Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Calves? Small Calves? You CAN Own Tall Boots

Having worked with every size person on this planet (or pretty close to it), I can tell you that feet are always the biggest issue. "I can't wear heels. I will only wear heels. My feet are too wide. My feet are too narrow. My feet are too ugly, cover them up." The most common problem I have come across though is that people have the most trouble finding boots that fit their calves! It really is a wonder that more shoe designers have not taken this into account when creating their lovely lines for women of all shapes and sizes. That is until Michael Kors got smart.....

Let me begin this mission to find the perfect boots for your possibly not so perfect calves with a basic statement, I HATE STRETCH BOOTS. I have made this feeling pretty clear to anyone that will listen. They are tacky and cheap looking no matter how much you pay for them. For those of you that have followed my blog for a while, you might remember the new one that I tore Jill Biden the day of the inauguration. What on earth did this sophisticated, mature woman think she was doing in this ensemble? Pretty from the knees up, but everything on the bottom was a big ol' mess. She has the opposite problem from most women, her calves are too skinny. That is still no excuse to pull these Payless style shoes out for the biggest day in this countries history. Ug, oy, gross, yuck. No offense Payless:)

So now that I am done complaining, let me give you the solution: This year's line of Michael Kors boots. For curvy calves, for skinny calves, by gone it, he has done it. Or at least his team of designers has done it. He combined stretch material and leather to create a wearable boot for most any size calf. This combination allows the boots to remain stylish and sophisticated while still being realistic for ALL calves. Thank you Michael.

From the dressy version above to these more casual versions, he really hit the nail on the head. I am obsessed with riding boots and motorcycle boots because they add a bit of fun and theme to your look without overpowering it. You should have a good time with your footwear! Black boots do not equal boring. Don't ever give up on finding the perfect basic that will stand on it's own and be noticed by all of those around you. Not only are these boots stylish, but they really will be the answer to all of your calf problems. I accept all thank you's very graciously, I have saved many before and now I have done it again....:) Your welcome.

Kinkade Small Heel Tall Leather Boots: $199.99 SALE
Bromley OTK Flat Boots: $250
Audrina Strech Boots: $84.95


Wahkonamama said...

Britain's Duo Boots has been catering to narrow and wide calves for a few years - they're right around the same price point as the Michael Kors styles. But I'm glad there is another option in the US besides J.Crew (whose wide calf boots have gotten narrower since originally introduced).

gayatri said...

This is such a great post. i always had trouble finding nice fitting boots, now you solved that issue(as usual!!!)

Btw i have a query on skinny jeans. i already have black, which goes with almost everything in my closet!!now thinking of other shades, like dark blue, white, grey and light(faded) blue.
i would love to have your suggestion on which color to choose.

Amy Salinger said...

I am glad you ladies enjoyed the post! As for the color of jeans, I would suggest dark blue. It is a neutral color that you can wear during the day or at night. You already definitely have night covered with your black jeans. I think this is a great post idea (explaining what colors should go where) so there will be more to come on this topic!

gayatri said...

Thanks a lot Amy! by the way i would like to make a suggestion. (dont know if its possible)
The plaid prints are so in now, but its also kind of tricky to style them up. so i was wondering if you could do a video or a post on how to style a plaid shirt, skirt or scarf? kind of mix and match with what we already have?

Amy Salinger said...

I will do a fall post on plaid, but I already did one for summer... Check it out at Enjoy!

And I love requests....:)

Carole said...

I just bought the Bromley OTK boots, and they fit great (as I have narrow calves).

I was online searching for ideas on what to wear with these boots. Do you have any suggestions with what kind of outfits would work with these boots?


Anonymous said...

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