Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carmelita Couture: My Fav Funky Designer

I was truly lucky when I found this designer. Carmelita Couture has the funkiest, quirkiest, sexiest design aesthetic I have seen in a long time. The best part about her clothing? The fact that you can rock out a bit without leaving your comfort zone.

Fashion week was not only about the actual runway shows themselves, but about the people attending that were walking their own personal runways. Of course I had to not only be included in this "real person" fashion show, I had to be the best:) To be the best, you have to borrow clothing from the best. I utilized my stylist hat to pull every single outfit I wore. Everyone that I met thought it was hysterical that I was a one woman walking store. Everything I had on was for sale and my big mouth was going to let everyone know!

Carmelita was kind enough to ship a few fabulous frocks to me overnight because I was running out of options! I knew wearing one of her creations would definitely make me stand out (in a good way!). The last day of fashion week I decided to push the envelope (for my comfort zone) a little bit. Now, no one ever said that I wasn't partial to a jumper, but wearing one in fuchsia and red was a bit of a leap for me. My roommate let me know when I tried it on at home that I looked like a very stylish character in Austin Powers. I said thank you and started making decisions about how to do my hair and makeup.... The greatest compliment I got was that I could have been in a fashion show circus. And guess what? I was already under the big tent and this is the biggest fashion show on earth so I felt I hit the nail on the head!!! Go me and go Carmelita. How perfectly did this jumper fit me? It was crazy because it could have been so wrong and yet it was SO right! Love it. Let's not forget to give a quick shout out to my handsome friend, editor and owner of, Keeniun.

And here we have my "sexy secretary with a funky fashion week twist" look. I like to get very specific when I am creating fabulous ensembles! Working 12 hour days interviewing people was hard enough, but preparing for my head to toe overhaul might have been harder! It usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get ready on a normal day. I was giving myself at least an hour and a half during fashion week. I was my own fashion stylist, hair person and makeup person. For those of you not in the industry, it is VERY difficult to be camera ready for 12 hours when you are the one doing everything! When asked what was the most difficult part about fashion week, that was always my answer. It sounds crazy, but it is very tiring to constantly make sure your hair is in place, you are not shiny and your lipstick is properly applied. I am working on my entourage so I can stop complaining about this. Oh, the difficulties of my job:) Please see the ridiculousness of this statement.....

Check out!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More NYC Fashion Week!

So it is the last day and I am very happy and very sad at the same time. I don't think I could handle another day, but it is truly one of the most fabulous weeks I have ever had! I have seen and interviewed more amazing people than I ever have in my life. It really seems like everybody has some fabulous job that I stand next to. Yesterday I met the director of design from Spanx and I went crazy. The other day I sat next to the fashion editor for In Style Mexico. It is the most networking I have ever done in my life. I have a stack of cards to get through once all of this madness is over....

Just for fun, here is a list of celebrities I have either interviewed or seen: Brooke Shields, Tim Gunn, Kim Kardashian, Whitney, Erin, Olivia and Joe Z from "The City", Katie Lee Joel, Christina Hendricks, Michael Douglas, Donald Trump and Melania, Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Michelle Trachtenberg, Rashida Jones, Mena Suvari, Robert Verdi, Rachel Zoe and Brad, Zoe Salanda, Kelly Osborne, Nicole Murphy, Kelly Bensimon, Bethany Fankel, Jill Zarin and Romona from "The Real Housewives of NYC", Gail from "Top Chef", Carmen Elektra and many more..... Ok, enough name dropping. Here are the newest pics:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NYC Fashion Week

I have been SO busy this past 6 days with NYC fashion week, that I haven't even had time to breath. Luckily I got the afternoon off so I can show you everything that has been going on! I am working with interviewing everyone and anyone from designers to celebrities at all the shows. I have been working 8 to 12 hours a day to bring you the best and most amazing footage from the most important week in NYC fashion. Pictures below, videos to come!

Friday, February 5, 2010

"Bonnie and Clyde" Photoshoot for

As you all may know by now, I have been styling photo shoots galore lately (hence why I have been MIA, sorry!). Last week I was working with doing a menswear inspired shoot. There is a section called, "The Look of Now" and as the stylist, I decide what that is! I decided it was menswear inspired women's clothing:)

I decided to do a "Bonnie and Clyde" look since I had 2 models to work with. For all of the shots, one model was "Bonnie" and the other was "Clyde". I got two thumbs up from the team about the concept, so I figured I might know what I am doing:)

I was lucky enough to have access to some amazing menswear inspired clothing. The designers behind the line Eva Khurshid have created a very sophisticated and classic collection. It was the perfect fit for my idea. Everything is conservative with a twist. Perfect for the stylish woman who wants to remain super classy!

The truly key part of this particular line is that they create foundation pieces for your wardrobe that will be the best investment items ever! It can be styled quite simply (like the top pictures), or funked out (like my photo shoot pictures). It really just depends on your mood and style. Either way, these are the basic foundation items that I constantly push with clients no matter what their age, job, personality or background may be. They really will stand the test of time!!

Of course what is a photo shoot without a little bit of crazy? I always bring the crazy:) Fun that is! While the models are hard at work, I am the one in the background trying to make everyone laugh. Photo shoots can be long and tiring (yes, this actually is work people), so you have to keep the energy up. I decided to take a picture with the lovely and VERY tall model Snow (6' baby!). A stool was necessary if I wanted to be seen in the shot!

This is the finale shot with the entire team. That lovely gentleman to my left is Keeniun, the founder and owner of the magazine. Shout out Keeniun. We are working together for the upcoming fashion week at Bryant Park, so be ready for lots of backstage access! I am going to be interviewing designers and checking out ALL of the shows. Oh yea, how cool am I? Very cool:)