Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ski Bunny Chic

After a long hard week of skiing for new years I cannot think of a better post than fashion for snow bunnies! Unless you are in Aspen, looking hot on the mountain and the lodge are more like undercover missions. I have only skied in Vermont and I can tell you that having a matching pink jumpsuit with earmuffs is NOT smiled upon. Yet remember folks, looking good no matter where you are always leaves you feeling good... and lets you meet lots of mountain men (not that I have any experience in this:). I try to make it a rule of thumb to be fashionably appropriate wherever I am. This means I am not wearing high heels with over-sized hoops to dinner at Applebees in no-where USA. It also means that my idea of cute must alter with my destination.

I love, no matter where I am, to stand out in a fun yet reasonable way. These great Pajar fur boots are a completely acceptable way to show off your snowy chic style, be a conversation piece and still fit in. All of my mountain boyfriends were very intrigued by them:) It is also always a necessity to wear a cute ski sweater when tramping on the mountain because a themed outfit is a fun outfit (within reason!!!!). Look the part without wearing a sign on your head that says, "I am here to rock your sexy ski porno dreams!".

Pajar Women's Anchorage Fur Boots

Billabong Snow Bunny Full Zip Hooded Sweater