Friday, April 3, 2009

Straw Fedoras: Slick and Safe from the Sun

Now you can look P. I. M. P. without even a feather in your hat. This breathable material makes a great protector for your face from the sun AND adds that kick of Summer style you need. It is a realistic hat that you can feel good about wearing even outside of a city. Pull it out at a backyard barbecue, but keep the ensemble to a simple tank top and shorts. You don't want to scare the neighbors.

At only $50, this hat is a great accessory choice for the warmer months because you are certainly going to get your money's worth. Isn't that what it is all about? Cost per wear? You can wear this with most daytime and nighttime looks so purchasing one should not pinch too much.

For an extra sassy look, add big hoops and a delicate single charm necklace. The length of the chain is optional. A flowy floral top with make a great combination for the edgier look of your straw fedora. Roughed up jean short or straight white pants and you are sizzlin' for Summer.

Billy by Baily

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Brittany said...

This hat is great I never thought it would suit me but I went out and bought it then "wallah" I couldn't take it off the whole summer.
Thank you so much