Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Success! Fashion's Night Out at Rebecca and Drew

If any of you had the pleasure of being in NYC last evening, you certainly know why it is clearly one of the greatest cities in the world! Where else does a city band together and throw the biggest party around? EVERYBODY was out in full-force and ready to go. I took the train home at 12am and it was packed! No wonder, every store in town was open until 11pm and serving FREE alcohol. I was in the meatpacking district, which is known for being the super trendy part of town. Catherine Malandrino was next door and they set up an in-door stage and had a French rock band playing. Stella McCartney was down the street and she had a truck that was making pizza pies on the street! That is just the tip of the iceberg....

Although it was a bit quieter at Rebecca and Drew, our 80's mix was killing it. We definitely had liquor flowing and as a perk for this gig, I was drinking it:) Of course I was chatting up the clothing all night telling anyone who would listen how fabulous it is! Look at my fab purple button-down dress. The color is outrageous and the fit is perfect... Which is the point of this tailored company! That great wall behind me is full of different options for your collar, sleeves, buttons, gussets, and embroidered details. I had a shirt designed for me that is a black collared button down with cuffs and a gray owl embroidered on the sleeve. I am totally sleek and stylish.

This rack 'O shirts are actually all of the samples for you to try so you get your size exactly right. That is a whole lotta sizes because women come in a whole lotta shapes. First you decide if you are a curvy or straight gal. Then you start grabbing for your bra size and your height, long or short length. And with the help of their experts (I wasn't very good at eying people up since I was knew to this scenario), you end up with the perfect fit.

Overall NYC is the bomb and Fashion's Night Out only proves it. There is no option for you to ever be bored because they bring the party to you. All you need to do is walk out your door to be a part of everything fabulous!


Christine O'Malley said...

So glad the night was a success, and I loved your dress in the wedding post.
I'm wondering if you could do a blog or a video on how to wear the drapy style of shirt, the kind that the neckline has loose folds? Can you wear a jacket with it? Is it appropriate for work? How about jewelry? They usually don't have a defined waist. Is that bad?

Avid Reader Christine

Shana said...


Love that purple dress. I would love to visit their store sometime.

A little off topic...I just watched your splurge v. save episode. Where did you have that coat made? It's great! I have been wanting to really splurge on a coat this year. And I love the idea of designing it with the designer!

Amy Salinger said...

Hey Christine! I will do a post on my blog about "drapy" shirts. Just for you:)

And Shana, you can buy the shirts on my blog, just check the right side of the screen to go to their site! And about the coat... Unfortunately, I don't think it is in business anymore!!! I tried to have a coat made for a client and it looked like it was turned into a sample store:( Boo! It was called Omash and it was on St. Marks between 1st and A... just in case:)

Shana said...

Too bad! I googled it and found an address and phone number but the number wasn't in service. Maybe you could do a post/episode on coats. I thought that yours was so beautifully designed. You looked absolutely CHIC in it! I loved the collar and would love to find something similar. My problem is that I am relatively small everywhere but have a large chest. So in order to make a winter coat button I often have to size up and then it's enormous everywhere else. FRUSTRATING! I thought having one designed would be the answer. I would still love to shop with you sometime...after I graduate from my masters program and have a real job again!