Monday, October 5, 2009

Condom Couture: A Fashion Show with a "SEX"y Edge

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked to judge a charity event fashion show that featured some very talented, young designers. There was only one small catch.... Each Columbus College of Art and Design student was asked to create a couture ensemble using 800 condoms. Think Project Runway meets, well, lots and lots of condoms! This idea could only come out of the creative minds of Planned Parenthood.

Needless to say, I stepped up to the plate and took on this very interesting task. As you all know I love fashion, but the chance to see it combined with sex was almost too much for me! I had a stage, a microphone and the opportunity to say whatever I wanted! This was not the type of thing a gal like me passes up. I got to use my fashion knowledge for good and combine it with my undying need to be a stand-up comedian. It is hard not to be at least a little bit funny when you look at the world through "dirty" eyes and are offered an opportunity like this.

Rachel Kaplan was the night's big winner, thanks to me and my two fellow judges. She was awarded a grand prize of $1000 big ones. I just fell in love immediately with her completely wearable creation. The fit was perfection, each separate piece could easily be sold in any department store and the overall styling was fantastic. All three judges agreed overwhelmingly that this truly was a great ensemble from all frontiers. Not to mention that her model Ashley Curl look totally fierce in it. It always helps when your model works out:)

The leggings were the most inventive and creative part of the look. Rachel sewed together material to create a basic legging and then started adding condoms. She cut off the tip of each condom so it looked like a square and then the rubber glue came out. This all sounds very sexual, but I swear we are talking about making leggings right now. She individually rubber glued the sqaure condoms to the leggings to give it an almost deconstructed look. Genius.

The top was also completely fabulous. You must click on the image to see all of the fantasticness (new word) up close. The A-symmetric line was super trendy and at the same time, high fashion. As Rachel let the audience know, she examined Jill Stuart's line to find inspiration. Somehow she managed to make a condom shirt not tacky. Move over Jill Stuart, Rachel has a line of condom couture pieces that are going to knock your line out of the park....

The second place winner was created by Michele Watson. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. It was not over the top, it was not crazy, it was just great. The intricate details that went into this simple and sexy black cocktail dress were amazing. I don't think my brain has ever contemplated using condoms in the many different ways that Michele used them. The front of the dress alone had condoms rolled, twisted and turned, all creating a completely different texture. A surprise that only made me love this LBD even more, was that the back was made of yellow condoms. Good coming in and even better going out. Love it.

Third place went to Shirley Weng. I fell in love with the inspiration of her dress, 80's prom night. Talk about a dress that not only looks good, but your friends will thank you for wearing it as well. Safe sex and style apparantly do go hand in hand. Shirley was the only participant to use the condoms as rosettes on the dress. It was like a condom flower, she was in full bloom:) The combination of tough sex appeal through the strectched black condoms, mixed with the pretty pink flowers is almost like egging on your parents. "Hey Mom. I am a budding young female who is like an innocent flower, but you better watch out because come prom night my flowers are going to begin to wilt...." Ok, maybe I am looking into it a bit too much, but I like my storyline for this dress....

Overall the designs were pretty incredible and definitely put a smile on my face. Any evening that can combine an open bar with fashion and condoms is bound to be a good night. Thanks so much Planned Parenthood for letting me be a part of it!


rachellynnkaplan said...

I loved all your comments about the night and the outfits. The night was amazing, my fellow designers were wonderful, and had spectacular designs. All in all it was a great evening for fashion.

-Rachel Kaplan

Amy Salinger said...

Love that you love it! The evening was great and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Congrats!