Monday, December 29, 2008

Find Your Funk with This Great Bag

I am constantly on the search for amazing, new designers that create beautiful pieces without the ridiculous price tag. A great bag should be anywhere between $150 and $450.... Of course you can go higher, but this is a reasonable standard! Shih handbags fit that mark. They are realistic in style yet trendy in their design. I bought my first one at the beginning of the Summer and the world showed their love for it by complimenting my awesome purchase on every street corner and subway platform.

I was reminded of how much I love this designer when one of my best friends took me to Loehman's to get my stamp of approval on her purchase. The funny thing is that my friends and I share a fashion brain and I had already been scoping out this delightfully yummy bag. I got to live vicariously through the swipe of her credit card because the honest truth is I already have a black patent leather bag that would serve the same purpose. Be a smart shopper, you don't need everything!!!! Truth is that I have been too busy buying antique jewelry lately, oops.

This bag basically kicks ass. Literally. Have you looked at the studs on this thing? I know they are similar to the Balenciaga mortorcycle bag, but ladies, I would never direct you toward a knock off. Oh, hell no. It also is a perfectly managable size to fit your everyday life into without losing it. My best friend and I have very different styles, she is dainty, I am NOT, but this bag really does work for many different "types" of women. It is your individual flashy piece that makes you stand out or, for me, it ties in the rest of my flash!

The greatest part about this bag is that the second strap does not fall off your shoulder. You know you hate that, so annoying. Your entire life is easily accessible and yet difficult for a sneaky pick pocket man to acquire. This is a completely reasonable thought process when you are buying a bag ladies!!!! A great purchase should cover all bases:)

Shih Handbags: Black Patent "Diego Toto" East-West Tote

Sweater Dresses

I love easy, comfortable and functional garments, the sweater dress is the ideal combination of these qualities. Not to mention that it is super cute and stylish!

It is often hard to wear dresses in the colder months, but the sweater dress keeps you warm and sexy at the same time! Adding tights and boots will keep you warm all the way down to your toes. In the freezing parts of the country I would even get crazy and wear two pairs of tights. Think opaque tights under textured tights. It adds a bit of bling to your look while being completely realistic.

This particular dress is perfect because it is right for the office or for dinner and drinks. Pile on the accessories for your night out with a bunch of bangles and a big pair of hoops. The neckline on this dress should be kept naked because you don't want to take away from the button detail. I would also consider throwing on black tights with tall brown or bronze boots because it is not the obvious choice. Stand out in a fabulous, sexy and functional way!

Nine West Agent Sweater Dress


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Headband Hotties

Bad hair days are a bitch. I hate them, you hate them, even Shinead O'Connor hates them. But lucky for you there is a solution for every problem (well, almost), and all this little issue requires is a hat or a headband, so quit your crying.

What a great way to style up an outfit by adding that extra punch to really hit your look home. So much for covering up a Medusa moment, embrace this accessory and use it on a GOOD hair day! What better way to say you are a "good girl" while acting completely inappropriately. It is the best throw back to your younger years while downing a vodka tonic. Oooohhhh, good times.

This particular band is great for the messier look. Literally throw your hair in a loose pony tail or a chignon and look fabulous. The only hair this doesn't work with is short hair. It tends to poof out the bottom. Choose a regular headband either thick or thin. Patent leather, tortoise shell, gold, black, colored, love them all! I love to rock a bold pair of earring with a headband because then the world can check out not one, but two awesome accessories.

J Crew Double Strand Yoga Headband


Friday, December 26, 2008

Stop Sucking it in Already and Go Get Some Spanx!!!

Here is one truth I am sure of right now. I ate a lot this week and I bet you did too. Who cares? It is the holidays and I love a good excuse to stuff cookies down my throat... and pie (s) and fudge and Chinese food (Jews understand this).

A calorieriffic week deserves a great "sucker-inner", enter Spanx. Every smart woman knows what this is and every uber-intelligent gal owns a pair. They are truly God's gift to women, more specifically, women's mid-sections and thighs. Thank you God.

This nifty little gadget (anything that works this well must have some scientific backing) is the answer to all of your sexy and smooth silhouetted prayers. They come in all types of styles and each one serves a different purpose for a specific body type. This shorts style is my personal favorite because I think it has the most universal benefit. It can be worn under anything, including your tightest cocktail dress, and you would have no idea of its existence. Another style that goes below the knee is great for under pants and really helps with someone who isn't the biggest fan of their knees. The third style that I find to be most popular with my clients is the type that actually clips to your bra! Thats right ladies, you are in a body suit of Spanx and nothing is getting through that sucker!

In a month when un-buttoning the top button of your pants is as much a ritual as putting the star on the tree, go and buy yourself the best present you will ever get. The only down side to this miracle of a piece is that you may find yourself a hot honey to love you longtime comforting you through the cold winter night... A quick trip to the bathroom and a large purse to store your fancy new present might be necessary (time estimates for removal depend on the elaborate nature of your Spanx).
$62.00- $66.00

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finally! The Right Way to Tuck Jeans into Boots

First things first, I am SO sorry that I have been MIA for a bit! The traveling for my media tour got to be crazy and truthfully, I was on a mini-holiday the past two days in New Orleans after my last TV hit there. I was busy re-invigorating the town by spending my hard-earned cash on amazing vintage jewelry. I think I am in love with the french quarter:)

Now back to the business at hand, how the hell do you tuck your jeans into boots....properly? One of my least favorite things that I am forced to see everyday is jeans IMproperly tucked into boots. This occurs because people cannot seem to find a simple and logical way to get this task done. This trend is not going away because it is warmer and functional during the winter months so let me now tell you the RIGHT way to get this look!

Step one, buy a pair of jeans that are stupidly skinny and look borderline ridiculous on their own. You know the ones, they are totally annoying to get on because they have the skinniest ankles in the world and you have trouble getting your normal sized feet through them. Also, make sure that they are tight through the knees, that is truly the trouble area once they are tucked (just like this lovely model is clearly showing on her right leg). Step two, buy tube socks. Ok, maybe not tube socks, but they should be sufficiently high without showing above the top of your boots. Step three, tight roll the bottom of the jean to smooth out any possible loose material. You don't have to do the full out tight roll, just fold it over left to right (or vice versa) at the back. Now for the final step, pull your sock (which should already be on your foot so it is ready to go!) over the tight rolled jean to keep it in place. Now pull on your boot and you should be good to roll!!!!

The only other important part that will make this whole system run smoothly is to do this entire process with your leg as straight as possible, just as you would be standing up. It may not look pretty while you are going through this ridiculous amount of work (it really isn't that hard:), but damn girl, at least I won't be shaking my head as I walk by upset by your "loose knees" jeans.

Picture courtesy of BCBG runway show

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sassy Style for New Years

As holiday parties come to a close, that means New Years is up next... The mother of all parties!!! Any night that requires that much planning deserves a hot and sexy number. I am usually a more is more type of girl, but why not make it super hot at least one night a year!

Basic "sexy" rules are simple: Pick one body part and let it fly! That means legs or boobs, not both! This dress is fabulous because there is an easy sexiness to it. It really does access a comfortable place while still showing what you got. It also will work on most body types because it is loose with a cinched waist which allows for lots of New Years drinking!

Styling this dress also changes the look and feel of it. If you got the legs, show 'em off and throw on a block stocking with higher than high pointed toe black pumps. Another option for flaunting your gams in a colder climate is to put on an opaque black tight with sleek high black boots. If legs are not your strongest point, add a level of comfort with an extremely skinny pair of jeans underneath with that higher than high black pump.

The chest area on this dress can also be very tricky. You really can't go bra-less unless you have well-placed, still perky A to small C cup boobies. That is a lot of stipulations and goes for any bra-less situation! If you fit into this spectrum, go buy your little ladies some double sided tape to make sure they don't accidentally say hello after the fifth cocktail. If they are larger and less perky, add a simple lace camisole underneath and then you can wear your black bra for support.

Load up on the accessories on the right wrist (all of the detail is on the left side so this helps to balance it out) with this HOT little number. Mix it up with silver metal and rhinestone bangles. Add the final touch with a pair of rhinestone hoops and a black stone cocktail ring. Ring in 2009 the stylish way and wear this frock to guarantee a midnight make-out... And maybe more:)

Marc By Marc Jacobs "Karly Special" Dress


Thursday, December 18, 2008

St. Louis to Hartford.... Next Up, Two Day Break!

This small, adorable host makes me look like a giant. Seriously, bad positioning. Either way, today was simple and funny and I am lucky enough to be in Hartford, Ct., my home state. So my lovely mommy is hanging out with me for the night in my hotel. She reads this religiously so she will now feel famous since she has had a shout out. Yo Elaine.

Tomorrow morning I will be my most funny, most pretty, most entertaining and most informational since my high school classmates and childhood friends will be viewing. Very important to seem awesome:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Petite Problems

As per a special request, here is a post to help those petite curvaceous ladies finally find some pants that fit! I certainly understand that pant shopping for anyone is a difficult task, but throw in the fun variables of being over a size 12 and under 5'4" and life gets a bit more tricky. Stop fretting, I have worked with ladies (and men for that matter) of all sizes, ages and heights and all of them look HOT when I am done:)

Here are a few solutions to your daunting task as to not pull your hair out (Britney Spears proved that bald is not a good look). Start by making sure you search for a store that has a petite's department, otherwise tailoring will definitely solve any length issues so don't worry if you can't find one. Just to make life more simple, why don't I list a few off the top of my head? Here goes... Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Lord and Taylor and usually Loehman's. There's a good start for you!

Now, once you have made the wonderful trek to the store, it is time to search and conquer! You will kick those pants ass! First things first, make sure the waist is high enough. This is defined by whatever is comfortable for you. Preferably, try to not make the plumber jealous. Basically, keep your crack well-tucked away. Secondly, you need the pant to be well-fitted through the thigh and straighter to wide leg at the bottom. This means that the pants should fit comfortably through the thigh; think room to breath, but not to fit another leg. The bottom width should either match the width of your actual thigh of be slightly wider. Do not go with a full on wide leg style because this DOES NOT work for curvaceous petite ladies. In fact, it does the opposite!

The final step is quite simple. There will most likely be pockets in your new fabulous pants. Well that's nice, get rid of them. Upon purchasing your new awesome pants, you will take them to the tailor, have the pockets cut out and sew them shut. Bye, bye. Most pockets on curvier women tend to fold open adding width and drawing attention to your hips. Bad idea.

So, now that you have your new pants (that are tailored to the proper length, either with flats or heels, not both!), throw them on and do a little dance. You did it, you found pants that make you look HOT!

P.S. Walk away from the flat front styles. Your pants should always button and zip in the front. This ain't the 1980's and we certainly don't want to accentuate any lovely lower stomach, now do we?

Ann Taylor Loft: Petite Marisa A-Line Tweed Pants

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shop Your Closet: Part Two

What happened to Dallas?

Well I'll tell ya, nothing! I will preface this with an apology to all of those readers who live in the southern regions of the states: It does occasionally snow and life goes on, does an inch really warrant four hours of live coverage!?!? No, but my hit in Dallas was canceled for this exact reason. It is like they have never gotten below 50 degrees, never mind seen an inch of snow and a few spots of ice.

I was about to board the plane from Atlanta to Dallas today when I got a frantic call from my booker telling me not to get on. Apparently a winter storm had hit (um, OK) and they couldn't find the time to talk about last minute gifts with the overwhelming amount of snow (one inch) and ice. Thank god for my very individual beautiful white suitcase with gold crowns because otherwise they never would have found it and gotten it off the plane at the last second!

So here I am in St. Louis one day early and looking for ways to entertain myself on my surprise day off. It is not that hard for me as long as there is a spa and bar within a short distance. Therefore my tomorrow includes working out, checking out local boutiques, going to the movies (this is the only time I do it by myself so I feel like a trooper) and getting a facial and manicure. Tough life, but someones got to do it.

Classic White Button-Down

Foundation pieces make or break your wardrobe. I don't care who you are, where you live, how old you are or what size you wear, a classic white button down should reside in your closet. As we have already established, I do not have your run or the mill style, yet I own about 7 different styles of white button-downs. Long ones, short ones, wrapped ones, fitted ones, these babies are like men, you can never have too many:)

I know that a common crisis for women is around the chest area and there never being enough room for "the girls". That is what they invented small brass pins or double sided tape for. Unfortunately, many designers have yet to realize their error (I am writing letters everyday to no avail:), so we must correct it on our own. Simple place a pin from the inside and catch as little fabric as possible while still making sure there is closure around the third button down. DO NOT let the pin show through the front. Tacky much? Double-sided tape is a bit easier to maneuver, but does not have the same longevity.

This style is from Ann Taylor Loft which is my go-to spot for a classic white button-down that darts properly for a fantastic fit. It actually is tailored to most real body types which is a rarity in this department. It also is completely reasonably priced, around $40, because most of these bad boys run you upwards of $85- $125 a pop. Seriously? I ruin the armpits within six months to a year so I look at this purchase as something that does not have a lifetime guarantee. I know, I am gross. Aw, fess up, you are too!

Ann Taylor Loft Button Front Shirt

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Columbus, OH Done, Milwaukee Up Next!

Thank God for a change of scenery. After Albany almost killed me, Columbus basically rocked. Going on-air usually only lasts about three to five minutes, so a hit is really based on how awful the travel is and how awesome the people are that you meet. I will talk to anyone and anything so sitting at bars by myself is actually quite entertaining. This is not my personality in NYC, because well, I live there. When you are traveling, what do you have to lose? I managed to become friendly with the bar tender David at my hotel. The fact that he was cute certainly did not hurt. I was not interested in drinking anymore because I do try to be professional, but human contact is of vital importance to me and if it is with a cute guy all the better. We were then joined by several other gentleman who allowed me to be my ridiculous self and do a bit of ball busting. What is life without ball busting anyway?

Catch my Milwaukee appearance tomorrow on NBC between 9 and 10....

All Wrapped Up: BOW-tastic Holiday Dresses

Always wanted to be unwrapped? Well here is your big holiday chance. Step one, look incredibly hot wearing a dress that makes you the present. I am no girlie girl, but I love bows.... when done correctly. Looking like a thirty year old in a ten year old's dress is never sexy. Of course, I can only offer my personal opinion on the subject, this is not that kind of website.

There have been several great "bow" dresses over the years to hit the red carpet and most were reamed out on the style review television shows and magazines. All this says is that taking a leap often means that not everyone will understand what you are trying to accomplish. Charlize Theron once wore a deep green one-shoulder gown with bow accent that was stunning, but could only work on her.

This red dress is a much better option for the rest of us who are not necessarily amazonian beauties. It gives definition and shape to the body so there is definitely sex appeal, yet offers a certain level of playfulness with the bow detail and puff skirt. Keeping the rest of this look fairly simple and sophisticated is the only way to not look like you are heading off to a bat-mitzvah. The over-sized bow can be a very slippery (and child-like) slope.

Red Taffeta Cocktail Dress by eDressMe New York

Friday, December 12, 2008

Me in Albany. Columbus up Next!

Now, Albany may be a lovely little city, but this trip turned out to be a very large pain in my tushy. Quick re-cap just to make sure you can all share in my pain.....

I go through rush hour traffic just to get to the airport late and find out that my flight has been canceled. There is an ice storm in Albany, oohh, fun. I then get back in a cab, through more rush hour traffic, to Penn Station. I down a beer, because after 2.5 hours of travel and still being in Manhattan, I deserve it. An hour later I get on a train. Yea, a 3 hour train ride to icy Albany. We sit on the track for an hour somewhere around the 2 hours mark. Good times. I finally get there an hour later than expected. Final time, 7 hours from door to door for a trip that should take under three hours. Seriously?

Now, don't think that is the end. I know you didn't. I have a delivery (wine) coming to the hotel because I am talking about it on-air. Does it show up? You can guess... no. Next up, a cabbie pulls up two minutes before I am suppose to be at the station puffin on a cigarette with windows closed. Hi, can I be late and get cancer? Thanks sir.

And the grand finale! The news anchor, Betina in the photo, informs me that the trains are not running. Super. I end up at the airport after another cab ride filled with detours because Albany looks like the set of a movie. Trees are down everywhere and it is covered in an ice blanket. I get to the airport and low and behold, I have been picked to get a full search. I am talking croch grabs here.

The only saving grace was that the flight was on-time and I met a lovely gentleman who I believe I entertained for the very short flight. I am home for a night and then off to Columbus tomorrow. Let's hope that it only gets better from here....................8AM Sunday, CBS, be there or be square. Yea, I said it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am coming to a city near you... On TV!!!!

Here comes my favorite part of the job, TV appearances! This media tour isn't exactly my favorite cup of tea because it involves a ridiculous amount of travel, but hell, they are paying me a lot. Mama needs a new bag!

First up, Albany, NY. I will be on NBC anywhere between 11:20am and 11:40am. If you live in that neck of the woods be ready to see my smiling face on your big screen television.

There will be more details about my upcoming appearances, but here are the dates and places to catch my montage of fabulously cute news outfits:

12/14 Columbus, OH
12/15 Milwaukee, WI
12/16 Atlanta, GA
12/17 Dallas, TX
12/18 St. Louis, MO
12/19 Hartford, CT
12/22 Grand Rapids, MI
12/23 New Orleans, LA

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bold Bangles

There are several staples that I believe all fashionable women must own. Longer tank tops, a crisp white button down, wide leg black pants.... I could seriously keep going if someone didn't stop me so I will stop myself. Let me re-direct my focus to a specific area of fashion, say jewelry? Sure, why not.

Gold bangles are a dream accessory because they literally go with everything. They add style to any basic ensemble, they add a pop to your simple summer dress and they even work with your over the top, overly embellished "everybody look at me" dress. Basically, they work with simple, they work with crazy, they work with classic, they work with funk, they work with, well, YOU!

The other fantastic thing about these little gems is that you can find them anywhere. I don't care where you live in the world, these things are just around the corner. From Forever 21, to that expensive boutique to hand crafted markets... I bet you can even find these things in some off the beaten path African extravaganza. The point is that you can get them for 3 bucks or 300 bucks depending on what quality you are looking for.

I love these bangles shown here from Flutter by Jill Golden. They are simple with a touch of individuality which still allows them to be worn with anything, as previously mentioned. I love basic things to still be stand alone pieces. That, of course, does not mean that they need to stand alone! Mix these bad boys up with other random bracelets for a great eclectic look.

So ladies, if you have been reading my brilliant styling blog religiously you just might be the hottest chick on the block... And definitely the most stylish!

Flutter by Jill Golden$145- $185

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love This Designer

Lailia is one of my newest finds that I am completely obsessed with. I was at their showroom today trying on their fabulous designs because as you New York women know, it is sample sale time! I am also lucky enough to be borrowing some of their amazing pieces for some upcoming TV appearances I have... Of course there will be more information about that coming soon.... Well, very soon since I leave on Thursday:)

Lailia was created by two sisters who obviously have a keen eye for not only design, but fantastic style as well. Their pieces literally hugged my curves in all of the right places. Most are architecturally fabulous, meaning that the silhouettes and cuts are impecable. They are truly made to fit a woman's body.

Although this dress is from their upcoming Spring 2009 collection, definately check out their current lines for your perfect holiday dress. They really do design a full collection that has everything from cute work garments to black tie affair gowns. The quality is head and shoulders above most designers as well.

Although these two ladies are fairly new as a design team, they are definitely established in their own right. No humor here folks, these girls are the real deal.

Lailia Collection

Monday, December 8, 2008

Awesome Architechtural Heels

A few things really upset me; ice cream cones that melt too fast, men with skinny legs and people that complain about their fabulous curly hair to name a few... But nothing upsets me more than people that only have black and brown shoes because they don't know what to do with "crazy" shoes. Well I am here to help you break that pattern! Love thy "crazy" shoes!

These pink booty high heels are bananas, as in, fabulously phenomenal. They are seriously ridiculous and might be a tad scary to most people. My roommate, who is sitting right next to me, told me she thought they were ugly, but then again she said, "You're the expert".

So here is my "expert" advice for how to truly rock this outstanding piece of architectural fashion. Don't try and make them blend, they won't. This is the stand-out piece of your look. There are several ways to make these look fantastic so that people will stop you on the street as opposed to whispering, "Who is the crazy person with the crazy fashion sense" to their friends.

Some possible options for stand-out shoes is to tone down the rest of your outfit. These shoes would be fabulous with all black, including black tights. What a sexy look for a holiday party! Because these are satin, they work for a dressy, funky evening outfit. Another option is to wear them with a simple solid pencil skirt and a printed silk blouse. Keep the craziness separate with the solid skirt in the middle and mix the hard edge of the architectural heel with the softness of silk. The third option is for a night of dinner and dancing. Throw on a skinny jeans, a slinky blouse and a single button blazer. Again, keep it solid aside from the blouse. The bottom half of your outfit should always be simple so the focus is on your "crazy" shoes.

So stop loving shoes and not buying them because you aren't sure what to do with them. Everything has its fashion place and having an amazing on-line stylist to help you through your fashion journey certainly doesn't hurt!

Alexia High Sandal Boot

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Best Present Ever.... ME!!!!

Show Your Creativity with a Personalized Gift of a Fashion Stylist.

(Must redeem before 12/31/08)

Let Your Loved Ones Live Like a Celebrity with a Fashion Stylist!!!

  • Day and Weekend Makeover shopping packages available.
  • Closet Consultations to Organize, Understand and Develop Their Personal Style
  • Specialized Shopping Excursions
  • Styling Sessions to Create Fabulous Looks Mixing Existent and New Garments!
  • Clients Will Learn: "BUY what you need and USE what you have" because it doesn't take a million bucks to look like it!

"Never Have Nothing to Wear" ever again!

See Details at

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chloe and Reese: 10% Off Just For You!!!

I love to be able to offer my friends, clients and loyal blog followers special insider deals because I am cool and know the right people:) So here goes folks, (discount) holiday shop until your heart is content! This line is fabulous for interesting and sophisticated basics that are truly investment pieces. LOVE their skirts. You are now officially reaping the benefits of reading my very informational, stylish, (and funny) blog:

Chloe and Reese has launched the first international custom shoppe for the modern day glamour girl.

As seen in Lucky, Marie Claire, WWD, on-line at the New York Times, Teen Vogue and Daily Candy!!!

Chloe and Reese
is sold at Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus, Harrod's of London, at fine retailers around the world and now on-line at!!!

With this invite, receive 10% off your purchase in our exclusive on-line custom shoppe! Select from feminine, flirty, sophisticated and classic looks, and then customize and personalize in hundreds of lush fabrics, colors and patterns!

Use promotional code RCOO2 to receive your 10% discount!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cardigans Aren't Just for Grandma Anymore

I am one of the funkier people I know and I own eight of them... And that is just the shorter ones! I never said I didn't have a problem:) Thank God my job supports my habit and my habit supports my job.

The lovely cardigan has so many more purposes than the boardroom, although they look good there too! This is a recession proof piece because it is always a layering option no matter what the day, time or function. Forget about your moms pearls, this look deserves a bold statement necklace of layered chains. A button-down will certainly look appropriate and stylish, but why not think outside of the box. A t-shirt, like the one shown here, is a great alternative. It adds a casually chic element that people don't often associate with the cardigan. A blouse with a tuxedo ruffle down the front is also a great option to spice up your cardigan look.

The key to making your cardigan rock is, like all of your clothing, have it fit properly!!! I can not promote this concept enough. As with this piece, it is a fitted silhouette that gives great definition to her waist because you can actually see it! I love all different length cardigans, I just want them to skim the body so that we can see you have one. That is the key to a "sexy" cardigan. The other important element when choosing this item is to pick one out that can stand alone. Border piping (just like this one), great buttons, cool sleeves... The options are endless so find one that suits you and your style!

So ladies, the complaint department on conservative clothing being a necessity for your job is closed. Creative conservative, think Miranda from Sex and the City, is the new black. I just mean out with the old and in with the cardigan (done fabulously:).

NY and Company City Style Trimmed Cardigan

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UGG-ly Boots (I Actually LOVE These:)

So obviously we (meaning me) know that these are not the most fashionable shoes on the planet. Now readers, I may be fashionable to a fault at times, but as my clients will tell you, I am not the girl walking 5 miles in a pair of stilettos because I look hot. It hurts just to think about it. I am all about functional fashion, realistic fashion! If you believe that all women in NYC look like the ladies of Sex and the City, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it is a far cry from the truth. Carrie can keep her five inch heels while I walk comfortably. I reserve this type of ridiculousness for long evenings of drinking, eating and SITTING.

These Ugg boots are a much more realistic option for strolling through Central Park... or any park for that matter. This knitted style will not only keep your toesies toasty, but you will actually feel like you have on slippers all day long. Um, is there anything better? I think not, divine. This cute color will add a pop of stylish fun to your leggings and long sweater combo.

Remember folks, I said park strolling, not dinner date. I condone these wonderfully comfy shoes for appropriately casual activities. Don't push the envelope. I will find you and you don't want to get in trouble from your personal on-line stylist now do you?

UGG Australia "Cardy" Classic Boot

Sass N Style: Shop Your Closet: Recession Proof Style

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LBD for BHP (Big Holiday Party)

Round two for holiday greatness! I always love the idea of making the most of every purchase... Why buy a cute cocktail dress that you will only wear a few times a year? This style is perfection for all year round. Layer up, layer down, either way this look is super complimentary to most curvy body types. I love the simplicity of it because you can literally create a look based on your choice of accessories. Keep it simple with your diamond studs, pointed patent leather pumps and a big cocktail ring or layer on the bobbles! I would, of course, do it up big. Tons and tons of gold bracelets that don't necessarily go together. A big pair of drop earrings, large clutch and sexy booties would be my finishing touches.

This dress can be whatever you want it to be. Once you have seen Santa off, wear it to your friends nighttime wedding or throw on a cropped blazer with black high boots and rock it on a Friday night. Worth your pennies so break open that piggy bank, throw on your Spanx and show off your individual style.

Dianne Von Furstenburg "Olsen" Dress