Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Petite Problems

As per a special request, here is a post to help those petite curvaceous ladies finally find some pants that fit! I certainly understand that pant shopping for anyone is a difficult task, but throw in the fun variables of being over a size 12 and under 5'4" and life gets a bit more tricky. Stop fretting, I have worked with ladies (and men for that matter) of all sizes, ages and heights and all of them look HOT when I am done:)

Here are a few solutions to your daunting task as to not pull your hair out (Britney Spears proved that bald is not a good look). Start by making sure you search for a store that has a petite's department, otherwise tailoring will definitely solve any length issues so don't worry if you can't find one. Just to make life more simple, why don't I list a few off the top of my head? Here goes... Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Lord and Taylor and usually Loehman's. There's a good start for you!

Now, once you have made the wonderful trek to the store, it is time to search and conquer! You will kick those pants ass! First things first, make sure the waist is high enough. This is defined by whatever is comfortable for you. Preferably, try to not make the plumber jealous. Basically, keep your crack well-tucked away. Secondly, you need the pant to be well-fitted through the thigh and straighter to wide leg at the bottom. This means that the pants should fit comfortably through the thigh; think room to breath, but not to fit another leg. The bottom width should either match the width of your actual thigh of be slightly wider. Do not go with a full on wide leg style because this DOES NOT work for curvaceous petite ladies. In fact, it does the opposite!

The final step is quite simple. There will most likely be pockets in your new fabulous pants. Well that's nice, get rid of them. Upon purchasing your new awesome pants, you will take them to the tailor, have the pockets cut out and sew them shut. Bye, bye. Most pockets on curvier women tend to fold open adding width and drawing attention to your hips. Bad idea.

So, now that you have your new pants (that are tailored to the proper length, either with flats or heels, not both!), throw them on and do a little dance. You did it, you found pants that make you look HOT!

P.S. Walk away from the flat front styles. Your pants should always button and zip in the front. This ain't the 1980's and we certainly don't want to accentuate any lovely lower stomach, now do we?

Ann Taylor Loft: Petite Marisa A-Line Tweed Pants


gayatri said...

hi Amy
Thank you so much for the tip. i'm a petite n always had difficulty in finding a decent pair of pants. i love all your videos n tips. keep the coming.

Amy Salinger said...

Thanks soooo much! I really do work with ALL body types and I want people to know the you can look fabulous no matter what size, age or height you are!!!