Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Simply and Sexy

We all have those moments when everything we put on looks like crap. I look fat, I look bloated, I look pale, hell, I just look like a horse's patoot. We should all have a go-to outfit that saves our day just like Superman saved Lois. We will refer to this as our superhero look, but stay away from the spandex.

We all should have certain staple items that allow our wardrobe to sing when we bring in our fabulous, off-beat garments that appear to go with nothing. Yes they do go with something, what you should already own! In this simple and sexy case, Kate Hudson is using what everyone should already possess, a crisp white shirt and a black pencil. Now, the specific styles can obviously vary based on your body type and preferences. This barely there mini isn't necessarily being pulled out even on a casual Friday.

Styling is a personal choice, but owning these two basics to begin with will change your "I have nothing to wear" days forever! Thank the lord! This outfit is clearly representing a warmer side of life, but don't fret, whip out your sexy high black boots and that sheer black tight with a line up the back. Keep it simple or go out strong with your choice of accessories. The simplicity of this look allows you to use it as a blank canvas. Hell, add a color belt to break up the middle and define your waist. Even show off your gams with an extremely high pair of electric blue pumps! Color is your friend when black and white make up your foundation. You are a sex pot, now buy the right basics to make sure you always have to ability to be one.

Picture courtesy of Celeblook.com

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