Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Couple on Inauguration Day: Michelle's Gown, Obama's Tux... They Looked Hot!

Come one, come all and see how AWESOME our new first couple is! As they made their way through "The Ball Crawl" (aptly titled by moi), the new era of hope was definitely ushered in by more than just words... The Obama's brought style and grace to their new titles.

Now, of course you cannot expect me to make a few comments that may not be so complimentary even though I do fully support not only the new cabinet, but the new reign of Presidential style. Michelle my bell, your dress, by Jason Wu (who was a student at Parson's in NYC. He hit the jackpot!) was way too long. Seeing as the evening is literally you prancing through Washington D.C., dancing your way into American's beloved hearts, you probably should have been able to move without tripping over your own gown. Big flaw. I am glued to my television for only so long watching you and the President bounce back and forth with only slight separations to cutely stare into one another's eyes. Sweet, but I want some ball room dancing moves! Kick "Dancing with the Stars" ass, show 'em what you are made of!

The other faux pas of the look was truly that the silhouette was not that flattering. Michelle's arms are something to be envied, but she does have wider hips. She is a real woman damn it and I appreciate that, but finding the right style for her is often harder than if she were a model. Duh? The skirt of her dress needed a bit more stucture and less draping. Due to the high-waist/draping skirt combo, she actually accentuated her larger bottom half. A more stuctured bottom half, still with the high-waist, would have focused on her small mid-section and not her hips.

Now Mr. President... Damn! If you weren't married, I swear:) Talk about dapper for your big debut! I loved, loved, loved the white bow tie. The single button blazer didn't look half bad either and certainly helped make his skinny frame look more robust. The custom made Hart Schaffner Marx tuxedo was dead on.

Overall these two just looked classy, appropriate, presidential, ready to kick ass and well, HOT! It is a good time right now to be a (stylish) American!

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

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