Monday, May 11, 2009

Ruffle Bottom Bikini

Continuing my series on finding the perfect bathing suit for your body type.... Up next, the ruffle bottom bikini. Cute, sassy and a little bit 5th grade, this style is usually a hit with the guys. Why is it that guys always like a throw back to our younger years?

Unfortunately for us grown up ladies, this style really only works on people that have the hips and flat stomach of a 5th grader. It seems appropriate enough that the little skirt would serve to hide some of our extra derriere, but it is quite the contrary. Such a small amount of ruffle is actually adding to that shelf we are so proud of (at least I am:). This model clearly has no hips or thighs and that is why she looks perfectly ready to go and play in the sandbox. There is nothing bad or womanly to accentuate.

The greatest part about this adorable suit is that not only do you have to have a smaller behind, but you also need a larger chest to pull of this top. What evil person created this? Unfortunately, it is completely cute! You need to have some sort of a shadow of a chest to wear this bandeau style bikini top. Busty with a flatter tush, fabulous. DON'T sign me up for this one. Alas, if you do fit these standards, congratulations. Not only because you have proportions that most women dream of, but because you can actually rock this bikini.

Betsey Johnson "Rockin' Robin" Two Piece Bandeau Swimsuit
Top: $82.00
Bottom: $98.00

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