Friday, February 5, 2010

"Bonnie and Clyde" Photoshoot for

As you all may know by now, I have been styling photo shoots galore lately (hence why I have been MIA, sorry!). Last week I was working with doing a menswear inspired shoot. There is a section called, "The Look of Now" and as the stylist, I decide what that is! I decided it was menswear inspired women's clothing:)

I decided to do a "Bonnie and Clyde" look since I had 2 models to work with. For all of the shots, one model was "Bonnie" and the other was "Clyde". I got two thumbs up from the team about the concept, so I figured I might know what I am doing:)

I was lucky enough to have access to some amazing menswear inspired clothing. The designers behind the line Eva Khurshid have created a very sophisticated and classic collection. It was the perfect fit for my idea. Everything is conservative with a twist. Perfect for the stylish woman who wants to remain super classy!

The truly key part of this particular line is that they create foundation pieces for your wardrobe that will be the best investment items ever! It can be styled quite simply (like the top pictures), or funked out (like my photo shoot pictures). It really just depends on your mood and style. Either way, these are the basic foundation items that I constantly push with clients no matter what their age, job, personality or background may be. They really will stand the test of time!!

Of course what is a photo shoot without a little bit of crazy? I always bring the crazy:) Fun that is! While the models are hard at work, I am the one in the background trying to make everyone laugh. Photo shoots can be long and tiring (yes, this actually is work people), so you have to keep the energy up. I decided to take a picture with the lovely and VERY tall model Snow (6' baby!). A stool was necessary if I wanted to be seen in the shot!

This is the finale shot with the entire team. That lovely gentleman to my left is Keeniun, the founder and owner of the magazine. Shout out Keeniun. We are working together for the upcoming fashion week at Bryant Park, so be ready for lots of backstage access! I am going to be interviewing designers and checking out ALL of the shows. Oh yea, how cool am I? Very cool:)

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