Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jill Biden Forgot to Hire a Stylist for Inauguration Day

Where was I when poor Jill Biden needed me? I am a bad US citizen allowing such an inauguration day fashion crime to occur. Clearly she found a fabulous red coat to cover up her outfit from her night job... She should have remembered a change of shoes. I am so mean.

Here is a styling note for all of you out there who trust my style judgment: If you own a pair of boots such as these, get rid of them. You know them, the kind that is stretchy and does not need a zipper to get them on and off. The kind that flop over because there is no structure through the leg of the boot. U. G. L. Y. and C. H. E. A.P. You are the vice president's wife, we know you have the benjamins! Never, ever should a woman of this age (she is not old, just too old to be wearing these) and at this event be showing her knees. If she had just added an opaque pair of black tights the outfit would have been WAY more acceptable. Not right, just acceptable. Stop telling me I am a bitch, I may be mean, but at least I am right:)

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