Friday, February 6, 2009

Get a Little Sexy For V- Day!

I am not a lingerie person. Yea, it is hot, it is sexy, but in the current state of the economy (not my love life, that seems to be alright these days!), I want to splurge on my outerwear. And by this, I mean clothing! But alas, it is Valentine's Day and we need to spice things up a bit for love. We must give in order to receive:)

Enter thy teddy. I am not into promoting all of that cheesy garbage that these lingerie companies promote. If I wanted to dress up like a hooker, I would charge like one. Mama needs to make some extra cash too! But seriously, a teddy is a sexy way to make a statement that leaves you still feeling comfortable and appropriately lady-like. It gets his heart racing and yet, you can actually wear it like a nightie to bed. How conveniently fabulous!

This particular style is realistic for real women, not just Victoria's Secret models who have been genetically altered before birth and then airbrushed to perfection. This is of course what I tell myself to lighten the blow every time I open up that damn catalog. Bitches.

So spice it up for your man ladies while still keeping your dignity. Ah, not only am I a fashion stylist, but I have now added sex therapist to my title. I am soooo multi-talented, mom would be proud.

Victoria's Secret Lace Trim Silk Teddy


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