Sunday, May 31, 2009

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That's right folks! I am going global! I am going big! I am going......... everywhere!!! Seriously, it is time that I enlist my very important readers to bring Sass N Style to the rest of the world. Please spread the fashion love. Help the mismatched, over-done, over-styled, fashion victims of this universe by broadening their horizons and introduce them to yours truly. Amy Salinger and Sass N Style are here to save the fashion world! Let's make it a featured podcast, tell one, tell all, tell everyone. Thanks!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

'50s Style Swimsuits: Bringing Curves Back!

I love a good throwback and I definitely love it even more when it compliments a real woman's body! A la the "Mad Men" era, women were sultry, sensual and most of all, complimented for their curves! Their real, round, voluptuous curves. Ah, the days of yonder.

One of the most fabulous things about this era is that styles were really meant to fit and accentuate these oh so wonderful waves. The up, the down, the contour of every angle. With actual curves being a fad of the past, it is often hard for the rest of the real world to find beautifully tailored items that show off their '09 curves.

Swimsuit season is certainly no exception. The one piece seems to have become even more scarce in reference to providing material. So, I did my homework ladies and found you a suit the is here to protect and serve! This rouched body, sweetheart neckline and halter strap is screaming for a curvy lady to throw it on! It has all of the ingredients to be stylish and comfortable on a sunny day for any lady that isn't necessarily a fan of the pool.

Let's talk details here. The rouching effect is a perfect compliment to anyone who feels their mid-section isn't up to snuff. The loosely bunched material gives a distracting effect that actually draws attention away from any overt imperfections. Moving up... The criss-cross bust is a perfect support system for any woment that feels her chest sometimes has a life of its own. It actuallly gives the effect of a full-blown bra by having under breast support. And now that the girls are so nicley held up, it is no surprise that you would want to show off a bit of your sexy, curvy cleavage! The sweetheart neckline is a busty girl's best friend. Support, style and sex-appeal all in one! Add a halter strap for complete support and your curves have never been so happy to be on display! And of course I have to give a shout out to the coverage on the bottom half of the suit. It is rare these days to find a swimsuit that has all bases covered, but this seems to have curvy women running for water!!!

Jantzen "Vamp" Maillot Swimsuit

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wonderful White Suit

For many years now I have been completely obsessed with owning the perfect white suit. To me, it is the ultimate ensemble to own for the warmer months. Chic and simple, it truly offers the opportunity to be styled a million and one different ways!

As with any great suit, it can be used as separates. So, not only do you have a fantastic pair of trousers, you also have a hot, white blazer! Especially with the white suit, you truly can use each of these pieces in multiple ways, both casually and to work. Each individual item is a sure bet to up the awesome level of your outfit. White is such a clean and bright addition that is a complete neutral so it really works with just about anything! What a recession proof styling idea???

This particular suit is insanely high-waisted, but if that isn't your thing, don't worry! The greatest thing about a suit is that you can find the best cut for your body shape and still be on point with the trend as long as it remains sleek. This means no boxy cuts or dense, unflattering materials! For the summer months, a linen blend is a perfect choice to cheap you easy and breezy. Basically, let's not have a sweating contest!

For casual evenings out, you can pair your suit with a basic t-shirt and some fun bangles as this model is showing. No need to break up the separates depending on where you are going. A white suit automatically lends itself to a more casual feeling and by pairing it with a t-shirt you are only exemplifying this idea. If you are going for a more professional feel, I would add a flouncy underlayer, preferably it should be loose and airy. Chunky v.s. delicate jewels is purely up to you!!! This white suit with be your go to look of the summer!!!

The Trouser Fit Suit in Linen Blend
Pants: $79.99
Blazer: $99.99

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Bee Post: Headpiece Heaven

I am sure that all of you brides out there are thrilled that I am now an official Wedding Bee Pro because now you will have wedding style advice from yours truly! This time I dove head first into the wonderful world of headpieces! So many to choose from, so little time, what to do? Read my post at Wedding Bee, that's what!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Bright or Go Home: Summer Nail Polish

I am not usually mentioning beauty products, but some of them really do make or break an outfit. With summer un-officially here, it is time to break out the fabulously fantastic florescent flavors of nail polish! Obviously a nice tan makes these crazy hues look oh so much better so be sure to be slightly bronzed (spray tan!).

As Ms. Rihanna showed us only a short time ago, these fun colors can seriously amp up any look. You do not necessarily need to be a rock star (although I pretend), but this is a simple way to push the envelope. When warmer months are upon us and a little is actually a lot, accessorizing with bright and fun nail polish can be just the touch that your less-clothed look needs.

As for colors that suit you, anything that is in the coral, pink or orange family is much more main stream. Once you venture into the yellows, blues and greens you might as well throw on your ripped leggings and grab a mic. Hell ladies, if you can do it, go for it.

Sephora by OPI: Digital Diva Collection

Friday, May 22, 2009

Anchors Away! Great Charm Necklace for the Boating Months

I love to think of new things that I want. Yesterday, as I was flying to Columbus, OH, I thought yet again about what I want. So many things, so little time. On occasion, I will come up with an idea without having recently seen it anywhere or read about it. This time, I wanted a gold anchor charm necklace.

As I awoke this morning I decided I would do double duty by not only finding what I want, but blogging about it as well. Who said having a hobby couldn't pay the bills? Love it.

With this being the unofficial weekend to kick off the summer months (thank God), I am thinking everything warm, sunny and close to water. Being that I will be residing in OH this summer this is quite hilarious, but I will find a lake since the ocean seems a bit far off:)

With all of this fun in the sun, it seems only appropriate to cutely play into the theme of the next three months. I love kitschy. Choosing a "theme" for a piece that will be worn often is a fun and playful idea without being obnoxious and cheesy. Switching up a simple charm that is merely a touch of your daily ensemble is a great way to have people remember you and your AMAZING style. Trust me, it will be the first thing people ask you about after your name, job and marital status. Hell, some people just go right for the gold and ask where they too can purchase such a lovely item. Of course yours truly writes the make and model of the piece on the back of my business card to spread the Sass N Style word.... Always thinking:)

Seawear 14Kt Gold Anchor Jewelry

Small to Large: $95-$270

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Business Meeting Chic in 80 Degree Weather!

I know that my version of what one must be dressed like for a business meeting is definitely varied from that of the "normal" workforce, but that's why God invented styling!:)

Yesterday I went to a meeting with a production company (not for my own show, at least not yet:), and knew that I had to look stylish, professional, fun, trendy and overall, hot. This leaves an interesting mix of adjectives that would make most people's heads hurt. Luckily, I had just the dress!

Here in NYC (I believe they have a few others on the east coast and in LA), we have a great store called Zara. You really should check it out. It has reasonable prices for trendy yet fun and professional clothing. Weren't these three of the words I used in my description? I got this dress last year, not because I went to the store, but because it didn't fit a client I had bought it for. This is yet another danger of my job because I think everything I buy is cute, no matter who it is for, if it doesn't fit them I sometimes end up owning it. Oops.

This light, linen, jean colored dress hit all of my descriptive notes on how I wanted to woo the production company with my awesome ensemble. The '50s throwback with the silhouette hit my trendy mark. Think Donna Reed and funk her out 2009 style. The classic, simple ring on my left hand kept it office appropriate by not overdoing it with jewelry (something I tend to lean toward:). What you can't see if that I do have on a large, thick pair of ornate gold hoops so that I still put my stamp on the whole look! Now, I do have on sandals (studded for that matter!), but this is an informal meeting that took place in my friends office and I am selling myself as a fashion stylist. I am not trying to be a lawyer here! The point is, sandals may be inappropriate for most meetings, but not for this one.

Overall, this dress would be appropriate for any office. My client that I bought it for was actually a lawyer! Add a waist-length cardigan and a cute pair of flats and you would be good to go. I love looking fabulous all of the time and so should you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are Shouler Pads Really Back? Gwyneth Paltrow in Balmain Thinks So

When the '80s ended I was very pleased to say goodbye to a few things... Big hair, ice wash jeans and shoulder pads. With two of the three being back in style, I feel like I should whip out my cripping iron and just give up.

As a stylist I do understand that trends come around in a 20 year loop. So, inevitably, what happened in the '80s was sure to back in some form during this decade. I just wish that some things had remained in the closet; literally.

As I flip through high fashion photos of celebrities on the red carpet this year, I am amazed to see how many designers have dug into their '80s bag O tricks to resurrect styles that were never flattering to begin with. The shoulder pad? Seriously? In what world does widening a woman's shoulders to football player status equal out to feminine proportions? At least Gwyneth Paltrow picked this Balmain blazer that is more delicately cut. As opposed to her Dynasty counterparts, this silhouette is a bit more flattering.

If you must wear this over the top '80s trend, here a few tips (to make it less painful for the rest of us!). You CANNOT mix the latest boyfriend blazer craze with this trend. It would be dreadful and a full blown throw back to JR and his possy. You must keep the proportions no longer than waist length to off set the fact that your shoulders are twice as emphasized. You will loose any sight of a waist otherwise. We still want a curvy, feminine figure here ladies!

Now if you must, go answer the phone... The '80s are calling and they want to drape you in shoulder pads.

Photo courtesy of

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sex- Goddess: One Piece Cut Out Swimsuits

So much for a two piece bathing suit being the sexiest, most revealing thing you could wear on the beach. The one piece cut-out swimsuit may actually have more material on your body, but there is no denying that this style certainly will get many pulses going. I am personally writing this blindfolded because the model's bathing suit is making me nervous.

If any of your watch as much bad television as I do, then you may recognize this. As worn by Kelly Bensimon on "The Real Housewives of New York", this suit is not for the faint of heart. I mean, I truly feel like I could hide more about my imperfections if a had on tooth floss. But alas, there are some women who take no prisoners and apparently do not fear the all mighty tan line. Oy, what they hell would you look like after a day in the sun wearing this thing?

The one piece cut out swimsuit is still the trendiest of suits right now. I believe that it was designed by a man who knew many rich and skinny models who only did spray tan and sat with a big, floppy hat and over-sized sunglasses drinking Evian by the side of the pool. Did I mention the Evian is in a wine glass?

If you can pull this sucker off, go for it! The real issue is that any shadow of a love handle or my favorite, back fat, is going to be overly accentuated in this type of swimsuit. You also must have fairly small hips because the cut of the middle, being down the center, will actually make your hips look bigger. Adding a tie on each hip certainly does not help your cause.

So, be brave, be bold and go out there and find the perfect one piece cut out bathing suit to compliment your sexy self. But make sure to have your yacht and SPF 45 ready to go, both must be included when rocking this vampy suit!

Sexy (Yes that word is really in the title) Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit

Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to Twitter!!! Cheap and Chic Finds ALL the Time

I had to do it. I fought it. I kicked and I screamed. And yet, I caved. Yes folks, it is time to Twitter.

Alas, I always aim to be different and truly entertaining/useful in this world. So, there will be no Tweets about drinking coffee or telling you what my sandwich consists of, no, these Tweets will do nothing more than help your stylish wardrobe. As I roam the streets of NYC everyday, I always stop and wish I could tell the world about the fabulously dressed people I meet, or the amazing ensemble I am wearing that day. Or even shout from the rooftops about the crazy sale going on at a well-known store. Well now I can! And it benefits all of my readers, you too will now be in the fashion loop. You too can be the first to know about the cheap and chic deals going on all over town. You too can learn about the amazing outfits that would look oh so great on your back (copying is the greatest form of flattery:).

So without further a due, sign up to follow me at SassnStyle on Twitter. And my dear followers, it is time to spread the word about everything Sass N Style! From Twitter to the blog to the episodes themselves, I recruit you to help Amy Salinger get that TV show you all want me to have! Imagine a full half hour of Salinger styling tips. I know, it is too exciting for words:)

Filming Sass N Style

So I know that all of you are dying to know about the glamorous behind the scenes stories from Sass N Style! Well here it is.... My awesome bedroom, Nate (my awesome film guy), my model and me. Super glamorous.

I took all of your fabulous suggestions for Sass N Style episodes and had to put together six shows immediately! Both myself and my awesome film guy, Nate, are going away for the summer. Coming up with that many episode ideas at once would definitely have hurt my brain. Nate and I joke that we are doing the jobs of a full team, location scout, hair/make-up, styling, filming, editing... You get the picture. Hopefully we hide it well with the finished product!:)

This particular episode is for the "Over 40 and Fabulous!" crowd. I was generously approached by Cathy, my model, to appear in Sass N Style. I know I always have girls that are in their late 20's and early 30's because they are all my friends! I am tying to recruit a more well-rounded model base so I can appeal to all types of men and women! Again, another hat I wear:)

Hope you enjoy all of the upcoming episodes and be sure the spread the word about Sass N Style! Go big or go home.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sass N Style: Men's Ties

Lo and Amy: Spring Fling

So here it is! Our first head to toe fab blog post. Lo and Amy together. What do you get when you have one part amazing hair and make-up extraordinaire and one part sassy stylist? You get absolutely fabulous!

Amy says: Spring may be here, but that certainly does not mean that mother nature knows it! With changing temperatures from day to day, this may be the most difficult time of the year to get dressed. Even for a seasoned stylist like me, it can get really annoying.... So why not have some tried and true looks that will always keep you stylish and weather proof!?!

Cameron Diaz has done a fabulous job of rocking a look that can go anywhere from sixty to eighty degrees. It is all about the layering folks! Her light spring scarf and chic blazer make this a realistic outfit for the vast range of temperatures that this time of year can bestow upon us. Nothing about this outfit is too far off range that any person could feel comfortable in it. Truthfully, look at the foundation of the ensemble: Jeans and a t-shirt. Seriously folks, that is it! She punches up the look and makes it appropriate for spring by adding in pops of color. The purple scarf and yellow flats make the basics of the outfit really sing. The simplicity of her bobbles, her necklace and layered bracelets, keep the look fun and flirty. By piling on or peeling off any of these sassy layers, you to can weather the storm of mother natures ups and downs!

Lo says: As we throw off our socks, hats, and gloves it can be a little frightening to see what we have covered up for the last six months! Fear not, as I have a few simple things to help the transition to warmer weather.


It can be frightening to bare your limbs after a long winter so one of my tricks is to use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This is a great multi-tasking product which hydrates your skin and gives you a little glow. We don’t want a “fake tan” we just want to take the glare off! The subtle self tanner will warm up your skin gradually and is great for dry skin. Don’t forget to step up you SPF now that the sun is out – you will thank me in a few years!


Time for cut and color ladies! Nothing puts a spring in your step like a fresh cut and why not add some subtle highlights or color those pesky grays. Think fresh, not fake.


Don’t you dare bare your toes in flip flops without a little spring pedicure. A fabulous pedicure can lift your spirits and make your skin tone look gorgeous. I always wear a red tone, but I also love a great pink, coral or French manicure. Heck, go with blue as long as you add a little pep in your step.

Lips and Cheeks!

As you stroll through the department store every sales person is trying to sell you the new spring colors! Guess what, you probably already have them because they are basically the same as last year’s spring colors! Your neutral eye shadows and eyeliners can carry you through every season, but you want to change up your cheek and lip color. Spring colors are cooler in tone and tend to be sheerer than winter makeup. Take a clue from the pinks and purples that we wear for spring clothing. The colors may look too bright but because they are sheer, they can look more like your natural pigment than the duller looking colors.

Lo’s Recommends for Lip and Cheek colors:

Stila Papaya Lip Glaze, Laura Mercier Peony Stick Gloss, Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Lilac, Prescriptives Nectar Matte Blush, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush.

Image source:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am Officially a Wedding Bee Pro!

After my many guest posts, and my several styling sessions including the latest Modern Bride red carpet event, I am a Wedding Bee Pro! What does this mean you may ask? I will tell you! The Wedding Bee blog is full of tips and great stories about everything and anything wedding. The Wedding Bee Pro section is devoted to everything that the pro's know about how to look and feel fabulous on your big day (and all of your other days for that matter!).

As the newest (and only) fashion addition, I am going to be dishing out all of my best tips for brides to be. Hopefully you will check it out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Layers: Vintage Vest

Just because warmer months are on their way, doesn't mean that layering is still not an option! The vest is a perfect way to pump up the look of your ensemble without adding too much bulk or material. Sweating is never a hot accessory.

This lace vintage looking vest is a perfect option for adding a bohemian flare to any of your summer tank tops or flouncy dresses. It is light and airy with a romantic feel that will give any piece that extra style that is sometimes hard to achieve in the hottest of hot days.

If lace isn't your thing, think linen. It is also a great material for the warmer months. Try out a more structured style for a different feel. Linen is a loose material that will lend itself to the easy feel of Summer even if it is a structured, more rigid style.

Adding a vest is also a great way to cover up a little if less clothing in the Summer is not your thing. It makes any barely there piece more realistic for different occasions including the workplace. So ladies, vest it up.

Tikarani Valencienne Vest

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cake Not Coke: Another Blog to Love!

I always find fabulous new blogs about everything fabulous along my travels and I feel it is my civic duty to introduce you to them. So without further a due, my I introduce!

Cake Not Coke is the witty answer Hillary created to a question that she was consistently asked: “Hillary, you’re tall and beautiful, why don’t you model?”

Her Reply:

“Because I like cake not coke!”

We’re not saying that all models are on coke or anything narrow minded and ignorant like that. But it was simply a humorous explanation to why she never pursued modeling after high school.

During high school, Hillary was 5′11, 135lbs (and 36C cup!); tone long legs, flat tummy and large perky breasts. Yet agents and managers consistently told her to loose 15-20 lbs, which would have left her beyond rail thin. Life goes on, and she moved on.

Recently, after responding to the same modeling question with the same cute little answer she’s always used forever, Hillary decided to make good use of her slogan. With a bit of a tweak on the original meaning…

“I knew I couldn’t be the only one who doesn’t stress the little things and chooses to enjoy life. CakeNotCoke is about enjoying life and all of the delicious and chic things the world has to offer.

To be honest, I sometimes wonder, how my life would have been if, I had skipped dessert and possibly became a fierce model?

But then again…Why skip dessert or pass on the 2nd glass of wine, when you can be fierce in size six!” -Hill

Ruffle Bottom Bikini

Continuing my series on finding the perfect bathing suit for your body type.... Up next, the ruffle bottom bikini. Cute, sassy and a little bit 5th grade, this style is usually a hit with the guys. Why is it that guys always like a throw back to our younger years?

Unfortunately for us grown up ladies, this style really only works on people that have the hips and flat stomach of a 5th grader. It seems appropriate enough that the little skirt would serve to hide some of our extra derriere, but it is quite the contrary. Such a small amount of ruffle is actually adding to that shelf we are so proud of (at least I am:). This model clearly has no hips or thighs and that is why she looks perfectly ready to go and play in the sandbox. There is nothing bad or womanly to accentuate.

The greatest part about this adorable suit is that not only do you have to have a smaller behind, but you also need a larger chest to pull of this top. What evil person created this? Unfortunately, it is completely cute! You need to have some sort of a shadow of a chest to wear this bandeau style bikini top. Busty with a flatter tush, fabulous. DON'T sign me up for this one. Alas, if you do fit these standards, congratulations. Not only because you have proportions that most women dream of, but because you can actually rock this bikini.

Betsey Johnson "Rockin' Robin" Two Piece Bandeau Swimsuit
Top: $82.00
Bottom: $98.00

Friday, May 8, 2009

Modern Bride Magazine: Bee Kim Featured with Me Styling!

On this month's newstands! Modern Bride magazine featuring Bee Kim as one of this year's 25 top trendsetters! And the greatest part.... I got to style her for the shoot!

I do recognize that my job is that of many girls dreams. Think about it, I go and pull thousands of dollars worth of dresses, jewelry and shoes just to go back to a client's and play dress up. Of course when you have a photo shoot with a big magazine name attached to it, the stakes get even higher!

Bee Kim, founder of the Wedding Bee blog, was chosen this year as a defining member of the wedding community. She and I met at a networking event a few years ago and it wasn't until recently that I have been able to work with her personally. With lots of red carpet events coming up, including one to honor her for this particular title, I have even more reasons to gather beautiful dresses in her name. I love my job.

And, coming up, I am going to be added to Wedding Bee as a pro blogger. This is a section on their site devoted to experts in their field to bring brides even more juicy knowledge! Of course I will be sure to let you know all about it:)

Dress: Black Halo
Jewelry: Kara Ross NYC

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Sass N Style Ideas Please!!!

It is about that time again. As you can see, I take your ideas very seriously! I need to film a ton of episodes this month as I am going away for the summer. Help! I have some loose ideas, but I want to know what you want to know about!!! I am all ears.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2009 Gala: Best and Worst Dressed

I cannot believe it myself. Have I seriously chosen Katy Perry as my favorite dressed of the evening twice now! She rocked the Grammy's and has shown her fashion chops yet again at this year's Met Gala. As for worst dressed, I really don't think I had much choice. I truly stand by the idea that this is the event to make a statement, but what on earth does Madonna think is a statement? She looks like a hooker in the bird exhibit at Busch Gardens.

So let's begin with the good since the ugly is oh so ugly. It is too early to stomach it yet, I need at least five minutes to wake up first. Katy Perry is a futuristic goddess. As I noted, I LOVE the fact that stars have at least one event where they can truly go over the top and it is not only accepted, it is revered! This is the time to put those editorial fashion dreams into motion and show 'em what you got... Fashion wise that is! Katy Perry is doing just that. She has taken a themed idea and make it Vogue-fabulous! From head to toe, this look is killing the competition. Her sleek, modern take on the bob is a perfect finish to a perfectly robotic ensemble. I love her cuff which only promotes her fantasy futuristic princess outfit to a tee. Katy Perry you are my robot god.

Now Madonna..... Fire your stylist. I know you have worked with her for years and she has usually steered you in the right direction, but this is so horrific that it is worth severing ties. Either you have become so pushy that she didn't feel like fighting the good fight or she just flat out lied to you and told you that you look good. This look is so overdone (as if any part of it was even right) that I don't know where to begin. Why not start with the obvious, the hat. It appears that you have two robin birds that landed on your head and laid an egg in a nest... and that is just what I notice at first glance. Pan down.... Your dress is actually a very well-structured, beautiful creation.... If you were 20 years younger! Stop forgetting you are fifty and add some inches to your dress. And to top it all off, you borrowed Julia Robert's hooker boots from Pretty Woman. I guess you could call them vintage?

Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tummy Tucker: The Ultimate One Piece Bathing Suit

Everyone is always looking for that perfect bathing suit. The one that they can slide on without feeling dread and despair. The one that allows them to actually enjoy the sun without constantly tugging and tucking. Ladies, as your personal on-line stylist, I think I have found that suit.

There are many teeny tiny bathing suits, finding them is not a problem. Having time to work out five times a week and prepare overly healthy meals to achieve a bikini bod is. So, for the more realistic body types with curves, here is a bathing suit that you can drink a pina coloda in without feeling guilty. Mmmm, pina coloda.

This tummy tucking miracle suit is not only stylish, but literally has a panel around your mid-section to tuck you in! Ah, how the gains of modern science have truly helped us all!! The full coverage of the suit (including the backside) accentuate your hour glass figure while allowing you to be comfortable because everything is in place. As I discussed in my "Perfect Tank Top" post, the rouching and ruffle dead center only help in your quest to look more slender. When the material is bunched up as such, it detracts from any extra pounds you may have on your mid-section. The ruffle is drawing the eye to the center of your frame only again slenderizing your body. A wider sweetheart neckline is the perfect top to this figure flattering suit. It makes sure that "the girls" are in place while giving just a hint of cleavage. The key is to be comfortable, not hide your sex appeal!!!

With this great line of bathing suits going up to a size 16, it is appropriate for all curvaceous body types who want to get a little sun. The only thing that is not included is a big brim sun hat and spf 30!

Miraclesuit Solid Camilla Swimwear

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Guest Chic

I don't know why I never thought about this before? I dress up for different occasions all of the time and consider myself (and my clients) a walking billboard for my styling business. With that said, it is only recently that I began to post pictures of some of my favorite looks that I think you lovely readers could learn from. So, from here on out, I will make it a habit of taking shots of outfits that I truly love. Outfits that really make a statement. Outfits that serve as a learning tool. Basically, outfits that rock.

This weekend I traveled out to Cleveland, Ohio to attend a wedding. I knew not a soul there, including the bride and groom, aside from my boyfriend. To me this only means that I have even more of an opportunity to make a splash! When one's career is to dress people, it is highly important to look the part especially when the audience has never met you before!!!

This lovely recession has even hit this fashionista so my first mission was to borrow a dress. Find a stylish friend... Check! Find a stylish friend who is my size... Check! Find a stylish friend who is my size and will lend me a dress for a weekend... Check, check, check!!! The lovely Miss Erin Donnelly (Star of Sass N Style: Shop Your Closet) was kind enough to lend me this purple frock. The yellow tie is from J Crew and had nothing to do with the dress... That is until we started looking through her closet for something to cinch the dress and this jumped out! Most people would never have paired the two together, but that is what really makes "a look". A dress and heels is one thing, but creating an ensemble is quite another.

I trecked home (across the street:), toting the dress, yellow peacock feather belt and peep toe pumps. I knew I needed to complete my very stylish wedding guest look, but wasn't sure what would be the perfect fit. Everyone always goes for a shawl at weddings, stop the craziness! A shawl is fine, but you and twenty other people have one on. Go for something a little more interesting. I paired my purple dress with a tuxedo jacket from H & M that I have had for almost 5 years. By folding up the sleeves, I not only made the look a bit funkier and personalized, but I also added in another accent color of pink. My vintage citrine ring pulled in the yellow of the belt perfectly and my '50s style clutch was the sassiest topper! The shoes and purse off-set the look for a more classic feel.

Overall, there were a lot of elements going on, but they all flowed perfectly. It was a fun and flirty ensemble that set me apart from the crowd without putting a spotlight on me. They tell me that weddings are the bride's day so I never want to completely out-do them:)

Monday, May 4, 2009