Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Suit: Michelle Obama Kicks it Off Right as First Lady

I am so happy this amazingly intelligent, strikingly tall, overwhelmingly classy and insanely stylish woman is our new first lady. Bringing fashion back to a roll that is so much more than just standing by her man. She represents the new and (soon to be) improved United States.

Wearing a beautiful brocade yellow sheath dress with matching jacket by Isabel Toleda, she looked flawless as could be. It was a touch of class, a touch of bling and a touch of trendy style. All things combined, it just worked. The color was a smart choice for her because it highlighted her skin and set her apart from her darkly suited counterparts. She was fashion and power Jackie O style. We have waited forty years for our next first lady fashion icon and I have a feeling that just as Jackie does, Michelle will have a fashion following long after Barack Obama leaves office. Start buying your yellow dress combos ladies....

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

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