Thursday, October 1, 2009

Waiting for Fame....Filming "One Hour Photo"

I have never tried to hide the fact that my true goal in life is to spread fashion goodness across this great and vast universe. My Sass N Style episodes are certainly a good start, but I am looking for the grand television vehicle to bring me to the masses. Doesn't everyone deserve a little Amy Salinger in their lives? A little funny fashion knowledge to get them through their otherwise monochromatic day? Not that there is anything wrong with monochromatic, but we all need a little flashy every now and then!

People have joked with me my whole life that I was born with a spotlight on me.... Unfortunately, sometimes I am the only one who sees it:) Well fashionably challenged people of the world, I invite you to watch my one woman show!

Last Friday I spent the entire day filming a teaser for a new show called, "One Hour Photo". Pretty much it is a makeover on crack. Here is the concept: 2 stylists are pitted against each other in a "mall makeover" that must get done in only one hour. Are they serious? Apparently so:) Each of us ambush an unlikely candidate for a quickie pick-me-up look that will have them looking and feeling fabulous. We have one hour to pick out an amazing ensemble, get them into hair and make-up and take a few snappy and sassy photos of their new looks. It is then up to the mall audience to decide, after looking at the before and after photos of each participant, who has the better transformation. And voila, one of the people is crowned with a prize and I or my fellow stylist receive bragging rights for our "quickie" talents.

So what do you think of my participants makeover? It is obviously hard to make this lovely lady look bad, since she is hot, but I still think I did a good job getting her "date ready". Alright, truthfully because this is a teaser and we are pitching the show, not actually ambushing anyone, this is an actress. Her name is Kiki and she was a great sport. We made her up to be a mother of 3 who has no time for herself and doesn't feel comfortable with her post-mother body. She hides behind her clothing and never takes any time for herself.

Post Amy, Kiki was ready for a night on the town with her hubby to show the world that she still has a sexy, curvy and womanly body! I even made sure to bring out her "cougar side" with the animal print pencil skirt. She is classy and still says Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! The oversized necklace was a great statement piece that made her look trendy and still age appropriate. I had the hairdresser sweep her hair back to show off her fab cheek bones and keep the look extremely sophisticated. Too bad we forgot to take her before picture so she had to take it all off and go back to doubty mom for the shot on the left! Oops.

My stylist counterpart, Kathy, had the lovely job of making over a model. I always love people who look good no matter how much you try to make them look bad! Unfortunately I don't have a before shot of the "college student who doesn't care" look, but I do have this fabulous "night on the town" ensemble created by Kathy. Fun, funky and completely age appropriate. I really wish I had a full body shot because the shoes were to die for. Guess you will just have to imagine her silver booty black lace tie up's by Moschino. So pretty!

So that was my big day of filming! I do enjoy those days where other people can see the spotlight.... I will let you know how it goes and if networks are fighting over the show! Keep the Sass N Style word out there and be a part of speading Amy Salinger's funny fashion knowledge to the universe!!!!!!!

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