Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Big Day at Bendels

I love fun and fabulous days! I had a meeting yesterday at Henri Bendel which was a great excuse to play in the store for an hour and a half. Yes, that is work to me! I was lucky enough to have a personal, guided tour from their very stylish marketing director. I was introduced to every designer, jewel, bag, scarf and anything else amazing that you can think of. A very good day if I might say so myself.

Just as Bendel's promotes, it is like a playground for the fashionable lady. So basically it is the very upgraded version of the feeling you used to get when you saw a McDonalds with a playground attached to it. Ooooh, I love that feeling! Everything is completely accessible so that you can try it on and see how much you really love it! I loved quite a bit yesterday.... The benefit and danger of their "only accessories" store, is that you really can afford most bobbles they are dangling in front of your face. It is truly the perfect "emergency shop" store. Quite simply, if you are having one of those days where you must buy something or you will die, this is the place to do it. No guilt attached because you did not break the bank!

My newest fun, favorite item is headbands. Love them. How stinkin' cute are they if you can really pull them off? I know I am 30, but I am a stylist and I look young so damn it, I am gonna do it! Don't I look so completely Blair Waldorf in this picture? Obviously I came in with the necklace, because these two crazy and fabulous pieces DO NOT belong together! I am on the search for the perfect headband right now... With all of the choices, I have to be meticulous about finding the exact right one. The benefit of my job (besides the fact that it is awesome), is that I can really search for what I want because I am always out looking at beautiful things. I do not have a time crunch to find things for myself. Lucky me:)

And don't forget about bags! They are one of the most important accessories you can own, if not THE most important. I ran into (literally) these amazing Rebecca Minkoff bags and immediately fell in love. It was actually at first sight, I saw them from accross the room and that was it, it was over. They are edgy and interesting, yet they would easily compliment any outfit without competing with it. This is the sign of a really great bag that will be worth the investment. Can it stand alone as a fantastic piece and mesh with everything you own? If the answer is yes, swipe the credit card, you need to own it.

I love accessories, I am now totally obsessed with Henri Bendel and you should be too. Fun, fabulous pick-me-up pieces mixed with higher end goodies make this a one-stop-shop for everything trendy, glamorous and chic.

Visit the Henri Bendel's site to learn about everything fabulous!

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