Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Wonderland: Dress HOT for the Colder Months!

I love my friends. This is clearly an umbrella statement, but let me explain..... They are not only smart, vivacious people, but they are hot and know how to dress. Yup, I said it.

Meet Courtney. She is a fashion designer with her cousin Kathlin Argiro in NYC and has been my friend since the day we fell in love (in a friendly way!) about three years ago during a blizzard. We were the only two asses who thought it was a good idea to go out for a hard core night of drinking in dresses. She got stuck at my apartment for over 24 hours and the rest is history.....

As you all know, I hit the milestone of 30 this past week. I invited 17 of my closest friends up to a snowy lodge in Vermont to celebrate my new found wrinkles for the weekend. Now although Vermont is not known for its fashion sense, somehow my friends seem to work in a little sass no matter where we are. Enter this AWESOME ensemble. Now granted Courtney is 5'9" and beautiful so she can pull off just about anything, but she really does rock this furry look. Everything about it is real and functional, yet stylish. Realistic fashion yo. Them is some kick-ass boots! She is just earthy and furry enough with a touch of femininity through her very pink pashmina. Everything about the look is loose, easy and fun, but it really does define Vermont snowy style without her looking like she is trying too hard. Remember folks, no matter where your travels take you, looking good is always a reality.

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