Monday, September 14, 2009

Rachel Roy Takes Over Macy's

Who knew that a Sunday of nothing could turn into a full blown fashion show of the Rachel Roy line at Macy's? I am quite sure that my friend Erin and I did not go up to Herald Square anticipating such a fabulously fashionable adventure. Just down the street are the tents for fashion week in Bryant Park, but right there in that small dressing room was the real drama and style....

It is always good to have girlfriends who love clothing as much as you do and have a slight addiction to buying it. Oh, and it doesn't hurt when they look good in it and are willing to play the "fashion show" game for your blog. Thank you Erin.

This little montage of photos was quite literally an accident. I agreed to make the trip (yes folks, it is a trip when you have to go to Macy's on a Sunday) as a good friend must agree to do. We were seriously only going up there to return something Erin had bought earlier and then run right back downtown where the shopping is smaller, boutique(ier) and much more consignment/vintage style.... But alas, Rachel Roy's line attacked us from across the store and there was no stopping us.

Holy crap, I am obsessed. I should re-state that, WE are obsessed. Erin and I dove in like two crazy women looking for the holy grail... Only we had already found it! I knew that Rachel Roy was doing a line for Macy's, but I had no idea that it would be so fabulously fantastic. The silhouettes were interesting, the line was vast and the price points were not necessarily going to kill me. Things ranged anywhere from $60 for a sweater to $130 for a nice dress. Think BCBG prices.

I need, actually I implore you to take a gander at this "oh so fun!" line. It is sassy, it is sleek, it is fun, it is full of fashionable energy that screams for you to try it all on.... Or at least that is what it said to Erin and I. I do enjoy when designers go "low-end" to try and sell to the masses, but sometimes something is lost in the translation... NOTHING was lost here. All hail Rachel Roy.

Macy's Rachel Roy Line


Erin said...

I'm in love with my new black dress! Thank you Rachel Roy!

Amy Salinger said...

Do you like your fashion show??????? You are the sexiest, hottest, most amazing model ever:)

Jennifer said...

I was sad to learn that very few Macy's are carrying Rachel Roy right now. After reading your rave review, I rushed right out to the Easton (Columbus) store only to be disappointed. I will check it out when I am in NYC later in the fall.