Monday, August 31, 2009

One Outfit, Two Ways: Casual to Dressy.

I realize you may be doing a double take right now, but yes, those are different outfits. Apparently I need to work on my supermodel poses because I have only mastered one. What is with the bent knee? I will keep practicing....

This past Saturday night I was torn on how dressy I wanted to go. It was a "nice dinner" type of night, so I wanted to look good, but not like I was trying TOO hard. Sometimes changing up your ensemble to make it appropriate for that day's activities is as simple as changing one or two things. You don't necessarily need an entirely new outfit.

Take my chic yet comfortable dinner date look. Option number one included my straight leg dark blue earnest sewn jeans, paired with a black tank top as the foundation pieces. Option number two was just my simple black American Apparel tube dress. Both are comfy and basic, yet give different levels of sass. By keeping the top layer and accessories the same, the foundation items are really the changing force.

I always promote that your brain does not need to overwork in order to create a fabulous outfit. We all have "go-to" looks that work every time, well what if you changed them up by switching out even just one item? You may have a completely different outfit without trying that hard!

There are two ways to easily create new outfits with just a quick switch. The least complicated is to keep your foundation the same and change out your accessories. Choose a necklace instead of your favorite earrings, change your bag (maybe go bigger or smaller), put some funk in your shoes. ... These are easy and simple tips to create ANOTHER favorite look. The other route I would take for changing it up would be to follow your leader (me:), and switch out the foundation items while keeping the same general feeling. It is your top layer and accessories that really give any look its flavor. For example, this outfit was a bit earthy with a twist of funk and sophitication, the foundation items I chose only made it a dressier or more casual version.

So stop pounding your head on the wall and understand that it does not have to be that difficult! Use your head and your ability for logic, change can be simple and still have a killer affect...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Host Your Own Sass N Style Workshop!

Do you have a closet full of clothes but just don't know what to do with them? Do you find you buy things in the store, but once you get them home they look and feel differently? Do you ever wish that you could just open your closet up to a professional stylist and have them tell you exactly how to use what you have and buy what you need? Now you can!!!

My lovely Sass N Style team is ready and waiting to come to your home, office, women network and beyond to show how style and image can improve your confidence. My team's goal is to provide event attendees with recession-proof style options that fit any budget or body type. Your personal stylist also shows how branding yourself through your look can promote a strong sense of self in the boardroom and can command respect from your colleagues. We accomplish this by helping women better use items in their existing wardrobe and identifying sensibly priced additions that can help their style evolve. Learn how to utilize "work" clothes for leisure and "leisure" clothes for work. Make the most of your wardrobe!

Event attendees are encouraged to bring with them an item of clothing that confuses them or that they love so their personal sassy stylist can show them multiple ways to wear it. Attendees will also receive a 12-page booklet with Amy Salinger's style tips and advice. It is like having your very own personal stylist teach you the tricks of the trade!

Booklet Outline:

(1.5-2 hours)
  • Identify your style
  • Mark your territory: Style exercise to develop your current look
  • Accentuate the positive: Insider tips to showing off your best assets!
  • "The Rules": The do's and don'ts of styling and shopping
  • Foundation pieces: What to own to build your wardrobe properly

What People Are Saying:

"The OSU Alumni Association recently hosted a Sass N Style workshop led by stylist Amy Salinger and we are thrilled with the results! Amy was extremely engaging and very knowledgeable. Her style tips and demonstrations were a huge hit- with attendees receiving tips that won't bust their budget, but will surely improve their look. The Sass N Style workshop is great for all sizes, shapes, budgets and ages!"

-Erin Essak Kopp
Director of Alumni Programs

"I wanted you to know that I felt the two hours I was at the Sass N Style workshop, listening to your ideas/suggestions/hints, was probably the most informative and enjoyable 2 hours I have spent in a long time. I found the information that you shared was interesting and valuable. You are truly well suited for your chosen career. I actually put things into practice this morning getting ready for work. And by the compliments I have received today, I fell like you have taught me well."

-Alissa Amidon
Sass N Style attendee

Please contact me for pricing details at Small and large groups are welcome! Workshop details can be altered to fit the parties needs.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tights with Open Toe Shoes? Make it Work.

I am actually a BIG fan of tights with open toe shoes. It is an instant way to make your look high fashion. Let's be clear though, we are mixing OPAQUE tights with funky, bold high heels. I am not pulling out stockings with bad seams and putting them with silk Nina dress shoes that I dyed to match my dress. Ug. That is high fashion v.s. Grandma fashion. Sorry Grandma.

It really is a simple combination that can put your look over the top. Just look to the right and check out how much more fabulous each of these looks instantly became by funking out the bottom half. Love it. It is a trio of fab. It is also a great way to see how to start simple, push yourself a little and then (ahem, Heidi Klum) push yourself a lot! These three fashionistas have given us a good look at how to "make it work" depending on your level of style.

Now let's not stop there with the high fashion possibilities of this particularly potent combo. Gwyneth Paltrow's awesome look might be my favorite "tights with open toe shoes" ensembles ever. She seriously rocked it. Her choice of doing a completely monochromatic bottom half, including the lower part of her dress, was genious. She was able to be trendy and sassy without making her shoes the focal point. This is often hard when you wear tights with open toe shoes because it is such a funky mixture. By doing a gray shoe with gray tights, she allowed you to be intrigued but not blown over. Try this monochromatic look out with a pair of your new fabulous open toe booties and you will come out with the same fantastic result, awesome. This trend lets you wear your spring and summer shoes right into fall and if you are crazy, even winter.

But remember my very strong warning, no seam of your stockings or tights should EVER be seen. If you look closely to the right, you will see that this possibility for a great Louboutin and stockings combo went horribly wrong. I spy a stocking seam going straight across her toes! Her sexy ensemble just went straight to Grandmaville.... Again, sorry Grandma!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rachel Zoe: Love Her or Hate Her?

I guess people always need to find a new favorite person to hate and this year it seems to be Rachel Zoe. Why I ask? Yea, she is a bit over the top and acts like the world is going to collapse if the right dress doesn't show up, but isn't that the draw of her in the first place? I have tried to explain to people that I can feel her pain, that the level of styling she produces is so pressure filled it is ridiculous. The real problem is, not many people seem to care... And yet the funny thing is that obviously people are intrigued, because the second season of The Rachel Zoe Project just aired. I equate it to the people who say they don't care about celebrity gossip and then secretly buy (and love) US weekly. I am very open about my addiction.

I will give Rachel Zoe this, she can pull some crazy stuff. And by "pull", I mean get some FABULOUS clothes! The sign of a really great stylist is not necessarily the actual fashion sense, but what they can get their hands on. I watched the season 2 premiere last night and was blown over by the fact that she managed to have Karl Lagerfeld, head designer at Chanel, change a runway design for her at the last second. She literally had him commission a design change because she didn't like the original dress for Cameron Diaz. It was amazing to watch.

The truth is, she must be doing something right because she styles half of Hollywood, has her own show, a book and is apparently coming out with a clothing line. It is rumored to be called, "I die". If you watch the show, you certainly understand why.

So everybody, stop the hate. I do agree that being an emergency room surgeon is overtly a much more obviously stressful job, but I dare you to try and do what Rachel Zoe does for a day. You really just might have a heart attack. And, let's be real, this woman is doing it. When has the world ever really known a stylist? She is the woman behind the stars and now she is a star herself. She is obviously good at her job and a gal who has made it to the top. Show her a little respect and admit you like her show:)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Cold Island Rainy Day Chic Look

How hilarious is this? Only I would put a pissed off picture of myself freezing my nonnies off in the pouring rain.... on a weekend getaway. Here is the story: We all know that I am in Ohio this summer so the word "vacation" is different than what I am used to. My boyfriend took me to an island (yes, there is an island here:) called Put in Bay. Seriously, that is the name! Who wouldn't want to go there with such a fabulously amazing name? I had no choice but to follow his lead as I had never been there. It is always tricky when you are being led into the unknown, specifically, what do you pack? My goal is to always be the most fabulous, appropriate and comfortable person within in a 10 mile radius of where I am. I was given this information by him: "It is a small island where you don't need a car and people drink their way through the weekend. It will be raining for most of the first day we are there. Remember Amy, it is VERY casual." Done and done.

So here is how it really went. We drove 2.5 hours and put everything we had on his back, literally. Yea, I didn't really carry anything.. I think he was tired of hearing me complain:) We were camping, taking bikes and had our clothes, but leaving the car on the mainland and taking the ferry over. Just picture that. Did I mention it was pouring and 60 degrees? So much for an island vacation. I had to think quickly with what I had brought, luckily I was prepared..... and stylish:)

Now, aside from the garbage bag my boyfriend claims is a poncho, I actually looked pretty cute given the absurd circumstances. Drinking for hours straight not only made me feel better about the situation, but I think I actually started to look better:) My cold island rainy day drinking chic look had to be layered. I was in and out of bars, it was freezing out and I was soaking wet. Did I mention I drank a lot that day? I am all about being functional and stylish and apparently God was challenging me with this particular scenerio. But did I quit? Did I throw in the towel and just look like crap? No! I looked fabulous for myself, I looked fabulous for my boyfriend, I looked fabulous for my faithful blog reading audience!

The ensemble was this: A garbage bag poncho (hot), my super hot pink windbreaker, a purple Forever 21 fitted hoodie, my longer American Eagle lace trim tank (I needed some "fancy"), my peace sign gray and white summer scarf, American Apparel leggings and my FAVORITE gold Reef flip flops. Thank God it was cold, because where would I have packed all of this stuff????

The best part of it all is that I am wearing a garbage bag, drinking at a shady bar and holding a bird.... all while looking super stylish! And, if you notice, my expression becomes much more joyful as the day went on. Was it the fact that it had stopped raining or that I was on my 8th drink that made me so smiley in the picture on the right? You decide:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't be Pamela Anderson, Find a Button Down that Buttons! Rebecca and Drew is your Company.

It is a miracle!!!!! Finally, a company has designed a button-down shirt that actually closes. No tank tops underneath, no safety pins, no nothin'... It really just closes. How have they come up with such a fascinating answer to an age old problem? It is easy, they created and bought the patent for designing button-downs that are actually made based on your bust size. How damn ingenious.

Everybody knows this problem. It fits your shoulders and your mid-section, but it will not even come close to buttoning around the girls. Or, you buy it bigger so it does actually button and then it is huge through the middle only making you look bigger. So much fun!

No more madness. No more boobie spillage. I am sure many men will shutter at the thought that they can no longer peak inside that annoying opening between the top two buttons, but thanks to Rebecca and Drew, your button downs will now fit properly! See, I told you it was a miracle!

The sizing is really quite simple. You give them your bust cup size, your rib cage measurement (like 34 or 36) and then long or regular in length. See, they even think of tall people! Of course you choose your style and color/material choice and boom, a personalized fit that cannot be found anywhere else. Trust me, I have looked.

Although you may think these lovely little gems are a little pricier, they are completely worth it. Truthfully, they are completely competitive with Theory and they actually fit. What a novel idea. Ladies, this is a foundation piece that can be worn multiple ways with multiple ensembles. I am a sassy and funky girl and I own about seven. They are the type of piece that stylists love because they can be whatever you want them to be!

Michelle Sleeveless Band Collar Shirt with Ruffles $138.60
Long Sleeve Trio Pack $399

Friday, August 14, 2009

Men's Cowboy Shirts: Saddle Up Boys!

We all know (and if you don't, I am here to tell you!) that cowboy shirts are a big trend this year. People is the south must laugh at this because cowboy is not a style, it is a way of life! But either way, the rest of the universe is swinging back around and grabbing themselves one of these fun and themed little pieces.

Men are definitely not outside of this trend. They can be cowboy-riffic as well! There may not be a strong need to pull out your cowboy hat and pistol, but obviously this lovely gentleman to the right is really enjoying his! He is very serious about his cowboy style.

This look is not meant to be super-themed. Wearing a cowboy shirt alone is theme enough! Possibly adding in a pair of tattered cowboy boots would be a nice, and not a completely overdone touch. They should be worn under your pants so you are really only seeing the front of them. Truthfully, if you were wearing them with your pants tucked in that would be a whole different post... Most likely it would be labeled under "Fashion Faux Pas Central". Let's keep it simple here boys, I know that is how most of you like it anyway:)

You are cool, accessible and understand that being trendy is not wrong. You can show off your stylish side and still look like you are not trying to hard. Wow Matthew Mcconaughey, you really do understand what it is to be a big, strong man and still show a woman that you have your own sense of style. If you un-buttoned your shirt any futher though, I might have to place you with your above counterpart in my "Fashion Faux Pas Central" section. Let's keep the nipple viewing for running on the beach....

When buying your new, trendy cowboy shirt, you should have fun with your color and pattern choice. Obviously you don't want to buy something that is too far out of what you would normally wear, but push yourself a little. Think trend, not costume! This French Connection shirt is perfect for a guy that wants to try something new, but doesn't want the whole party to stare at him when he walks in the door. This is the, "I know what is up and I am not afraid to show it" shirt. Confidence is the sexiest quality in a man and wearing this shirt shows you have it.

French Connection Check 72 Woven $39.99

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas Central: Fake Bags

Look at them, they are so sad. They know they are the bad copy of something that is fabulous and lives an amazing life. They sit on the streets or in stores that don't know any better and wish they could travel the world in style like their much more expensive (and amazing) counterparts. I feel for them, I really do.

Now ladies, you know exactly what I am speaking of here.... Fake bags. Does anyone remembers the Sex and the City episode where Samantha goes to great lengths to find her fake Fendi, only to land in some guys backyard staring into a trunk? It is a sad scenario, and yes, these poor little bags are just as sad. They will and can never be the real thing.

I am certainly not suggesting that you go and spend your entire paycheck on a beautiful Gucci bag. Oh no! If you have the funds to allow that time of habit, then more power to you girlfriend! Own that amazing designer bag and wear it proudly! Now if you don't, that is alright, but don't go slumming it and try to pull off something that is not, will not and cannot ever be Gucci, Prada, Fendi or any of the other fabulous designers.

Let's be real here (every pun intended), you are actually completely cheapening your entire look by grabbing a fake bag to top of your ensemble. Anyone who knows anything about fashion is well aware that your bag is not real. Let me be clear, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAG WITH THE LETTER G ALL OVER IT. These copycats are so blatant about their "fakeness" that they are trying to create a Coach/Gucci bag... Huh?

What I do promote is spending that hard earned cash on a fabulous, individual, real bag! And by real, I mean real leather, real hardware, real awesome. Having a designer name on your handbag does not make you the most fabulous girl on the block. Having a fantastically incredible bag that screams individuality, class and style does!

Please, heed this lesson and help take fake bags off the streets. The other truth ladies, if I can be serious for a moment, is that the fake bag industry is a billion dollar a year business run by terrorist organizations. If you thought for one moment that your purchase was not only ruining your fashion sense, but also aiding terrorists, would you buy it? I certainly hope not! Selling fake bags can get you arrested by the cops, but buying one can have you cited by the fashion police!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sassy N Stylin': Bebe Cropped Sequin Blazer

I love easy and breezy fashion. Finding that one piece that puts it all together without it looking like you were trying too hard. That stylish accessibility that makes it look like anybody could pull together such a fabulous frock. That really is when you know you have made it in the fashion world...

This Bebe cropped sequin blazer is that item. The "piece de resistance" that you will reach for over and over because well, it just seems to go with everything! How much do we (by we I mean my very stylish audience) love those pieces?!? This sassy blazer seems to make it all come together so effortlessly. Over a black t-shirt, over a dress, with a high waisted shirt, it just seems to work.

Just as this lovely model is showing up, you have a few options for styling. You can choose a longer layering item for under your new, awesome cropped sequin blazer OR you can choose a higher waisted bottom piece (pants or skirt) to meet the bottom of the blazer. The only in between is a one-piece jumper dress. The greatest thing about this item is that it is fancy and casual at the same time! This gives you the option to style it up or down depending on your destination. The sequin is that little bit of sass that makes your entire ensemble pop. Cropped layering pieces fill a void in your wardrobe... Anything that is empire style or cut at the waist needs a layering item that mimics this silhouette. Cropped pieces might just save your wardrobe (trust me ladies!), and this might just be the savior itself!

Bebe cropped sequin blazer

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Made Fabulous: Layer on the Charm!

Inexpensive, fun and fabulous! Three words I often use to describe my own style. Now it is time to infiltrate these 3 little adjectives into your very own wardrobe. It often does not take millions of dollars to be stylish and interesting. In fact, some of the richest people I know have the worst fashion sense. It is not always about the dollar amount, it is about how you creatively put it all together!

Over the years I have scoured not only my own old jewelry boxes, but my grandmothers jewelry and any local salvation army store I can find. All with one purpose in mind, to find some awesome stuff. This is most easily done when looking for accessories, specifically jewelry. You can find the most random, amazing pieces that are just looking for a home. Someone to love them again... You can be that person!

The truth is, not all pieces are fabulous when they stand alone. BUT, mix them up with other interesting and creative items and you might just create something outstanding. The easiest way to make this happen is to put some of your fantastic (or not so fantastic) finds all on one chain. Like a good ensemble, it can heighten the style quotient of some of the other pieces by mixing and matching otherwise not so fabulous charms. One of my personal favorite charm necklaces combines a leaf made out shell material from NYC street shopping, a round charm that says "Betty" on it and a totem pole head that I got in Alaska. Each of them separately have personal meaning but are not outrageously great, but together they are a true party conversation piece! Who is Betty? I have no idea, I got it at Salvation army along with the chain. I just let people know that I am a "Betty", a quote straight from Clueless.... Fashion is what you make of it so be creative in your definitions as well as you ensemble items!

Knife Multi-Chain Brass Necklace with Black Chain by Cecilia Gonzales


Friday, August 7, 2009

"I Have Nothing to Wear!" Mix Up What You Got.

Yesterday evening I was having one of those days..... You know them, the days when you stare into your closet and although there are tons of possible ensemble choices, your brain just simply won't quit saying, "I have nothing to wear!" Yes, even stylists have those moments and yesterday was one of them.

But as I am sure you all know, you and I surely do have something to wear! Although my brain hurt, I knew I could put together something fabulous from what was hanging right in front of me. The basis for any outfit choices should be made directly in relation to how you feel. I felt like I wanted to be sassy and comfortable, a little sexy and a little earthy.

I have always promoted with personal clients and at my Sass N Style workshops that you should try and begin an outfit with something besides an article of clothing. Pick a pair of fabulous shoes, a great piece of jewelry or even a fantastic bag. You don't always need to start with the clothing!!! This allows you to think a bit differently when you are putting together a look and it should kick you out of that rut!

This whole look started with my necklace. I haven't worn it all summer and it is one of my favorite, funky pieces that I bought on the streets of NYC from an amazing jewelry designer. This set the tone for the earthy element. I didn't want to compete with the necklace, so I threw on a basic white tank top. The skirt was a quirky choice, because it clearly has a "cha-cha" element, but it was white and I was going to make it work! I continued to pull in the earthy element through my vintage, brown lizard bag ($12 at the flea market!), silver and red stone ring and my woven, leather Michael by Michael Kors shoes. I made silver and bronze mixed together acceptable because they were all underneath the "earthy" vibe. To top it all off, I layered the look with a structured jean jacket. I made it a bit more trendy and funky sophisticated. Not to mention that it showed off my shape allowing it to be sexy!

Overall, this ensemble was a success! I achieved the look of sassy, comfortable, sexy and earthy all by pairing together things I already owned! Now it is your turn, think outside of the box and mix up items that you never thought would go together. By carrying through a color or style in the top, middle and bottom using accessories, you are sure to make it work!!!

P.S. That awesome looking dog is Yukon. He is obviously stylin'.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas Central: Mid-Calf Hemlines

I am starting to really enjoy writing this category for my blog! Yea, sure it is fun telling you about fabulously, amazing things, but I love to share my, "Oh God, please don't do that!" knowledge. So here again folks is another post of what not to do....

Hemlines are a serious issue. Not serious like world peace and the current economic state, but they are definitely second in line as far as "serious" things go. I would scream it from the rooftops if I figured someone was listening, but I will just write it in my blog instead: Your skirt should end between your mid-thigh, just below your knees or somewhere in between. Wow, I already feel better. Of course the older you are the lower your hemline should be. I am 30 and moving toward the end of my mid-thigh hemline days.... Of course I think my defiance against this goes hand in hand with my inability to accept that I actually am older. That would mean I would have to actually BE an adult:)

Choosing a hemline that is lower than the bottom of your knees get really tricky. In fact, unless you are 6 feet tall and look like a supermodel, this style will almost instantaneously make you shorter and fatter. I really don't think looking shorter and fatter has ever been a request of any woman. Think about it, you are cutting yourself off mid-calf making the bottom part of your leg look like a stump. This is taking away from the hourglass figure that we all desire. Of course, pairing a longer, mid-calf length skirt with a pair of flats is only promoting the problem. Now you have flat, stumpy legs. Bad, very bad.

Now here is the good news. If you must choose the mid-calf hemline, you must follow a simple rule: WEAR VERY HIGH HEELS. The 50's style tea-length dress is great for curvy women, but lengthening the bottom part of your leg is a must. You don't want the skirt to swallow you and that is what a lower hemline does. The piece wears you rather than you wearing the piece.

So quite simply put, having a good tailor to help you create the right hemline is a must. You have to include the cost of tailoring when you buy an item because without the proper fit and length, owning the item is a waste because it will not do your body justice. Stick to the suggested hemline and you avoid a lot of short and fat pain!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Running Errands in Style

Last night I did a Sass n Style party with a lovely (and entertaining) group of women. One of the women (who has attended twice!) told me about a tweet that Clinton Kelly did about how to look good even at the grocery store. Not to be outdone, I wanted to show off my version of "Errand Chic".

I have often spoken to clients about how comfort and style SHOULD go hand in hand. People have this idea that unless you have on super high heels you are not looking excessively fashionable. Sex and the City is a TV show people and NO ONE walks miles in 5 inch Manolo's. Oy, my feet hurt just thinking about it.

The fact that you do not have on your pumps does not mean that the rest of your look should go out the window. It is time for what I refer to as "my pajama look". It feels like pajamas, but it certainly does not look like them! For those days when getting dressed seems like a task, or you just don't have to go anywhere that fabulous, you can still look fabulous. In fact, you should always look fabulous! Always.

Pull out those leggings, they are seriously your savior for days like this. If leggings aren't your thing, jeans are a great second option. One of these two items will work for almost all body types so have your pick. The ideal combination for achieving this stylish "pajama look" is to add a longer, looser top. Remember, you want to be as comfortable as possible so wearing something that is looser through the middle will only promote this. As to not look pregnant, choose a style that has some sort of cinch at the waist, like a belt, or wear a longer necklace to break up the looseness of the shirt. Throwing on a trusty pair of ballet flats will keep the look insanely comfortable and still channel your chic side. A hat and sunglasses are a choice for the day based on how hungover you are or if your hair is way past the point of no return.

So there you have it. There are no excuses and no reason why looking stylishly fab is not a rule for life..... No matter how crappy you feel or where you are going. Done and done.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Grecian Goddess Meets Biker Fab? Hell Yea!!!

I am all about a good combination. Peanut butter and chocolate, sweet and sour, Thelma and Louise... Grecian goddess and biker fab? Um, yes please. I own it, so I make it work. People, I get bored with my clothes too. Everybody, including a stylist, has those days where they feel like they "have nothing to wear". That is when I have to really step up to the plate and think about new and inventive ways to style what I got. I certainly cannot go out and buy something new everyday I feel bored with my wardrobe. That is not a reality for me and most of the universe out there! Make it work.

None of these pieces are too outrageous separately, but together they make one hell of an interesting and fun combo. White jeans, check. Grey tank top, check. Jean vest, check. Ok, maybe the jean vest is a push for most people, but almost everybody should own white jeans and a grey tank top! The jean vest is a creation that came simply from hating it as a jean jacket. I chopped off the sleeves and instantly created a biker chic jean vest. It certainly can be a bit masculine if it is not paired with a bevy of accessories. It is also definitely not a piece you want to wear if you have broad shoulders or thicker arms! The thick width of the shoulder on the vest will only accentuate these things!

To "feminize" my look and bring in the Grecian goddess feel, I added multiple bracelets, including my coin necklace worn as a bracelet. I also threw on my braided gold headband. I love a wrap around headband because it allows you to NOT do your hair that day:) I topped it all off with my tan leather and gold hardware handbag that is my go to piece for a neutral item that doesn't ever compete with my look, it just adds that special something! It is like gravy on top of my look... Mmmmmmm, gravy:)