beautiful trolley bag can actually fit your laptop, lipstick and gym shoes. Praise be the lord, we are saved! Just look at how chic and fashionable this very happy model is strolling around town like she doesn't have a care, or back problem, in the world! May be rid ourselves of our back problems and still be stylish just like her!

Serra Trolley Bag


On a Personal Note.. Holy Crap, I am 30 Today.

For those of you who have hit this milestone, congrats. I am now a proud member of the "I made it through my '20s and I am still alive to tell about it" club. After seven years in this business, I only love it more everyday. With all of the trials and tribulations of starting your own business, it is a miracle that I am still here:) The truth of the matter is that you must love what you do, believe that you are good and know that you will be great. They say that your '30s are truly the beginning of the rest of your life and if that is true, let's get this party started! Thanks for reading and even if my style matures with my old age, I vow to always understand "the young people" and what is hip and cool. I said hip, I must be old:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Make a Statement (With your Earrings!)

Now you know that I love the statement necklace, but seeing as I often change my outfit twice a day, I might need another statement piece of jewelry! Rounding the corner at a close second are statement earrings. They were the new big thing (like anything is ever that new!) at fashion week and I am sure they will be making their way into your hanging jewelry organizer very soon. This depends on how closely and religiously you are following my blog and all of the style knowledge I bestow upon you.

The statement earring is like bling for your face. At least it is the closest thing next to actual face jewelry. Seriously though, you want to highlight all that is fabulous about your gorgeous face and this is the best and easiest way to do that. Choosing a color, like these big guns, are a very quick way to brighten up your overall look and bring sunshine to your tired, I work way too much, face:) The key to the statement earring is to make sure they are big, very, very big. They don't need to be stupidly heavy, there are millions of styles out there that produce the same effects as heavier, earlobe drooping ones.

Owning these fantastic baubles means that you must show them off, don't hide them in your hair! I always suggest a ponytail with a slight poof at the front to highlight these lovely earrings. It is fun, playful and sophisticated at the same time. Using a head scarf is also another accessory that meshes well with a large earring. Just be careful that neither the scarf or the earring is too overwhelming because you will just look like someone puked fashion on your head. Never a good look. Keep your outfit fairly simple as well if you do make the bold choice of pairing a scarf and statement earrings together. Take the leap and the net will appear, you can do it!

Banana Republic Turquoise Hues Chandelier Earrings

Friday, January 23, 2009

Angelina Jolie in an Arkris Suit: Love it or Hate it?

I do just love giving my opinion of the many fashion ups and downs of the Hollywood tribe, that is why I designed myself this blog here, ya know? I like to believe that I have some authority based on my profession to make such judgment calls. If you are reading this, then you must agree.

Usually I find Angelina Jolie to be boring. There is a difference between simple and elegant and trying to create an image to fit your personal side of mothering 52 (maybe 53 now) children. Her dress at the Golden Globes looked like a glorified night gown, although if I was with Brad Pitt I would be ready for bed all of the time too. She is a good samaritan to the world so I must defend her fashion choices somewhat.

This white Akris suit, worn to the premiere of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in Germany, was one of my favorite looks she has pulled out in a while. It was sexy, sophisticated and her '60s up-do added a retro feel that was truly appreciated. Honestly, it was just slightly different for her and that is what put a smile on my face. These actresses have the capability to be something completely different (style is being a camelion while still showcasing your personality), almost once a week during awards season, and they don't take advantage of it! What a shame to pay all that money out to a stylist and make-up artist and not have them fully do their jobs.

Now you may be aware that I have not mentioned her Asprey jewels just yet because I was waiting for the kicker until the end..... One earring? Oh no dear. This is not a '70s disco party draped in white (and I don't mean people wearing it). I am sure that Asprey would have been more than happy to lend you out the other earring just for the night. That or Maddox hid the damn thing at which point it would be acceptable to choose another set. Angie, so close, yet so far away..... And Brad, shave that stupid thing off your face. I love you anyway.

Photo courtesy of

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time for a Vacation? Here Comes Resort wear!

I always love to start thinking about warm, sandy beaches right around this time because it is the only thing that will get me through this God forsaken time. Oy. Vacation is just a (very expensive) plane ride away, but if you dream it, it will be. I am dreaming very hard right now.

Apparently the stores dream very hard too because they love to stock up on resort wear sometime in November. They believe that we all take long cruises to Belize if they do. Alas, I will be happy taking a shotty vacation to the poor side of the Dominican Republic if it gets me away from the snow, as long as I look good doing it. Would I ever look any other way?

Packing for such an activity should always be easy. Light and airy clothing and very few layers. How big does your bag seriously have to be? If you are going anywhere fancy bring one pair of heels, if any. Vacation is about comfort and often times that means leaving uncomfortable footwear at home. Flats are dressy too! Go Grecian and lace those bad boys right up your leg, sexy. Grab a few tanks, some flowy skirts and maybe a cute pair of shorts. Of course flouncy sun dresses, just like this one from DVF, are perfect as a cover-up or a dress for dinner. The real key to packing correctly for vacation is about the accessories. In a temperature when layering is impossible, you can add your own flair with fun and crazy beaded necklaces or very bold earrings. You will probably have your hair up half the time anyway because of the heat so what a great way to draw attention to yourself! Accessories are the easiest thing to pack and you can never bring to many. Stop the overpacking craziness and save yourself the newly implemented baggage fee. You'll show them! Just don't forget to pack a portable steamer to unwrinkle all of your great sheer, flowy garments. That damn thing will save your life, trust me.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Couple on Inauguration Day: Michelle's Gown, Obama's Tux... They Looked Hot!

Come one, come all and see how AWESOME our new first couple is! As they made their way through "The Ball Crawl" (aptly titled by moi), the new era of hope was definitely ushered in by more than just words... The Obama's brought style and grace to their new titles.

Now, of course you cannot expect me to make a few comments that may not be so complimentary even though I do fully support not only the new cabinet, but the new reign of Presidential style. Michelle my bell, your dress, by Jason Wu (who was a student at Parson's in NYC. He hit the jackpot!) was way too long. Seeing as the evening is literally you prancing through Washington D.C., dancing your way into American's beloved hearts, you probably should have been able to move without tripping over your own gown. Big flaw. I am glued to my television for only so long watching you and the President bounce back and forth with only slight separations to cutely stare into one another's eyes. Sweet, but I want some ball room dancing moves! Kick "Dancing with the Stars" ass, show 'em what you are made of!

The other faux pas of the look was truly that the silhouette was not that flattering. Michelle's arms are something to be envied, but she does have wider hips. She is a real woman damn it and I appreciate that, but finding the right style for her is often harder than if she were a model. Duh? The skirt of her dress needed a bit more stucture and less draping. Due to the high-waist/draping skirt combo, she actually accentuated her larger bottom half. A more stuctured bottom half, still with the high-waist, would have focused on her small mid-section and not her hips.

Now Mr. President... Damn! If you weren't married, I swear:) Talk about dapper for your big debut! I loved, loved, loved the white bow tie. The single button blazer didn't look half bad either and certainly helped make his skinny frame look more robust. The custom made Hart Schaffner Marx tuxedo was dead on.

Overall these two just looked classy, appropriate, presidential, ready to kick ass and well, HOT! It is a good time right now to be a (stylish) American!

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sasha and Malia Sparkle on Inauguration Day in J Crew

Oh boy do I love well-dressed children. The first family girls stood out in colorful frocks from J Crew highlighting their overall accessibility by wearing clothes "we the people" can actually own! It was their very first day as the princesses of the United States and they were certainly dressed for the part. With matching ribbons and interesting color combinations, these girls will definitely be the toast of their new school and not just because of their very important last name. They each looked individual and comfortable while showing off how fashion can be done appropriately for children. Everyone should take a note from these gals, you can look your age and look amazing doing it! Jill Biden needs to be taught a lesson or two by Sasha and Malia:)

Photo courtesy of AP Photo: January 20th, 2009

Jill Biden Forgot to Hire a Stylist for Inauguration Day

Where was I when poor Jill Biden needed me? I am a bad US citizen allowing such an inauguration day fashion crime to occur. Clearly she found a fabulous red coat to cover up her outfit from her night job... She should have remembered a change of shoes. I am so mean.

Here is a styling note for all of you out there who trust my style judgment: If you own a pair of boots such as these, get rid of them. You know them, the kind that is stretchy and does not need a zipper to get them on and off. The kind that flop over because there is no structure through the leg of the boot. U. G. L. Y. and C. H. E. A.P. You are the vice president's wife, we know you have the benjamins! Never, ever should a woman of this age (she is not old, just too old to be wearing these) and at this event be showing her knees. If she had just added an opaque pair of black tights the outfit would have been WAY more acceptable. Not right, just acceptable. Stop telling me I am a bitch, I may be mean, but at least I am right:)

Aretha Franklin's Hat is Fabulous Defined

I am sure that people are going to hate this hat. Just loathe the thing. But folks, I freakin' love it. She is Aretha Franklin damn it! She is big, gray and beautiful. An outfit to match her voice indeed. I just wish that dressy hats would come back so I can put a big bow on my head too. Kentucky Derby here I come, bow and all. Sing it Aretha!

Inauguration Suit: Michelle Obama Kicks it Off Right as First Lady

I am so happy this amazingly intelligent, strikingly tall, overwhelmingly classy and insanely stylish woman is our new first lady. Bringing fashion back to a roll that is so much more than just standing by her man. She represents the new and (soon to be) improved United States.

Wearing a beautiful brocade yellow sheath dress with matching jacket by Isabel Toleda, she looked flawless as could be. It was a touch of class, a touch of bling and a touch of trendy style. All things combined, it just worked. The color was a smart choice for her because it highlighted her skin and set her apart from her darkly suited counterparts. She was fashion and power Jackie O style. We have waited forty years for our next first lady fashion icon and I have a feeling that just as Jackie does, Michelle will have a fashion following long after Barack Obama leaves office. Start buying your yellow dress combos ladies....

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

Men Love to Save $ Too: Buy Your Winter Coat Now!

It is no secret that everybody loves a deal, men included. It may be late in the chilly season, but that is all the more reason to reap the benefits of retailers trying to push out the last of their goodies and make way for Spring. It is still freezing, snowing and we are all pasty white, but apparently this is a great time to sell bathing suits.

All of the major department and chain stores are making way for the warmer months so now is the time to find your closest discount designer store and scoop up what never sold. The racks are currently filled with coats for half off their original price. Use logic here, you will inevitably need a winter coat next year and the year after that and the year after that.... Are we getting the idea? Buy it now, while the price is good!

I was just at Century 21 (a massive discounted designer store in NYC) yesterday and their selection was, quite frankly, overwhelming. It was time for a trained eye (mine), to find the perfect, classic manly silhouette for a long lasting coat that would be timeless. Oh yea, and warm. Working on the barter system (some things are worth bartering for:), I used my keen sense to find an amazing coat for over half off the original ticket price. I am that good and damn, the gentleman I dressed looked quite dapper in it.

This particular coat has all of the aforementioned qualities, basically, it is worth buying no matter what season it is. Remember, you will be wearing this coat repeatedly throughout every winter so isn't it worth it to buy a beautiful one? Buying it for half the price is just icing.....

Ted Baker Charcoal Wool Blend Twill "Benchy" Peacoat

$354.45 (Original $695!!!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Literally holy, this thing must have been designed by someone sent from God. Who else could possibly understand our divine need to actually be able to FIND every piece of jewelry we own? I curse the day jewelry boxes were created!

Yea sure, they are pretty, but jewelry boxes have been nothing but an ugly sore on society since their mighty creation years ago. They serve no actually purpose other than to cause their owners to miraculously go into long rants of curse words because they can't find a matching earring. They should call them the "Tangle my necklaces, eat my earrings" box.

But alas, the hanging jewelry organizer, although not as visually stimulating, has saved us from our days of dismay. With many different sizes and pocket amounts, there is certainly one made for you and your closet. As suggested by it's design, it literally hangs in your closet next to all of your many garments and is the size of a dress shirt. With clear pockets on BOTH sides, it allows you to easily manage your millions of accessories. The other amazing part? The designers (sent from God) realized that it was important to have different size pockets. Therefore, as you make your way to the bottom, the pockets get bigger! Amazing.

The only thing this miracle piece cannot handle is larger bangles and necklaces. Enter thy jewelry box! The main problem of a jewelry box is that it doesn't have tiny enough compartments to find your more delicate pieces. By using it for your bulkier jewels is actually serves a pretty compartmental purpose!

Be sure to check out my many other organizational tools by watching Sass N Style: Closet Organization at!

80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jazzy Jumpsuits

We may not be two years old anymore, but we can still love ourselves a onesie. You know what I am talking about girls, the one piece, one garment, one look miracle of a jumpsuit. They can be your easiest, most stylish go-to piece yet.

I see the fear in your eyes though. I can feel the anxiety rushing through your body. "A jumpsuit!" you say. Yes, a jumpsuit. It provides endless opportunities for styling because it is a basic and simple silhouette that you can make fabulous in many, many different individual ways.

For those of you who are feeling the uncomfortable tingle in your mid-section, stop. I certainly can understand that this style is not always tummy friendly. We have two options here: One is to buy a jumpsuit that has a bloused mid-section. This means that the band around your waist is fitted while the top half of the jumpsuit is loose and flouncy allowing room for that extra cookie. The second option is this lovely jumpsuit behind door number two. It actually has a shaper built in. That's right, your undergarment that smooths out all of those nooks and crannies is sewn right into your new, awesome jumpsuit. Does life get any easier than this? I think not.

Now that you have accepted the fact that you may have to pull out your '70s vibe with a brand spanking new jumpsuit, you might have to go and buy some roller skates. Although a belt at your waist or some fun, crazy earring may be appropriate accessories, elbow pads are not!

Control Palazzo Jumpsuit

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Men's Shopping Tips

As I've noted before, everybody (this includes men) wants to look good, the level of effort put into this subject is certainly based on the individual. Fact is fact, men are not usually prone to LOVING shopping. This is fine ladies, do not force the issue upon them, but a little encouragement never hurt! The key is to make the experience as painless as possible. If a shopping day is needed, make it about them. You will NOT be shopping that day, can you handle it?

Create a lovely list that you (by "you" I am referring to the shopping assistant or the actual shopper himself) will have drafted prior to your excursion. Search the closet first and decided what you feel you are missing, don't go into the store blindly. Trust me, this makes life a lot easier and feeds upon a man's need for single-focused activities. This is not a dig on you gentleman! Rather, it is utilizing the very little I know about men and putting it toward a happy and stylish shopping experience:) In my professional defense, every man I have ever shopped with, be it personal or professional, has always left saying the he was shocked at how easy I made it. See, I do know what I am talking about!

Once you have entered the store (choose one that has everything under one roof, think department store) focus on sections on your list. This means you should go to one department at a time and get it done in an orderly fashion. No wish washy behavior here! If your list is too long to keep your focus and shop well, break it down and separate it out. Some shopping might have to be done on a different day, that is fine!

My final thought is to always ask for help. It is kind of like directions only the opposite! These salespeople know what they are doing and want to earn their commission. Yes boys, that means you stick with one person and they will help you even better. Let them do the hard work by running around and grabbing items. The toughest job you have is being able to explain what you are looking for and actually trying it on. Show them your list and let them know what you do most of your time... This means telling them your job and your weekend activities, not your entire social schedule! You can do it!!!! If not, go out and bag yourself a girlfriend with style immediately and go shopping on your first date:) Trust me, she will probably enjoy it!

Photo courtesy of (John Varvatos collection)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Gowns... Disappointing!!!

Ah, the awards season has begun and it is time for these high-priced stylists to earn their keep. Well, it seems they can't get over their respective hangovers from the new years because this crop of awards gowns was well, boring. Aside from a few major mistakes (Drew Barrymore and Renee Zellweger much?), these ladies all seemed to forget the va va va voom that we expect. I want glamor, I want sexy, I want FABULOUS! Unfortunately for me, I had to settle for pretty. Boo.

I searched and searched this morning through photos upon photos seriously thinking that I must have missed something when watching the red carpet last night. There had to be at least one diva (based on her outfit:) in the sea of expensive dresses, didn't there? I know nude is the color (or lack of color) this season, but on a red carpet absolutely nothing sings about drowning yourself in a flesh-tone gown. Demi Moore and Penelope Cruz looked pretty, but when the millions of bulbs are flashing, you want to look gorgeous!

My one pick of old school hollywood glamor with a touch of modernity thrown in for good measure is sex-pot Eva Mendes. I do realize that the cream-puff like mound on her hip was a bit over the top, but take away one layer of icing and you simply have a dream. She showed off her very well-known curves in a classy and interesting way by seperating herself from the crowd in her Christian Dior gown. The dress was classic, yet obviously had a twist. The real zinger of this ensemble is her overwhelmingly amazing necklace, talk about a statement! By bringing in the turquoise stone, she really changed the overall feel of what could have just been a classic and clean look. Her up-do is becoming of her look, but by being slightly tossled, it brings out the chic feel of the necklace. Well done Eva.... Or should I say Rachel Zoe?

Photo courtesy of

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stand Out Luggage

There really is a simple solution for one of life's most annoying problems. Trust me, you are familiar with it. You are tired, you are cranky and now you need to stand around starring at every stinkin' black back on the luggage carousel hoping that it is your stinkin' black bag. Let's think logically with our fashion brains here folks. Hmmmm...... Ah yes! Purchase a bag that DOES NOT look like everyone elses! Purchase a bag that looks like you (well your style anyway).

One of the greatest things about searching for your new luggage is that it is always on sale. Always. Any of the top designer discount stores, think Loehmans, Filenes and T.J. Maxx, will have at least one fabulous bag.

Diane Von Furstenberg has been designing clothing since the '70's and is certainly well-known for it. Well, let me introduce you to her stylish and sturdy line of luggage. Love this luggage. And, to make life even better, it is always in the designer discount stores so DO NOT buy it for full price ever!!! Most of her luggage is done in materials that will not be super damaged by the lovely bag handlers at the airport. Also, the inside of her bags are just as fabulous as the outside. This bag is hot pink inside! Oohh, fun. She also has simple styles for the not so crazy, but they definitely come in solid colors other than black. Remember, style goes beyond what you wear on your back. Style is everything you surround yourself with, so surround yourself with fabulous.

Diane Von Furstenberg Twigs 25' Expandable Upright
$226.76 (Original $425.00!!!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Accessorize Your Man

As a woman I have a million and one choices everyday as to how I should embellish my kick-ass look. As a man, the options significantly lessen, but this does not mean that you should jump ship and go for boring!!! I truly believe that women wear most of the jewelry because men would never have the patience to pick it all out everyday!!

But I digress, wear the options that the fashion Gods (designers and stylists) have given you and wear them proudly. You are hot and you want to show your individuality through your style. One of the most fabulous collectibles for men are cufflinks. Next to your watch, this is one of the quickest and most simple ways to liven up your outfit and set you apart from the other ballers. Plus, owning a collection of cuff links is not unheard of and is a great gift as well as a great hand-me-down. I know you guys think about this stuff too, don't lie.

There are a ton of options when it comes to finding the perfect pair, so choose wisely. You can truly show your personality with these tiny, yet extremely noticeable, ornaments. One of my close guy friends has a pair of skull and cross bones and although it may be over the top for others, they fit his look perfectly. I love this particular pair of engraved cufflinks because it doesn't get much more personal than this! Killer present, killer look.... Now if only looks could kill.... I see the newest weapon in the next installment of James Bond.

Personalized Signet Cufflinks


Ski Bunny Chic

After a long hard week of skiing for new years I cannot think of a better post than fashion for snow bunnies! Unless you are in Aspen, looking hot on the mountain and the lodge are more like undercover missions. I have only skied in Vermont and I can tell you that having a matching pink jumpsuit with earmuffs is NOT smiled upon. Yet remember folks, looking good no matter where you are always leaves you feeling good... and lets you meet lots of mountain men (not that I have any experience in this:). I try to make it a rule of thumb to be fashionably appropriate wherever I am. This means I am not wearing high heels with over-sized hoops to dinner at Applebees in no-where USA. It also means that my idea of cute must alter with my destination.

I love, no matter where I am, to stand out in a fun yet reasonable way. These great Pajar fur boots are a completely acceptable way to show off your snowy chic style, be a conversation piece and still fit in. All of my mountain boyfriends were very intrigued by them:) It is also always a necessity to wear a cute ski sweater when tramping on the mountain because a themed outfit is a fun outfit (within reason!!!!). Look the part without wearing a sign on your head that says, "I am here to rock your sexy ski porno dreams!".

Pajar Women's Anchorage Fur Boots

Billabong Snow Bunny Full Zip Hooded Sweater

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Universal Bag

The man purse is a reality boys so just get over it, realize that often times you have as much crap as us chicks so just put it somewhere already! The messenger bag is a completely acceptable option that your boys will just have to deal with. Hell, they probably own one, take it out, dance around with it in front of the mirror and then let their insecurity overshadow their need and put it back in the closet.

This style of bag is not only a lifesaver for men, but it is my personal purse of choice on days when both of hands are extremely needed. For most people, especially women with babies, this is an everyday occurrence. Stop the ugly bag madness and pick up a stylish and completely functional messenger bag for yourself!!!

The reality is that we will always have stuff, lots and lots of stuff. The day when they make a wallet that folds up from a tote to the size of your back pocket will be a glorious occasion. I will be the first to tell the world of this miraculous product, but until then you are forced to look stylishly secure carrying around this universally awesome bag. Don't be scared, pick a material that suits your needs and style capability. Vinyl is a great choice for the more casual man while this camel leather works for a more evolved (male) fashionista. Either way, remember that your buddy that makes fun of you probably still has his mother shopping for him:)

Kenneth Cole Reaction Risky Business

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Simply and Sexy

We all have those moments when everything we put on looks like crap. I look fat, I look bloated, I look pale, hell, I just look like a horse's patoot. We should all have a go-to outfit that saves our day just like Superman saved Lois. We will refer to this as our superhero look, but stay away from the spandex.

We all should have certain staple items that allow our wardrobe to sing when we bring in our fabulous, off-beat garments that appear to go with nothing. Yes they do go with something, what you should already own! In this simple and sexy case, Kate Hudson is using what everyone should already possess, a crisp white shirt and a black pencil. Now, the specific styles can obviously vary based on your body type and preferences. This barely there mini isn't necessarily being pulled out even on a casual Friday.

Styling is a personal choice, but owning these two basics to begin with will change your "I have nothing to wear" days forever! Thank the lord! This outfit is clearly representing a warmer side of life, but don't fret, whip out your sexy high black boots and that sheer black tight with a line up the back. Keep it simple or go out strong with your choice of accessories. The simplicity of this look allows you to use it as a blank canvas. Hell, add a color belt to break up the middle and define your waist. Even show off your gams with an extremely high pair of electric blue pumps! Color is your friend when black and white make up your foundation. You are a sex pot, now buy the right basics to make sure you always have to ability to be one.

Picture courtesy of

Monday, January 5, 2009

Flat Front Fab for Men

No more pleats damn it! Just as the high-waisted, side zip pants create a simply unflattering look for women, the pleated pant makes me queasy on men. For heaven's sake, they barely even make the style anymore, yet somehow men have a sick radar that allows them to find a far off Kohl's that has the last known pair of pleated pants available. Stop the madness.

You want to look hot, women want you to look hot and finally, designers are beginning to realize how un-hot the pleated pant is. It is a general rule of thumb that every new male client that I meet with will have a sufficient amount of oversized pleated pants that are begging me to burn them. As with jeans, for both men and women, it is better to own fewer better fitting pairs than overstocking on imense amounts of AWFUL trousers. Throw them out. Seriously.

Start out slow. Buy yourself fitted, not skinny, straight-leg, flat front, no cuff pants. Think three neutral pairs, black, charcoal and brown. Add in a few slight pinstripe pairs if you are feeling crazy. This pattern will still go with everything just as the solid styles as long as the pinstripe is fairly faint. Make sure that there is a single crease down the front of the leg. The final step is to go to a great tailor to make sure that they are hemmed to the proper length. There should be a slight break at your mid-front calf. Do not hem them too long or wear them too big, these are not for lounging around on a Sunday!!!

Liz Claiborne Tone-on-Tone Plaid Fulton-Fit Pants

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sass N Style: Shop Your Closet: Part 3

Show Off Your Cojones... With a Watch!

Ah, the holidays are over and it is finally time to put away the credit cards.... Or is it? I am talking sales here people, BIG sales! This time of year is my favorite time of year to exercise one of my all-time best shopping strategies: Get the deal no matter what the season. Purchase the piece even if it wasn't at the top of your list. If you found it and the price was right, God wanted you to have it. That's right, there is divine intervention going on here.

Watches can be a sign of wealth, kind of like the bag you are carrying, but cut the crap here. It is just like a bag, buy one that is fabulous and reasonably priced. Wearing ten grand on your wrist might be a bit of overkill unless you are trying to overcompensate for something else... Let's leave that up to the men though ladies:)

I love this particular watch because I am obsessed with the male inspired style working for women. Why can't we wear the pants in the boardroom? Or the bedroom.... Truthfully, this is a mens watch. The funny part is that on a lady this watch looks fun and trendy adding a bit of bold to any look, while on a guy this would just look cheesy. It screams, "I really, really, really wish I lived in the era when Charlie Sheen kicked ass in "Wall Street". This watch really lends itself to feminine power by making the bling aspect (the metal) a little too blingy for a (straight) guy. I would suggest purchasing a watch that is slightly over-sized for your own petite wrist. Go big, go bold, go gold.

Armitron Men's Gold-Tone Sub Dial Watch