Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Gowns... Disappointing!!!

Ah, the awards season has begun and it is time for these high-priced stylists to earn their keep. Well, it seems they can't get over their respective hangovers from the new years because this crop of awards gowns was well, boring. Aside from a few major mistakes (Drew Barrymore and Renee Zellweger much?), these ladies all seemed to forget the va va va voom that we expect. I want glamor, I want sexy, I want FABULOUS! Unfortunately for me, I had to settle for pretty. Boo.

I searched and searched this morning through photos upon photos seriously thinking that I must have missed something when watching the red carpet last night. There had to be at least one diva (based on her outfit:) in the sea of expensive dresses, didn't there? I know nude is the color (or lack of color) this season, but on a red carpet absolutely nothing sings about drowning yourself in a flesh-tone gown. Demi Moore and Penelope Cruz looked pretty, but when the millions of bulbs are flashing, you want to look gorgeous!

My one pick of old school hollywood glamor with a touch of modernity thrown in for good measure is sex-pot Eva Mendes. I do realize that the cream-puff like mound on her hip was a bit over the top, but take away one layer of icing and you simply have a dream. She showed off her very well-known curves in a classy and interesting way by seperating herself from the crowd in her Christian Dior gown. The dress was classic, yet obviously had a twist. The real zinger of this ensemble is her overwhelmingly amazing necklace, talk about a statement! By bringing in the turquoise stone, she really changed the overall feel of what could have just been a classic and clean look. Her up-do is becoming of her look, but by being slightly tossled, it brings out the chic feel of the necklace. Well done Eva.... Or should I say Rachel Zoe?

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