Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2009 Gala: Best and Worst Dressed

I cannot believe it myself. Have I seriously chosen Katy Perry as my favorite dressed of the evening twice now! She rocked the Grammy's and has shown her fashion chops yet again at this year's Met Gala. As for worst dressed, I really don't think I had much choice. I truly stand by the idea that this is the event to make a statement, but what on earth does Madonna think is a statement? She looks like a hooker in the bird exhibit at Busch Gardens.

So let's begin with the good since the ugly is oh so ugly. It is too early to stomach it yet, I need at least five minutes to wake up first. Katy Perry is a futuristic goddess. As I noted, I LOVE the fact that stars have at least one event where they can truly go over the top and it is not only accepted, it is revered! This is the time to put those editorial fashion dreams into motion and show 'em what you got... Fashion wise that is! Katy Perry is doing just that. She has taken a themed idea and make it Vogue-fabulous! From head to toe, this look is killing the competition. Her sleek, modern take on the bob is a perfect finish to a perfectly robotic ensemble. I love her cuff which only promotes her fantasy futuristic princess outfit to a tee. Katy Perry you are my robot god.

Now Madonna..... Fire your stylist. I know you have worked with her for years and she has usually steered you in the right direction, but this is so horrific that it is worth severing ties. Either you have become so pushy that she didn't feel like fighting the good fight or she just flat out lied to you and told you that you look good. This look is so overdone (as if any part of it was even right) that I don't know where to begin. Why not start with the obvious, the hat. It appears that you have two robin birds that landed on your head and laid an egg in a nest... and that is just what I notice at first glance. Pan down.... Your dress is actually a very well-structured, beautiful creation.... If you were 20 years younger! Stop forgetting you are fifty and add some inches to your dress. And to top it all off, you borrowed Julia Robert's hooker boots from Pretty Woman. I guess you could call them vintage?

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