Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ultimate Boyfriend Blazer

With every hot trend there are a million designers/labels that try and put their own fabulous version on the market. Yet again, because of my own personal shopping habit and lovely career, I have done the tough leg work for you and found the best version of the boyfriend blazer out there. For the cost, there is certainly no better fit. And, it definitely looks way more expensive than it is......

Boomingdales own brand, Aqua, has created a sleek and well-shaped boyfriend blazer that does not have you swimming in mounds of material. Remember, just because it is called the boyfriend blazer does not mean that your boyfriend should fit into it. The single button closure keeps it feminine while the length lends itself to conquering this very trendy trend. I love the purposely cuffed sleeves because it off-sets the length of the blazer. Having a shorter sleeve on an oversized or longer piece allows it to still seem like you have a body underneath. You are wearing it, it is not wearing you. Try rolling up your sleeves next time and see how this miracle happens.....

The only problem with this great blazer is that the rest of the world has already seemed to find it. I have been stalking it in this great blue color and I can't seem to get my hands on one!!! Try, try again.

Aqua Boyfriend Blazer

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