Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maternity Maven: Looking Fab at any Month

I absolutely love working with pregnant women. They are going thourgh a crazy, body changing period and getting dressed (never mind actually looking cute) seems borderline painful. Being able to give them back their fashionable confidence is definitely a favorite part of my job.

My first pregnant client ever was lucky enough to go through it on television. That is obviously a joke. Imagine having to handle your body continually evolving for 9 months, and then most likely another year past that, and having to do it all on camera. You know the term, "the camera adds 10 pounds"? Think how frightening that statement would be when combined with your first pregnancy. Lucky for her I am a fabulous stylist and I love a good challenge!

Ladies, it is really all about making sure that no matter what month of pregnancy you are in, you still show that you have a body. Much like I promote wearing silhouette conscious clothing when you are a curvier woman, this is very similar. Once you put on a garbage bag of a dress, you look even BIGGER than you are. Stop with the frumpy, slouchy clothing when you are pregnant! In fact, my biggest pet peeve for lovely pregnant women is when they try and shop in the "regular" sized section until their 7th month. You are pregnant, not fat, wear clothing that is made for your new, curvy body. The maternity section is designed to fit this new body of yours, therefore it is going to fit you properly. What a fabulous concept!

This particular dress is a great example of a silhouette that will truly work on almost every pregnant woman at any month. It clearly shows that you have a womanly figure by being fitted around the arms and bust. An empire waist, when it cinches just under the bust, is a fantastic choice for any stage of pregnancy. It allows for movement and comfort around your stomach while remaining fitted on the upper half of your body. Also, this particular neckline is great to not over-accentuate a growing bust line. It does not drape over your boobs drawing attention to them, but rather draws the eye upward to the neck. Of course the fact that it is a jersey material is only more enticing being that it will feel like you are in a nightgown! Comfort and style DO go hand in hand.

Photo courtesy of showhype.com
Long sleeve babydoll maternity dress $29.98

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Draped Neckline

The draped neckline is such a dilemma. I know, there are bigger problems going on in the world, but for lots of people ( several of my fashion followers), this is a BIG problem.

Here are the issues: 1. It never hangs just right. 2. It is completely annoying when it doesn't hang right and keeps moving. 3. Often times it is difficult to style because your neckline is open, but the draping is overwhelming. Worry no longer, I will save you from your draped neckline nightmares.

You see this dress and you want to wear it, but your "nightmares" keep crawling up on you and almost keep you from pulling out your credit card. If anything should scare you, it should be the satin fabric that will stick to every nook and cranny and most definitely wrinkle as soon as you sit down. Don't let the drape be your fearful factor!

Answer number 1: Buy a draped shirt that has some sort of small weight in the front. It will actually keep the drape in the correct place and will keep you from fidgeting with it so much. So I guess that answers number 2 as well! A draped shirt will fall out, fall in and basically keep moving as you keep moving. By putting a small weight inside the seam at the center of the drape, the designer is allowing it to now be an effortless silhouette. This is the only time you will ever thank anyone for "adding weight" to you.

And now for answer number 3, the most important! How do you style this damn thing? Well, it is pretty simple. NO NECKLACES. Consider the drape your necklace. It is all the detail and attention that this little neckline needs. You do not need to overdo it. If anything, add a great pair of earrings to the look and keep all of the focus at the top. I would also pull your hair back, just like this model is doing, to accentuate the neckline even more. Of course if your hair is short, all the easier! The other choice is to keep the earring super simple, think studs, and adds lots and lots of fun bracelets OR a huge costume ring. You are separating the attention enough that nothing is competing with anything.

So do not fear the draped neckline any longer. You can pull this off. The only NO, NO is that if you have a super ample bust, this ain't for you. You little weight is going to get lost in your lots of bust. Sorry super curvy gals!!!

Photo courtesy of velita.com/collections/dresses

Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy's Best Dressed: Blake Lively and January Jones

Oh how I love a good awards show. The good, the bad and the ugly.... It is a stylist's time to shine and a star's time to suck it in. All of this equals out to a good time for the viewer.

This year the Emmy's were pretty as usual. I feel like because it is so early in the awards season (January is when it really gets going!), that most celebs stay safe. This year was no different. Basic silhouettes with straight forward colors allow very few of them to end up on the worst dressed list.

But then there are the few that take a bit of a risk and pray that it pays off. This year's risk takers: Blake Lively and January Jones. And as far as this stylist is concerned, their respective risks definitely paid off.

I LOVE Blake Lively's look. It is sexy (amazing boobs anyone?), it is sleek, it is the color of the moment and it is different. Her hair borders on alien invasion, but somehow it really does work with this look. I think the sleek front mixed with the messy braided pony tail are a slam dunk. Paired with an amazing silhouette of a dress that simply fits her body like a glove, Blake Lively looks the best she ever has. Gold star.

And then there is January Jones. Space age meets Hollywood glamor has never looked so good. Who knew that these two genres would make such a glorious team? The hard edge of the beading combined with the structured hip were an amazing compliment to her flowing train. With such a strong top half, it was important to pair it with a more feminine bottom half.

She brought the feminine feeling up through her soft hair and make-up reminding us that she is a classy lady with a touch of retro funk. She created a classically Mad Men look with a 2009 twist. You also receive a gold star January Jones.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Big Bloomingdale's Event! Rock Out 80's Style.

Word must be getting around town that I am the hostess with the mostess. Only 2 days after my lovely gig over at Rebecca and Drew for Fashion's Night Out, I was off to Bloomingdale's in the Short Hills, New Jersey mall. My presence was requested to host an event for their brand, Aqua. It was a rockin' 80's party with a DJ and "photographers" (quotation marks are reserved for those people that actually attended the event). Unfortunately, many of the girls buying the clothing were not even born in the 80's. Oy, my wrinkles are hurting right now.

The day was simple, easy and super fun. Basically, in 80's terminology, it was rad. I had an entire department of clothing at my disposal and models to dress... Oh yea, and I was allowed to wear anything I wanted throughout the day. Can you say outfit change much? Aqua has apparently gone 80's crazy because there was leggings galore, sequin coming out my ears and the hemlines seemed to be reaching shirt lengths. Oh how I love the 80's!!!

The great part about the line is that there were women shopping in the department that ranged in age anywhere from 14 to 65. Love it. As I continually noted throughout the day, trends can be worn by mostly anyone, from any background, it is a matter of how many pieces you decide to pile on. Teeny boppers have the option to completely rock it out, while the more mature crowd should really only reach for one piece. I myself, being 30 and a stylist, have the chance to push the envelope a bit while still choosing a more sophisticated version of this 80's tornado of style.

Having 2 lovely young models to dress, ages 16 and 18, I got to live out my crazy 80's fantasy over and over again. They had about 5 outfit changes and all of them were created out of my very leather and fluorescent mind. Have I mentioned I love that overdone era? It certainly didn't hurt that I was dressing girls that were 5'9 and thin.... It always seems to make outfit creations look better... I guess that is why they have the jobs they do. Damn the young, skinny, tall, hot girls! Again, my wrinkles are hurting.

So most of me is really excited that the lovely decade from 20 years past is back again. The only time my head really hurts is when I see overdone, ice wash, ripped, skinny, high-waisted jeans lurking around the store. Otherwise, if done correctly, the 80's can seriously be fun and seriously vamp up your look. Loud materials, fun colors and shiny anything never really did hurt a gal. Add some studding to your life and accept that you love the 80's too!

Bloomingdale's Aqua Line: Check it out!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Closet Case: The Terror that Lurks Inside.....

I have seen some crazy things during my days as a fashion stylist, but the occasional closet has really petrified me. Often times this space for beautifully organized clothing and glorious shoes, becomes a hub for what people don't know what to do with. The "stuff it away and I will get to it later" space. The "my mother-in-law bought that for me so I can't throw it away even though there is no way in hell I will ever wear it" area. Well folks, it is time to dive in, let it all spill out, and climb in to organize your brand new life. Having a visible wardrobe can actual change your style not to mention your mindset about getting dressed.

My wonderful NYC junior stylist and I had the extreme pleasure of re-doing an overwhelming space that used to be known as a closet. There were definitely clothing somewhere in there.... Along with Christmas decor, baby gifts (apparently never sent), and a rug among other things. Now let me be very clear, this is NYC and there is not a lot of space to keep everything you would like to. After living in a house all summer with my boyfriend, I realized pretty quickly that with more space, you acquire more things. As a New Yorker, I do not have that option. I am forced to clean out my closet twice a year without fail otherwise I would not be able to find anything and therefore would have no idea what I owned. This is truly a blessing in disguise.

And then there are the others.... The people that do not have the time to EVER go through what they own so it just keeps building and building and building... These people have two options: One, find and set aside 3 hours of your time twice a year to keep up editing and organizing your closet. Two, hire me. The second option seems much easier and logical:)

So here again, for the second glorious time, is my Sass N Style episode on closet organization. Enjoy and get ready for fall with your very own closet consultation!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NYC Sass N Style Launch Party: A Style Workshop for Women

Hello New York City! You have been very patient, but there is no need to wait any longer. The Sass N Style workshop is coming to you!

I will be teaching an informal fashion workshop on how to "Buy what you need and use what you have. Having worked or appeared on What Not to Wear, Oprah and The Today Show, I know fashion! Learn insider styling tips, recession- proof shopping secrets and how to dress the best for your body type.

Sip champagne and wine, leave with a take-home booklet and a goody bag with fabulous treats for your fall makeover! Please bring one item of clothing that you love or are confused by for answers from the expert!

Please RSVP by 9/22 to http://whoscoming.com/sassnstyle
Space is limited.


Price: $30 Pre-Pay, $35 at the Door
Date: Thursday, September 24th
Time: 7pm-9pm *please be prompt*
Location: Kathlin Argiro's Design Studio, 265 W. 37th St. (at 8th ave.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sass N Style: Splurge vs Save

Rachel Roy Takes Over Macy's

Who knew that a Sunday of nothing could turn into a full blown fashion show of the Rachel Roy line at Macy's? I am quite sure that my friend Erin and I did not go up to Herald Square anticipating such a fabulously fashionable adventure. Just down the street are the tents for fashion week in Bryant Park, but right there in that small dressing room was the real drama and style....

It is always good to have girlfriends who love clothing as much as you do and have a slight addiction to buying it. Oh, and it doesn't hurt when they look good in it and are willing to play the "fashion show" game for your blog. Thank you Erin.

This little montage of photos was quite literally an accident. I agreed to make the trip (yes folks, it is a trip when you have to go to Macy's on a Sunday) as a good friend must agree to do. We were seriously only going up there to return something Erin had bought earlier and then run right back downtown where the shopping is smaller, boutique(ier) and much more consignment/vintage style.... But alas, Rachel Roy's line attacked us from across the store and there was no stopping us.

Holy crap, I am obsessed. I should re-state that, WE are obsessed. Erin and I dove in like two crazy women looking for the holy grail... Only we had already found it! I knew that Rachel Roy was doing a line for Macy's, but I had no idea that it would be so fabulously fantastic. The silhouettes were interesting, the line was vast and the price points were not necessarily going to kill me. Things ranged anywhere from $60 for a sweater to $130 for a nice dress. Think BCBG prices.

I need, actually I implore you to take a gander at this "oh so fun!" line. It is sassy, it is sleek, it is fun, it is full of fashionable energy that screams for you to try it all on.... Or at least that is what it said to Erin and I. I do enjoy when designers go "low-end" to try and sell to the masses, but sometimes something is lost in the translation... NOTHING was lost here. All hail Rachel Roy.

Macy's Rachel Roy Line

Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Success! Fashion's Night Out at Rebecca and Drew

If any of you had the pleasure of being in NYC last evening, you certainly know why it is clearly one of the greatest cities in the world! Where else does a city band together and throw the biggest party around? EVERYBODY was out in full-force and ready to go. I took the train home at 12am and it was packed! No wonder, every store in town was open until 11pm and serving FREE alcohol. I was in the meatpacking district, which is known for being the super trendy part of town. Catherine Malandrino was next door and they set up an in-door stage and had a French rock band playing. Stella McCartney was down the street and she had a truck that was making pizza pies on the street! That is just the tip of the iceberg....

Although it was a bit quieter at Rebecca and Drew, our 80's mix was killing it. We definitely had liquor flowing and as a perk for this gig, I was drinking it:) Of course I was chatting up the clothing all night telling anyone who would listen how fabulous it is! Look at my fab purple button-down dress. The color is outrageous and the fit is perfect... Which is the point of this tailored company! That great wall behind me is full of different options for your collar, sleeves, buttons, gussets, and embroidered details. I had a shirt designed for me that is a black collared button down with cuffs and a gray owl embroidered on the sleeve. I am totally sleek and stylish.

This rack 'O shirts are actually all of the samples for you to try so you get your size exactly right. That is a whole lotta sizes because women come in a whole lotta shapes. First you decide if you are a curvy or straight gal. Then you start grabbing for your bra size and your height, long or short length. And with the help of their experts (I wasn't very good at eying people up since I was knew to this scenario), you end up with the perfect fit.

Overall NYC is the bomb and Fashion's Night Out only proves it. There is no option for you to ever be bored because they bring the party to you. All you need to do is walk out your door to be a part of everything fabulous!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Wedding Fabulous: Old Hollywood Style

I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my best friend since I was 14 years old. If we are counting folks, that means we have known each other for 16 years, oy. He and I went to our first dance in high school together and, based on a contract I made him sign early on, our prom as well. He is my brother from another mother.

This past Labor Day weekend, he and his beautiful bride were married in Lake George at the famous Sagamore hotel. The place was absolutely to die for. It sits on a cliff side overlooking Lake George and had "old Hollywood" written all over it. At least in my mind.... It also was reminiscent of Dirty Dancing and this was only promoted by the fact that they had the soundtrack playing there. I swear, could I make that up?

I decided to go with the throwback theme and pull out a vintage light grey silk gown that I have owned for a year. This was a bit of a tricky piece as I bought it when I was a size bigger and it was see-through. Oh yea, see-through. What I had going on underneath that dress was short of a miracle that I devised. Thank God I am a stylist or this never would have been pulled off. Here is the list of goodies it took to make this fabulous look happen: Double stick tape, check. Clear stick on boobs that appeared to be actual fake breasts stuck to mine, check. Nude, barely there at all thong, check. I really wish my boyfriend had been able to make the wedding becauses I had no one to show this monstrocity to. I had to laugh at it myself:) I should also mention that I got back from Columbus on Thursday and had to leave on Friday leaving a small hour and a half window to find all of these lovely items. Sales people looked at me like I was nuts when I explained the dilema, it was then that I realized I was completely on my own.

Once the ridiculous adventure of finding all of these undergarments was threw, I rolled up the dress and stuck it in a bag for the Greyhound bus ride I had to take up there. I am so damn glamorous. But alas, it really did turn out all right. I was obsessed with how the look turned out. It was themed, but not over the top. My boobs managed to stay on all night so that was a plus. My friends joked that they were going to make shirts that read, "I danced my tits off at Eric's wedding". Thankfully, this was not true in my case!

So paired with my sassy silver shoes and vintage clutch (oh yea, I went all the way with the vintage thing), I would say I looked pretty fab. You always know you did a good job when other guests at the wedding are stopping you to tell you how amazing your dress is and how they like your throw-back to another era look. Remember, no matter where you are going it is not just about one piece, it is about the WHOLE ensemble. That is truly what styling is, making the entire outfit completely fabulous!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fashion's Night Out in NYC: I am Hosting a Party at Rebecca and Drew!

I must be big news now! I am hosting an event at Rebecca and Drew in the meatpacking district of NYC for Fashion's Night Out! If you haven't heard about this extravaganza, let me be the first to tell you all about it! In thirteen countries around the world including the US, Greece, Spain and Japan, among others, the fashion industry is coming together to promote a big night of shopping! Stores will be open late and many are having special guests including yours truly at Rebecca and Drew to create buzz and publicity. Although Charlize Theron will be at Dior and Sienna Miller will be at Intermix, I am sure that the crowds will be flocking downtown to the meatpacking district to hang out with this very famous stylist. Charlize is so last year.

So stop by between 6pm and 11pm and visit moi for personal styling tips. Stop just reading my blog and come meet me in person!!! It is also a great opportunity to buy a shirt dress or button down that actually buttons from Rebecca and Drew. As I have posted before, these little gems are God's gift to any woman that has any sort of a bust. They create shirts based on your bra size!!!! Halleluya.

Watch the Fashion's Night Out Video!!!

Thursday, September 10th
342 West Thirteenth Street (between Eighth Avenue and Hudson Street)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 647-8904