Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Wedding Fabulous: Old Hollywood Style

I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my best friend since I was 14 years old. If we are counting folks, that means we have known each other for 16 years, oy. He and I went to our first dance in high school together and, based on a contract I made him sign early on, our prom as well. He is my brother from another mother.

This past Labor Day weekend, he and his beautiful bride were married in Lake George at the famous Sagamore hotel. The place was absolutely to die for. It sits on a cliff side overlooking Lake George and had "old Hollywood" written all over it. At least in my mind.... It also was reminiscent of Dirty Dancing and this was only promoted by the fact that they had the soundtrack playing there. I swear, could I make that up?

I decided to go with the throwback theme and pull out a vintage light grey silk gown that I have owned for a year. This was a bit of a tricky piece as I bought it when I was a size bigger and it was see-through. Oh yea, see-through. What I had going on underneath that dress was short of a miracle that I devised. Thank God I am a stylist or this never would have been pulled off. Here is the list of goodies it took to make this fabulous look happen: Double stick tape, check. Clear stick on boobs that appeared to be actual fake breasts stuck to mine, check. Nude, barely there at all thong, check. I really wish my boyfriend had been able to make the wedding becauses I had no one to show this monstrocity to. I had to laugh at it myself:) I should also mention that I got back from Columbus on Thursday and had to leave on Friday leaving a small hour and a half window to find all of these lovely items. Sales people looked at me like I was nuts when I explained the dilema, it was then that I realized I was completely on my own.

Once the ridiculous adventure of finding all of these undergarments was threw, I rolled up the dress and stuck it in a bag for the Greyhound bus ride I had to take up there. I am so damn glamorous. But alas, it really did turn out all right. I was obsessed with how the look turned out. It was themed, but not over the top. My boobs managed to stay on all night so that was a plus. My friends joked that they were going to make shirts that read, "I danced my tits off at Eric's wedding". Thankfully, this was not true in my case!

So paired with my sassy silver shoes and vintage clutch (oh yea, I went all the way with the vintage thing), I would say I looked pretty fab. You always know you did a good job when other guests at the wedding are stopping you to tell you how amazing your dress is and how they like your throw-back to another era look. Remember, no matter where you are going it is not just about one piece, it is about the WHOLE ensemble. That is truly what styling is, making the entire outfit completely fabulous!!!


Li Hong said...

Hi Amy, I've started reading your blog and watching your videos a few weeks ago. I love your tips.

I can't tell the dress is see-thru from the picture. Though if it had rained that day, what would u do? =p

By the way, as the picture looks a bit too blue. I attempted to remove the blue tint using photoshop just for fun. You can view it at


Hope you don't mind me doing that. If you want me to remove the picture, let me know, I'll do it right away.

Thanks for sharing your fashion and style knowledge.

Li Hong said...

Hi again. I noticed blogger chopped off the URL. It's actually


Amy Salinger said...

Thanks so much! You are a photoshop genius!