Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jazzy Jumpsuits

We may not be two years old anymore, but we can still love ourselves a onesie. You know what I am talking about girls, the one piece, one garment, one look miracle of a jumpsuit. They can be your easiest, most stylish go-to piece yet.

I see the fear in your eyes though. I can feel the anxiety rushing through your body. "A jumpsuit!" you say. Yes, a jumpsuit. It provides endless opportunities for styling because it is a basic and simple silhouette that you can make fabulous in many, many different individual ways.

For those of you who are feeling the uncomfortable tingle in your mid-section, stop. I certainly can understand that this style is not always tummy friendly. We have two options here: One is to buy a jumpsuit that has a bloused mid-section. This means that the band around your waist is fitted while the top half of the jumpsuit is loose and flouncy allowing room for that extra cookie. The second option is this lovely jumpsuit behind door number two. It actually has a shaper built in. That's right, your undergarment that smooths out all of those nooks and crannies is sewn right into your new, awesome jumpsuit. Does life get any easier than this? I think not.

Now that you have accepted the fact that you may have to pull out your '70s vibe with a brand spanking new jumpsuit, you might have to go and buy some roller skates. Although a belt at your waist or some fun, crazy earring may be appropriate accessories, elbow pads are not!

Control Palazzo Jumpsuit

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