Monday, May 11, 2009

Cake Not Coke: Another Blog to Love!

I always find fabulous new blogs about everything fabulous along my travels and I feel it is my civic duty to introduce you to them. So without further a due, my I introduce!

Cake Not Coke is the witty answer Hillary created to a question that she was consistently asked: “Hillary, you’re tall and beautiful, why don’t you model?”

Her Reply:

“Because I like cake not coke!”

We’re not saying that all models are on coke or anything narrow minded and ignorant like that. But it was simply a humorous explanation to why she never pursued modeling after high school.

During high school, Hillary was 5′11, 135lbs (and 36C cup!); tone long legs, flat tummy and large perky breasts. Yet agents and managers consistently told her to loose 15-20 lbs, which would have left her beyond rail thin. Life goes on, and she moved on.

Recently, after responding to the same modeling question with the same cute little answer she’s always used forever, Hillary decided to make good use of her slogan. With a bit of a tweak on the original meaning…

“I knew I couldn’t be the only one who doesn’t stress the little things and chooses to enjoy life. CakeNotCoke is about enjoying life and all of the delicious and chic things the world has to offer.

To be honest, I sometimes wonder, how my life would have been if, I had skipped dessert and possibly became a fierce model?

But then again…Why skip dessert or pass on the 2nd glass of wine, when you can be fierce in size six!” -Hill

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