Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Infinity Scarf: It just keeps going and going and going....

There is always a new fashion craze and this time, the infinity scarf is it. I love when the wheel is re-invented. Just when you thought a scarf is a scarf is a scarf, they think of something brand new! Fun for me and fun for you.

I got one of these little goodies and began my afternoon of seeing what magical things I could do with it. How many ways can you wear the infinity scarf? I managed to create quite a few wearable options. I love the idea that something is not only comfy and cozy, but completely versatile and functional.

So here goes for the fashion show of me and my infinity scarf!

Basic, basic, basic. It ain't interesting, but it works. Don't I look like the model?:) You really need to feel this yummy piece in person, so delicious.

A great way to wear it if you are chilly once you wonder inside. Pull your infinity scarf down around your shoulders and look stylishly warm. I hate when it is too cold inside! This way you don't have to completely cover up your fabulous outfit by keeping on your coat, your scarf becomes part of your look!

This version reminds me of my former days as a competitive ice skater. Even if I had on a little ice skating dress, my neck always seemed to be cold! Wrap this little piece around your neck twice and you have an insta-neck warmer!

I feel like a winter princess wearing the scarf this way. I usually feel like a princess in my own mind, so this way everyone else is in on my reality! I just placed it over my head and allowed it to drape down. Nothing to fancy or tricky, but it definitely warms up my noggin and ears. Sometimes you just don't want a hat and a scarf! This is a classic and sophisticated way to wear the infinity scarf.

And for my scarf tying finale! Jackie O, here I come. I should probably get into a convertible immediately and drive through the Alps. I guess I need to take the alternate option and walk down the streets of New York City looking just as fabulous. I just wrapped it around my neck and looped it over my head. Again, nothing to complicated, just chic and fabulous!

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khmari123 said...

love that color!

Jennifer said...

I have a few of these...loving them lately. love your episodes as well. very informative.

Amy Salinger said...

I am glad you like my scarf and my episodes! Be sure to check them all out at Spread the Sass N Style word! Thanks:)