Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Men Love to Save $ Too: Buy Your Winter Coat Now!

It is no secret that everybody loves a deal, men included. It may be late in the chilly season, but that is all the more reason to reap the benefits of retailers trying to push out the last of their goodies and make way for Spring. It is still freezing, snowing and we are all pasty white, but apparently this is a great time to sell bathing suits.

All of the major department and chain stores are making way for the warmer months so now is the time to find your closest discount designer store and scoop up what never sold. The racks are currently filled with coats for half off their original price. Use logic here, you will inevitably need a winter coat next year and the year after that and the year after that.... Are we getting the idea? Buy it now, while the price is good!

I was just at Century 21 (a massive discounted designer store in NYC) yesterday and their selection was, quite frankly, overwhelming. It was time for a trained eye (mine), to find the perfect, classic manly silhouette for a long lasting coat that would be timeless. Oh yea, and warm. Working on the barter system (some things are worth bartering for:), I used my keen sense to find an amazing coat for over half off the original ticket price. I am that good and damn, the gentleman I dressed looked quite dapper in it.

This particular coat has all of the aforementioned qualities, basically, it is worth buying no matter what season it is. Remember, you will be wearing this coat repeatedly throughout every winter so isn't it worth it to buy a beautiful one? Buying it for half the price is just icing.....

Ted Baker Charcoal Wool Blend Twill "Benchy" Peacoat

$354.45 (Original $695!!!)

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