Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Give LOVE with this Necklace on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day might be the most annoying creation that the card companies have ever come up with. I mean seriously, if you are single you want to use a butter knife (and not on butter) and if you are with someone the whole thing just seems contrived. With that said, I still want flowers, jewelry and the whole shabang of dinner. I am chick, what the hell?

I LOVE this necklace. With so many cheesy gifts out there to let your loved one know you love them, it is difficult for most men to find the right one. Of course, a beautiful, personalized gift of a fashion stylist to let your lover live like a celebrity is thoughtful and extremely creative.... Just a thought:)

Now if a more tangible (and less expensive, this is only $110!) item is more your style, jewelry is truly always a great way to go. This does not mean that creativity has to be thrown out the window! Search for something that no one else has that really shows off that you understand her personal style. Trust me guys, we REALLY appreciate you noticing how we put ourselves together.

This little bobble is a touch sentimental without being over the top ridiculous. It is a beautiful and dainty piece that clearly gets the message across. I like the combination of silver and gold together because it truly makes the necklace more wearable. Simple, singular charm necklaces are very big right now so it also hits the trendy mark.

Now folks, even if you don't have that special someone in your life right now that does not mean that you can't love yourself and purchase a little trinket to remember how freakin' awesome you are. I think I have acquired most of my jewelry that way:)

Gold Love Pendant at Shopintuition.com

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