Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MOD-tastic! My Throw Back to the 60's

You should know by now (if you are an avid reader), that most things I buy have a story behind them. Why should this dress be any different? Almost 5 years ago, while living in Chicago, I wandered into my favorite second hand store (think Goodwill here), and found this fabulous creation. It was old, it was wrinkled, it was amazing. My eye was instantly drawn too it's Missoni-esque style. The fit was slightly off and it was a floor length gown, hardly wearable, but for 5 bucks it was mine. I seriously only paid $5. The truth is that other people would have seen grandma's old, beat up dress where as I saw lots and lots of MOD possibility.

After purchasing my new, amazing dress, I (almost) immediately went to the cleaners. After hosing down my frock, I took it to the best tailor in town. An awesome $5 purchase deserves all of the tailoring it needs. It STILL would not, could not, ever be as much as a brand new shiny cocktail dress. Plus, no one will have a copy of it and you have a fab story to tell when you wear it.

So, after cleaning it, taking it in, chopping off the bottom to a proper cocktail length, it sat in my closet for over 4 years. This is truly not my style, but I just could not find a place to wear this amazing party dress. I am usually only this dressed up for weddings and most of those take place in the warmer months. This dress was clearly made for "getting down" when there was a chill in the air. The material is thick and the silver screams for snow flakes. So it took me getting invited to judge a "Condom Couture" fashion show in October to bring this baby out! She was so happy for the world to see her.

You know that if I was going to show off my $5 "Missoni" dress from a Goodwill style store, I was going to go all the way. Why style things boring when you can style things fabulous?!? I really went with the mod feeling of the dress and pulled out all of the 60's stops. You never want to feel like you are wearing a costume, but why not use what the dress is giving you? This dress was giving me retro fabulous. I went completely vintage and pulled out my silver clutch that also cost me no more than $10. Ladies and gentleman, here we have a $15 look prior to shoes and jewelry. Who is a recession proof fashionista now? I slathered on dark sparlky silver nail polish, the color of the moment, and 2 of my favorite vintage-esque rings. All in all, I was a sparkly silver masterpiece!

My black patent leather round toe wedges completed the look. They were feminine with a bit of sex appeal. They sealed the deal on the cute, sassy 60's feel I was going for. Of course styling does not end with the ensemble, so my make-up and hair had to be done up right! Complete with a cat-eye and a teased out pony tail with side-swept bangs, I had achieved my MOD goal.

Next time you are going to a special gala, don't be afraid of going the distance. A look is about the whole package, not just the dress. Put the effort into creating a head to toe style and you will certainly have a memorable (if not stylish) evening!

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