Friday, February 27, 2009

Fabulous Fingerless Gloves

Ah, the problems that technology has created in my life and how it affects my style.... I am sure all of you have fashion/technology problems:) I have recently acquired an iPhone (LOVE it), but it is a touch screen and this is a problem with my wide selection of beautiful gloves. My hands are freezing just so I can call my awesome boyfriend (he is sitting here so I have to give him a shout out!).

Lucky for me, I have a mother that knits constantly and is always looking for reasons to make me something. She recently stumbled upon a pattern for fingerless gloves and little did I know, this would literally alter my fashionably freezing life. Finally, I can be warm and use my touch screen phone all at the same time!!!

Don't worry if you don't have a mother who is knitting at every waking moment of her life, there are plenty of places that you can buy your own fabulous pair of fingerless gloves! Never be left out in the cold again, dial away and be cute and cozy doing it. Thanks mom.

Malorie Armwarmer

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sassy Spring Scarf

I know it is freezing outside, I live in New York City, but let's at least think warm. Let me set the tone... It is a crisp, sunny day. The birds are chirping, mother's skip with their children down the street and I twirl round and round through the park enjoying the fabulous day a la Mary Tyler Moore. I am also 5'9, 125 and resemble Stephanie Seymour.... Hell, it is my sunny fantasy!

Dreaming of warmer times only makes me brace myself for Spring shopping. I adore the Spring scarf, it is a representation of the hot months to come. It is a transitional piece that has many lives because it can be worn both indoors and outdoors. It instantly creates a messy bohemian look that would easily make Mary-Kate Olsen jealous. Plus, it is a simple way to put your own stamp of style on your outfit. Be creative and be you.

This easy and fun scarf reminds me of Missoni without the hefty price tag. At $85 it isn't cheap, but it rocks neutral tones that can really be worn with most basic looks and different styles of jackets. You can be a sophisticated bohemian, when mixing it with long gold chains and simple studs or be an earthy bohemian with mixed gold, wooden and beaded bracelets. Throw on a huge pair of hoops to top of the outfit. Scarves, like jewelry, are a quick fix to the age old problem of, "I have nothing to wear!". Yes you do.

Tolani Brown Weeds Scarf


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Golden Goddess: Tina Fey's 2009 Oscars Gown

We already know that this is Tina Fey's year, even if she isn't in any movies! She is the toast of Hollywood right now and why not celebrate her even more by making her a presenter at the Oscars to crack us all up yet again. Seriously, her and Steve Martin were pretty funny.

Now, not only is it Tina's year because of her comedic talents, but talk about turning into a grade A hottie! (Reference to her movie Mean Girls for those that need a Tina Fey lesson:) I was about to give up on her and the whole "black dress everywhere" thing, but then she came through! I will commend the ladies on the Oscars red carpet this year, but Tina is still a fairly new addition and definitely took her own style up a few notches with this stunning gold number. Not only did she stand out with glamor and grace, but she showed that she is a true fashionista.

This shimmering gown was obviously a perfect fit for such an event, but let's talk about the actual fit.... Amazing. Her body looks rockin' right now and there is no better reason than the Oscars to show it off. I love the deep V neckline mixed with the fishtail bottom. It accentuated her curve in all of the right places. The thickness of the arms mixed with the deep V highlight her small waist and the curve of the fishtail makes her booty extra juicy! Yes, I seriously did say that.

The finale of her easy and loose up-do mixed with simple jewels truly let HER shine on the red carpet. She wore this frock, the frock did not wear her. Keep it up Tina, I have a feeling you might rule this awards show as well very soon.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Cinderella Dream: Sarah Jessica Parker's 2009 Oscar Gown

Every awards show has got to have a princess and this Oscars season, we've got SJP. I LOVE this gown. Often times this ballroom gown look is just overdone and gaudy. Sarah Jessica managed to look effortlessly sheik and sophisticated. Even the over-excess of tulle could have easily thrown her onto the worst dressed list, but yet again, she has wowed her fans (I include myself:).

Although it was difficult to tell on camera, the color of this dress was actually a light green sea-foam. What a perfect color choice to go along with the 50's bodice style of the gown. The intricate beading done on the top half of the gown, mixed with the very straight forward tulle bottom half was a complimentary combination. It was truly not too overdone. The simple satin belt was the right cinch for her tiny waist and really gave definition to a very BIG dress!

Her flowing waves were the right choice for such a dramatic dress. She kept her grooming quite fresh which was a great backdrop to her Cinderella gown. A bracelet placed high on her arm was the singular touch of modernity that brought the entire look together. Now, lets just hope that she doesn't lose a glass slipper before midnight......

Photo courtesy of Moviefone at

A Tiger Ate Her! Whoopi Goldberg's Unfortunate 2009 Oscar Gown

Oy. I can think of no other word to describe how truly unfortunate this choice was. Oh Whoopi, yes I watch The View and I know that wearing a dress is not your thing, but God help the animal kingdom. You are lucky you wore this walking the red carpet and not at the Bronx Zoo, it may have been an even bigger disaster!

As followers of this blog, you may re-call a recent post about how to wear animal prints. I noted that draping yourself in such a pattern is a BAD choice. Case in point, I give you Whoopi Goldberg. It appears that she was not sure if channeling a peasant girl or a lady tigress was the right choice, so she chose both. If ABS remakes this dress to sell to the mass public I am going to scream. And not in the good way I did about Heidi Klum's awesome gown. Ladies, take it from Whoopi, stick to a pant suit if that is your thing.... Not everyone is made for a dress!!!!!

Photo courtesy of Moviefone at

Lady in Red: Heidi Klum's AMAZING Oscar Gown

This dress was absolutely fabulous in every possible way. I may or may not have screamed like a little girl when I first saw it. Now, I know that she wore an architectural style ruby red gown last year, but I don't care. The color choice is based on her support for a charity! So you get off your fashion high horse right this instant!

She is literally right on cue with what is hot right now. The oragami-like affect of the straight lines and fold-overs is reminiscent of old-school Vivienne Westwood, but it is brought to you by modern day Roland Mouret. The color clearly set her apart and the dress fit her like a glove. It is insanely difficult to have a slit that high that doesn't look like she is about to "show us her goodies" at any second. Good job Roland. Alright, it doesn't hurt that Heidi Klum looks like Heidi Klum.

As for accesories, I love that she mixed a pale pink stone with such a vibrant red. It was certainly an unsual choice and I am all about making the surprising and unlikely work. I love myself a good layered look and her wrist looked like it was about to fall right off with all of the weight from her bracelets. Taking off one of her cocktail rings would have been my only alteration. As Coco Chanel once said, "Take off one thing before you leave the house!" Going along with her good samaritan role, one of the bracelts was a ruby and diamond piece that was specifically designed for Coke and her joint charity. It was meant to look like a lady in a gown, but I just saw a big red bow.

Moving on down, her red shoes were the perfect accent to this fun and vivacious look. If she had chosen to wear shoes in any other color, it would have taken away from the rest of the look. (Note: I do not usually like matching satin shoes. I feel like I am at my bat-mitzvah). She needed to have a certain flow quality to the bottom half of her ensemble, she did it perfectly.

Topped with a sleek new do, Heidi Klum proved to be modern, sexy and overall, just straight-up glamourous. Oscar himself would have approved.

Photo courtesy of Moviefone on

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wonderful Wedge Shoes

Are you tired of your feet killing you all day and night from wearing your high heels? Do your tired toes need a break from supporting you? Then maybe it is time to invest in a pair of shoes that give you the height and not all of the pain! Your new found shoe best friend, the wedge.... I have always wanted to be the voice on an infomercial, but I think this might be the closest I will come:)

Back to what I know about, fashion! The wedge is a great answer to the (what I believe to be) serious problem of being a sexy lady. You know that you look better in your high heels. They literally make you carry yourself differently. But, if you are anything like me, I actually hate the little suckers. This whole pain for beauty thing is ridiculous!

I own a million beautiful pairs of high heels (I just counted) and I wear them very infrequently. Obviously my life is not very conducive to wearing very high heels throughout my day because I walk the city for a living. (Not a street walker a street shopper, if the latter of the two were true then high heels would very much be a part of my wardrobe:) If your life is working in an office, then high heels are much more appropriate. Even so, our feet are truly not made for this type of positioning. The wedge allows you to still feel sexy and elongated without putting all of the pressure on the ball of your foot.

In order to keep the feminine feel of the heel, your new wedges should be very sleek and slender. None of that chunky stuff with a pencil skirt! The back of the wedge should be no more than an inch to an inch and a half thick. In addition, the front should be rounded or pointed.. No square toe here.. No square toe ever!!! Just like this pair by Jessica Simpson (I admit, her shoes are not that bad), patent leather gives that extra umph that will keep your entire look sexy and sophisticated. Save your feet.

Jessica Simpson Black Patent Nesco

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Check out My Featured Post for The Wedding Bee!

My friend Bee Kim, creator and owner of the famed Wedding Bee blog, recently hired me to re-do her wardrobe. After working for the past few years out of her house, her business is expanding to lots of meetings and speaking engagements. Time to bring in the professional to get her out of her sweats and into her chic and creative business look! Check out what she has to say at TheWeddingBee!

My Newest Obsession: The A-Symmetrical Ruffle Shirt

I cannot stop dreaming about this beautiful style of a shirt. It is romantic, flirty, sexy and flat out fun all at the same time. You know how I like to hit multiple style types with one item! I want to be everything!

Since this shirt has so many possibilities, it also has a multitude of opportunities for styling! So much fun for me. Clearly her sad right wrist is crying out for a bangle. Even two or three.... Layer it on to even out the triple ruffle ladies! Why not? The other great option is to throw on a gigantic pair of statement earrings. Load up on the dangle and color. This shirt may be a busy silhouette, but because of the neutral tone, it screams for a pop! This is where free-will comes into play... You are in charge of your pop, make it good. I would also play up the "cha-cha" feel of the shirt if you have the guts. I feel I have been inching you into the fabulous world of fashion and you are ready for the plunge... Time to dive in! By adding a red accent you will automatically bring out your 'Maria from West Side Story' inner diva. "I want to be in America...." Can you hear it?

What I would not do is pair this with a belt or a necklace. Hello Banana Republic, did your stylist have off for the day? There is a certain flow that is halted by cutting off your waist or adding to much bling to the top. Both detract from the fabulous ruffle at the top of the shirt. You always want your silhouette to flow..... Now go and cha-cha your way right out and buy yourself a ruffle shirt.

Banana Republic Monogram Silk Asymmetrical Top

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sass N Style: Belts

The New Trend: Pleated Cropped Pants

This is one of the ugliest trends I have come across in a while. I also understand that because it is a trend, people will still try and pull them off no matter how they really look. So, as a fashion stylist and advice purveyor, I feel it is my duty to give you the best possible style I could find. I searched high and low for these suckers, you can thank me later:)

A drop crotch, pleated and cropped pant just seems like a mean joke... But no ladies, this is for real. There is an easy comfort and flow to this style, but in the end it really only works on the super tall and super skinny. So basically, only the supermodels walking the runways can really (sort of) pull these pants off.

This pair, from Victoria's Secret, is the only answer to this trendy problem. They are not too over the top and the crotch is not down around your knees. Mistaking your pants for a bathroom problem is never a good look and this pair is a good middle ground. Not too droopy:) The pleats are also not so defined that you look like you are 3 months into or out of pregnancy. "Are you pregnant?" has never been a good question unless you are 100% positive the person is!

So there you have it. If you must rock this trend, at least do it in a reasonable way. Keep the overall look simple with a sleek tank or flouncy blouse (not puffy, loose and airy!). Add bold bangles or a long beaded necklace to keep the look playful. Do not wear boots with these pants. There should be some leg showing to break up the bottom half so a sexy pair of stilettos will definitely work!

The Marisa Fit Pleated Crop Pant

Friday, February 13, 2009

Animal Prints are Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Who doesn't love a good Tony the Tiger reference? I know I do. He is one good looking tiger and knows how to wear his look quite well. So here are some tips for looking as hot as Tony does.....

Animal print can be down right scary (and cheesy) in most cases. I have had many times in my life where I wasn't sure if I was at Palm Beach or the zoo, I was petrified at either possibility. There are so many people in this world who let the animal wear them, they literally turn into a tiger before our very eyes. Stop the madness, I am like the zoo keeper for the fashionably challenged.

So here is most most simple tip for kicking it zebra style: Limit yourself to only one piece of animal print and keep it simple. This is such a bold choice for a material that often times when we choose to drape ourselves in it, the smallest thing can push us over the "chesse" edge. I truly believe that only Kate Moss can pull off a floor length leopard coat. I met her at a photo shoot I was working on and I wanted to tame her right then and there. She is a tigress.

This cardigan is a great option to show off your inner-animal without being caged for bad style. Wearing it open with a great colored blouse underneath will help to break up the crazy pattern even more. Choosing an accessory, such as a belt, is another fabulous way to raid the zoo. It says, "Look at my sexy, crazy, I'll bite you if you are bad side, but I am also a very stylish professional". Where do I come up with this crap?

Delia's Izzy Zebra Cardigan

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Trendy Trench

The trench coat is a tried and true foundation piece of any stylish ladies wardrobe. Buy it, own it, wear it.... Now. This style has literally been around for ages and why not? It is a simple and sophisticated silhouette with a cinched waist to give shapely definition to any body type. Inspector Gadget must have known a thing or two about fashion....

With the big V-Day coming up, why not pull out the pink. I have always loved a good theme. Usually it is WAY to cold to be pulling off a trench at this time of year, but with temperatures soaring right now, take advantage of the lighter wear! This color is also fantastic moving into Spring and gives a little punch to the classic trench that is usually tan, brown or black.

No need to spend millions of dollars on this piece either. It is such of staple of American fashion culture that you can find one of pretty good quality at any of the major chains. Safari-chic is HUGE this Spring season so I suggest, no, I implore that you run right out and buy yourself a brand, new shiny trench coat.
Old Navy Women's Belted Twill Trench Coat

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lovely Lace Lady: Dazzle in this Sexy Material

Michelle Williams has got a knack for being classy and alternative at the same time. She always rocks a bit of a vintage feel in any look she puts on her back. Whether she is going to the Cannes Film Festival, as seen here, or walking the streets of Brooklyn where she lives with her daughter Matilda, she always look fashionable. She is what we define here in New York City as East Village Chic. Yes, we have styles based on neighborhoods..... It is an eclectic city folks and we have to define people:)

This lacy frock could have easily gone all wrong. Hell, lace is often thought of as an "old lady" material so she is quite possibly bordering on scary for a lot of people. But you stop right there... I said stop! This material, if worn properly, can take you in quite a different direction. Obviously this head to toe lace concoction is not that of an everyday outfit, but think of the sexy possibilities you might offer your outfit by adding in a lacy piece. It says, "You want to have me and my lacy sexiness, but I am a classy lady that will make you wait.... at least a little:)".

Think of adding it in either on the top or the bottom of your outfit as to still feel comfortable and pretty at the same time. A beautiful lace-overlay skirt would be fabulously sexy and appropriate for most occasions. Even the office is a possible destination for this look depending on where you work. Corporate America might have a heart attack, so save it for after-work drinks! The most common way to work this material is as a tank top possible peaking through your button-down shirt! Just a hint is always a home-run. I cannot believe I just made a baseball reference. If you are a bit funky, taking a cut-up piece of lace and wrapping it around your wrist a few times to create a bracelet is a great idea. Add other pearl and chain-link bracelets on the same wrist to really push the envelope.

Love thy lace.

Photo courtesy of

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Grammy's 2009 Dress: Katy Perry

Forgive me for being a day late, I was busy exploring Columbus, Ohio. Why ask why, liking a man makes you go to places other than your own backyard:)

But of course you did not think I would pass up the opportunity to discuss my favorite ensemble of the Grammy's 2009? No freakin' way. Katy Perry blew the competition away. I do always like her "throw back to another era" style, but this time she seriously nailed it. Classy sex appeal was screaming in this 1950's get-up. For such a young girl, she pulls off the old Hollywood siren look effortlessly. The best thing about it is that she really does always put her own spin on it. Elegant was the word, but that didn't stop here (or her stylist) from finding a dress that also represented here divine funk. Apparantly I am very into strapless gowns with large mounds of puffing material this year. Eva Mendes Golden Globes much?

On the other less chic side, this awards show can border on the utterly ridiculous and there was certainly no shortage this year. What in the f was MIA wearing? My only shout out for this lovely lady was that apparantly she was ready to give birth at any moment and still showed up. That's right, her due date was actually on Sunday!!!! Now that is something that would have made headlines.....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Get a Little Sexy For V- Day!

I am not a lingerie person. Yea, it is hot, it is sexy, but in the current state of the economy (not my love life, that seems to be alright these days!), I want to splurge on my outerwear. And by this, I mean clothing! But alas, it is Valentine's Day and we need to spice things up a bit for love. We must give in order to receive:)

Enter thy teddy. I am not into promoting all of that cheesy garbage that these lingerie companies promote. If I wanted to dress up like a hooker, I would charge like one. Mama needs to make some extra cash too! But seriously, a teddy is a sexy way to make a statement that leaves you still feeling comfortable and appropriately lady-like. It gets his heart racing and yet, you can actually wear it like a nightie to bed. How conveniently fabulous!

This particular style is realistic for real women, not just Victoria's Secret models who have been genetically altered before birth and then airbrushed to perfection. This is of course what I tell myself to lighten the blow every time I open up that damn catalog. Bitches.

So spice it up for your man ladies while still keeping your dignity. Ah, not only am I a fashion stylist, but I have now added sex therapist to my title. I am soooo multi-talented, mom would be proud.

Victoria's Secret Lace Trim Silk Teddy


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Wonderland: Dress HOT for the Colder Months!

I love my friends. This is clearly an umbrella statement, but let me explain..... They are not only smart, vivacious people, but they are hot and know how to dress. Yup, I said it.

Meet Courtney. She is a fashion designer with her cousin Kathlin Argiro in NYC and has been my friend since the day we fell in love (in a friendly way!) about three years ago during a blizzard. We were the only two asses who thought it was a good idea to go out for a hard core night of drinking in dresses. She got stuck at my apartment for over 24 hours and the rest is history.....

As you all know, I hit the milestone of 30 this past week. I invited 17 of my closest friends up to a snowy lodge in Vermont to celebrate my new found wrinkles for the weekend. Now although Vermont is not known for its fashion sense, somehow my friends seem to work in a little sass no matter where we are. Enter this AWESOME ensemble. Now granted Courtney is 5'9" and beautiful so she can pull off just about anything, but she really does rock this furry look. Everything about it is real and functional, yet stylish. Realistic fashion yo. Them is some kick-ass boots! She is just earthy and furry enough with a touch of femininity through her very pink pashmina. Everything about the look is loose, easy and fun, but it really does define Vermont snowy style without her looking like she is trying too hard. Remember folks, no matter where your travels take you, looking good is always a reality.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cuff Me

So yesterday I was pulling for a photo shoot and I luckily stumbled into the Kara Ross showroom where I about near lost my mind. I get this way when I am around beautifully awesome things. Her collection was quintessentially my taste and appeared to have been created in my honor (as I fantasize most things are:). Mostly everything was over-sized and had some sort of bling aspect going on. I think I was drooling, very uncool for a stylist.

One of the fabulous pieces that actually jumped onto my wrist (I swear), was this amazing gold python cuff. Divine. As ya'll know, I am all about statement jewels and this certainly lives underneath that umbrella. Talk about giving yourself a reason to roll up your sleeves!

The retail price-points are a little bit more than I usually discuss at $300 to $700 per item, but every lady deserves a few beautiful, well-made pieces of long lasting jewelry. Kara Ross should be that splurge. She combines materials that you wouldn't usually think of including lava rock and petrified wood! That is not to say that she doesn't love her pave diamonds too:) Do yourself a favor and check this jewelry out, you will most likely start drooling as well so make sure you are by yourself!

Large Shirt Cuff in Gold and Gold Brown Python

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Give LOVE with this Necklace on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day might be the most annoying creation that the card companies have ever come up with. I mean seriously, if you are single you want to use a butter knife (and not on butter) and if you are with someone the whole thing just seems contrived. With that said, I still want flowers, jewelry and the whole shabang of dinner. I am chick, what the hell?

I LOVE this necklace. With so many cheesy gifts out there to let your loved one know you love them, it is difficult for most men to find the right one. Of course, a beautiful, personalized gift of a fashion stylist to let your lover live like a celebrity is thoughtful and extremely creative.... Just a thought:)

Now if a more tangible (and less expensive, this is only $110!) item is more your style, jewelry is truly always a great way to go. This does not mean that creativity has to be thrown out the window! Search for something that no one else has that really shows off that you understand her personal style. Trust me guys, we REALLY appreciate you noticing how we put ourselves together.

This little bobble is a touch sentimental without being over the top ridiculous. It is a beautiful and dainty piece that clearly gets the message across. I like the combination of silver and gold together because it truly makes the necklace more wearable. Simple, singular charm necklaces are very big right now so it also hits the trendy mark.

Now folks, even if you don't have that special someone in your life right now that does not mean that you can't love yourself and purchase a little trinket to remember how freakin' awesome you are. I think I have acquired most of my jewelry that way:)

Gold Love Pendant at

Monday, February 2, 2009