Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just the Right Funk: The Rayban Wayfarer

I am all about the right piece that says it all. Truthfully, I am a pretty lazy stylist, I just want it to work. Why do you think I promote accessories so much?:)

The Rayban Wayfarer has been a staple trendy piece forever now. It may go and in and out of style, but it will never go away completely. This is the type of item that I promote holding onto. Flip through pictures 50 years from now and you will see them popping up about every 10 years.....

Whether you would consider yourself a hipster, alternative, a business person or otherwise, rocking a pair of Wayfarer's will quickly put you in the "IN" crowd. They show that you know what is "of the moment". I am certainly not saying to change your entire look to match the funk of these glasses, actually, quite the contrary. These are the cherry on top of the sundae of your look that ADD that trendy little something. I would not be wearing them with a suit, but any casual look would be complimented by this funky pair of sunglasses. Remember, one piece CAN make you standout!

Rayban Wayfarer
$78.00 (on sale!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

White Hot: The Triangle Top Bikini

Now, I wouldn't usually make it a habit of putting a picture of myself in a bikini on-line, much less next to a barely dressed Marissa Miller. But, for the sake of teaching you, the reader, I will sacrifice:) The real purpose of me making this painful comparison is to show you that the triangle bikini top is flattering on many different bust sizes. The real key to why a triangle bikini top works has more to do with the placement and shape of your boobs. They must be closer together so you have some sort of natural cleavage and also still maintain some natural lift. The triangle top leaves little to the imagination, no support or coverage, so your breasts must still be in tact!

Choosing a string bikini bottom, as the lovely and curvaceous Marissa Miller is rocking, is sometimes a scary concept. It is actually more flattering than some other styles that have more coverage. The first thing that it promotes is creating hips for a straighter figure. Adding a tie on each hip give your body that extra illusion of curve by extending your hips. Also, the string bikini does not cut into your stomach which often times actually only accentuates that you have a few more inches on your mid-section. Obviously, if your stomach is beginning to hang over the top of your bikini bottom, this might not be the best option for you!!! Just remember that string bikini does not always mean teany tiny. There can be a good amount of coverage to keep your derriere properly covered.

As far as your white hot look goes, keep it heavily lined! The last thing anyone wants to see on the beach is ALL of you!!!

Victoria's Secret Triangle Bikini Set
Separates: $24

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire: Laura Nadeau

Get excited. I am about to introduce you to an amazing make-up artist who not only is GREAT at make-up, but she blogs about it too! Just like me, she works with "real" women who want to look fabulous. Laura is not only great at her craft, but her energy and entertainment value match mine... This is not an easy feat:) At her website LoandCo, she also provides instructional videos (just like Sass N Style) where she demonstrates things like how to correctly apply fake lashes. Did I mention she was also entertaining?

Now here is the really great news! Laura and I seem to have too many similarities in our businesses to not provide complete head to toe tips for our readers. So, coming soon, Laura and I are going to offer our expertise on completely fabulous looks and how to completely achieve them! ALL IN ONE FAB!

So, as you await our amazing joint blog posts to have our readers feeling and looking good from top to bottom, make sure to check out her blog......

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bandeau Bathing Suit Top

With bikini season not only creeping up on us, but literally knocking down the door (hello 80 degree weekend?), it is time to talk bikinis. I can literally hear you cringing through my computer screen right now. (You speaking) "I am too white. I need to go to the gym about 45 more times. Why are my nipples beginning to point south?" Whatever the excuse may be, get over it. Bikini time is here!!!

So let's figure out this dilemma together. The truth is, like with any good fashion problem, it is all in the fit. Now I may be good, but I am certainly not a miracle worker. Your thighs will still be the same size, the back of your arms will still swing when you wave and your stomach will always need to be flexed in pictures. But, I can offer you the best advice for styles that will properly accentuate your sexy self.

So first up in this fabulous series about bikinis, the bandeau top. Truthfully, it is NOT my best friend. I am a B cub (not a full one at that) and it makes me look like a pancake. Lovely. You need to have at least a full B cup through no more than a D cup to make this style look fabulous. It has a lot of coverage, so with a flatter bust you are losing any sense of having breasts. For a fuller figure, this has great support and just like I mentioned, coverage. The key is to always make sure the center string is cinched so that you have some sort of cleavage. There should be two boobs here ladies so make sure to separate them!

The other important attribute that makes a bandeau top perfect for you is having more delicate shoulders. Having broad shoulders with a center tie will only accentuate your broadness.

So, done and done. I think I have sufficiently covered the bandeau top and helped to show off your ultimate hotness in this comfortable yet sexy bikini style. Now go buy some SPF 30 (no wrinkles ladies) and hit the beach.

Marine Geo Print Bandeau

Friday, April 24, 2009

One Dress, Two Ways: Actually Wear Your Formal Dresses!

So here I am making you more jealous. Not only did I go away for a week and lie on a beach, now I am going to show you pictures too:) I don't want to hurt your feelings too badly, so I will just talk about my fabulous vacation style!

One thing I really hate is when people store clothing away for certain occasions... "This is my dress for evening weddings". Or, my personal favorite, "This is my funeral outfit". Seriously? Well, just take one look at my cute dinner ensemble and you will see that taking something from cocktail hour at your 3rd cousin's wedding to a date night in Florida isn't that difficult! You just need to own the right pieces and have a great on-line stylist to teach you how!

I bought this maxi dress at a vintage warehouse sale about 3 years ago. I actually paid just to get into the sale and spend money on clothing. I am crazy, but this stuff was amazing!!! This dress is circa 1970 and it still looking hot today. Usually I wear it with gold rope high heels, a long gold chain necklace (actually from a hardware store) and a gold clutch also circa 1970. But I ask you, why would I keep this fabulous frock tucked away in the back of my closet just for fancy occasions?

With the maxi dress being the hottest trend of the summer season, it is time to put this baby on display! By pairing it with a casual cropped white jacket and flat gold sandals, I have instantly made it more casual. Pulling in a white leather clutch with a tassle and layering on multiple bangles, I have pushed it even more into the "date night" category. My tousled hair and light make-up make this look perfect for a dressy, yet casual summer evening.

Love the pieces you own and let them shine!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gone on Vacation....

I suck. I will let you know this in advance. I suck for several reasons. First of which, I will be here and you won't, that sucks. Also, most likely the intoxicating beverages, the sandy beach and my boyfriend's presence will mean that blogging about fashion is not going to be my top priority this week. I apologize for my sucking. I will try and post a few things, but I cannot promise anything. Come back and visit, I swear I have not gone away, I am just on vacation from my life!!! Peace out:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Purple Reign: Add a Punch of Color

I love anything that makes a good conversation piece. I am not talking about being that person at the party with a ridiculous dress on or a crazy looking, over the top hat... No, I am simply speaking of having that one show piece that people not only stop and stare, but they feel the need to make a B-line for you just to chat about it.

Choosing an accessory as that pop piece is the most safe option. It can be anything from a beautiful cocktail ring to a fabulous belt, but whatever it is, it has got to sing! If it is a great item, most likely it will sing opera:)

This purple suede bag is actually singing opera to me right now. It is singing (in Italian of course), I am hot, I am interesting, I am sexy. Most of all it is singing, "Buy me!!!!". Such a clutch brings an interesting and colorful twist to any ensemble that you decide to utilize it with. I would stick to making this your funky dinner and cocktails go to bag as the tassle makes it a bit much for anything more formal. The great part about it though is that it can easily make its way from a brightly lit afternoon affair into an evening soiree. Do not be scared of it's rockin' design and exciting color. Use any pop piece as a stand alone item that makes your outfit shine! The key is to keep the rest of your look fairly basic and add your pop piece as the cherry on top of the sundae of your outfit!!!

Top Shop Tassle Detail Clutch

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jennifer Aniston's Simple Style

It is simply amazing that almost everytime I ask a new client who there favorite dressed celebrity is they say, "Jennifer Aniston". Really? I guess I get it, she is simple, clean and always seems to look effortless. Well let me tell you the secret, it is. She has admitted, quite openly I might add, that she has no sense of personal style. She hopes everyday to put on something that is so basic that she at least doesn't draw attention to herself. The truth of the matter is that all of us would look great isnsuch expensive and simple basics if we too were all that slender.
I commend her simplicity and how elegantly she seems to pull it off, but to strive to have her style is not really striving at all. She does not push the boundaries or even challenge them for that matter. I am not saying that fashion is all about the latest and greatest trend, but I am saying that putting your own personal stamp on your look is exceedingly important. This, my dear readers, is what really defines style.
So next time you think of your favorite dressed celebrity, try and think what sets them apart from the crowd, what is it about their look that takes it to the next level? We can all love simple and classic style, but if that means I am surprised by Jennifer Aniston just pulling back her hair (this is a big step for her in terms of changing her look), then I will pass. Basics are the foundation of fashion, but how you style those pieces to make it your own is what makes you a fashion maven.
Photo courtesy of

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beach Cover-Up Cute

I am truly having trouble right now focusing on anything that is not vacation related. I leave on Thursday for a sunny week with Florida that will include nothing more than lying on the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying foods that otherwise would not be put in my mouth. And oh yes, the company of my handsome boyfriend.

With this awaiting extravaganza on the forefront of my mind and the chill of the NYC air on my skin, I can do nothing more than wait. Count the hours, the minutes and the seconds until my tush is firmly planted on the sand. But what does any good fashionista do with days to kill before a big vacation? Plan her ensembles of course!!!

So, as I pondered what I would chat about today, vacation was dancing around in my head. So you will now benefit from my overwhelming need to think sunny and I will present the best beach cover up for your next hot endeavor!!!

A jersey dress is an amazing option for covering up that sexy bikini body you are exposing all over the beach. I love exposing, but sometimes society forces us to cover up.... So you might as well make it cute!!! Jersey material is light and soft making it a good choice for putting on your sweaty, dare I say moist, body. I hate sticky, gross feeling things when I am lathered up from head to toe and dripping like I just ran ten miles. Choosing your cover up style is completely up to you, but making sure that it is loose, easy and comfortable is a must! The greatest thing about jersey cover up dress is that it is also..... drum roll please.... a dress! Meaning, wear that thing past the beach, dress is up with some great jewelry and your are off to dinner! Take it home from vacation (washing necessary) and rock it out to a city night of drinking. This bad boy can go anywhere and that is why owning one is a must. At completely budget friendly prices, having a jersey dress is the biggest no-brainer of your summer days......

Old Navy Women's Cross-Front Sundress

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Wedding Bee Guest Spot! Rehearsal Dinner Fabulous.

Next up, looking amazing not only on your big day, but on the big night before your big day! Check out my post at the Wedding Bee blog to see how easy it is to look great for all of your big wedding day occasions, there are so many!!! With all of the stress of making sure you look perfect on the actual wedding day itself, who has time for all of the other parties where you are most definitely still the princess??? You can do it with a little help from me and the Wedding Bee!

The Ultimate Boyfriend Blazer

With every hot trend there are a million designers/labels that try and put their own fabulous version on the market. Yet again, because of my own personal shopping habit and lovely career, I have done the tough leg work for you and found the best version of the boyfriend blazer out there. For the cost, there is certainly no better fit. And, it definitely looks way more expensive than it is......

Boomingdales own brand, Aqua, has created a sleek and well-shaped boyfriend blazer that does not have you swimming in mounds of material. Remember, just because it is called the boyfriend blazer does not mean that your boyfriend should fit into it. The single button closure keeps it feminine while the length lends itself to conquering this very trendy trend. I love the purposely cuffed sleeves because it off-sets the length of the blazer. Having a shorter sleeve on an oversized or longer piece allows it to still seem like you have a body underneath. You are wearing it, it is not wearing you. Try rolling up your sleeves next time and see how this miracle happens.....

The only problem with this great blazer is that the rest of the world has already seemed to find it. I have been stalking it in this great blue color and I can't seem to get my hands on one!!! Try, try again.

Aqua Boyfriend Blazer

Friday, April 3, 2009

Straw Fedoras: Slick and Safe from the Sun

Now you can look P. I. M. P. without even a feather in your hat. This breathable material makes a great protector for your face from the sun AND adds that kick of Summer style you need. It is a realistic hat that you can feel good about wearing even outside of a city. Pull it out at a backyard barbecue, but keep the ensemble to a simple tank top and shorts. You don't want to scare the neighbors.

At only $50, this hat is a great accessory choice for the warmer months because you are certainly going to get your money's worth. Isn't that what it is all about? Cost per wear? You can wear this with most daytime and nighttime looks so purchasing one should not pinch too much.

For an extra sassy look, add big hoops and a delicate single charm necklace. The length of the chain is optional. A flowy floral top with make a great combination for the edgier look of your straw fedora. Roughed up jean short or straight white pants and you are sizzlin' for Summer.

Billy by Baily

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Owning the Right Foundation Pieces: Read my Guest Post at Wedding Bee!

I have been asked to be a guest blogger on my friend's amazing blog, The Wedding Bee. My first post is about owning the right foundation pieces to build an amazing (and affordable) wardrobe. Especially in this lovely economic climate, it is important to buy things that will last over time and allow you to truly wear the piece more than once. Learn what you need at The Wedding Bee!!!

Men's Layered Look for Spring

I know I have been neglecting my male readership (I am sure it is huge:), but here is a great look for all of you wives and girlfriends to pass along to your men... Or just dress them directly. Spring is coming up and we are all excited for a change in wardrobe, even men. Who doesn't want to take off that big, bulky winter coat and reveal all of the lovely new and old items that have been waiting to shine! One of my favorite things about spring is that you don't HAVE to wear a jacket, you can layer up enough to make a cute and warm (enough) ensemble.

Take "Joe model" over here. He loves his easy, layered look. He is so happy that he looks handsome, stylish and feels comfortable all at the same time. His smirk says, "I know what is up, but I am going to be coy about my incredibly stylish outfit and let YOU compliment me on it". I love making fun of people that cannot talk back to me.

Let's dissect Joe's very functional and stylin' ensemble. A white blazer may not be your thing, but don't let the brightness of it scare you. Choose your own color palette, one that makes you feel hot. If you do not feel comfortable in your diggs when you leave the house, no one is going to convince you. Inevitably your pick-up rate will be far less. See, I look out for you.

This easy layered look is quite achievable and will look good on most men tall or short, fat or rotund. I love that the brightest color is coming from the lowest layer, the red polo. It is also fantastic because hopefully it will get too hot and you will get to show off that red polo! The key to a layered look is that every layer could stand alone. The thin navy zip up adds depth by placing a dark color between the red and white. In addition, the stand up collar is really the "cool" factor of the look that is very subtle. If stand-up collars are not your thing, put on a hoodie and have it drape down your back. Complete your look with a blazer (not a suit jacket!) and you will be ready for an afternoon of Sunday cocktails or dinner with your lady. Try, but don't look like it!

Look available at Banana Republic

Wednesday, April 1, 2009