Friday, July 10, 2009

Giddy Up! Cowgirl Style is In

I know this makes three days in a row that I have talked about me, but I have really liked my outfits lately and I want to share them with my fashion world! I have also been changing at least once a day so with two outfits per day and not enough people seeing them, I figured it was time to broadcast them. Hell, I figure you guys actually care what I have on:)

I am completely in love with my new cowgirl shirt and I want to wear it a million different ways, this look is just the beginning! I went crazy over the weekend at Off 5th, the Saks discount store, and not just because I bought three new things. I actually went a little mad because everything was between 20% and 50% off. My boyfriend had to back away from me because he was scared. I walked in the store and declared that "It was so done" and he should go entertain himself in the men's department.

As yesterday was my new cowgirl shirt's maiden voyage, I wanted to be simple yet funky. I am in Ohio this summer so I don't want to go crazy, yet I really do think these mid-west fashionistas can completely handle it. I wear whatever I want and still fit in. My style is not too NYC over the top. It is more realistic with an edgy yet classic side. At least that is how I envision it.

Shorts chic was the avenue I took for the first of many cowgirl looks. First things first, it was hot and since I was covered on top, I had to let my bottom half breath. That and I felt sexier showing some skin. I get one season a year to show off my legs and damn it, I am going to do it until I can't do it anymore. I went with a nude wedge to elongate my legs because every girl needs all the help she can get! I went with a wedge because they are more comfortable and realistic for a Thursday night. I went with nude because every girl needs a shoe the color of her legs for lots 'O length. As you pan up you will find a gray tank layered underneath. It really just adds to the comfortable chic feeling I was going for. I only buttoned two buttons in the middle to keep it feeling a bit messy and thrown together. Although I may not have been carrying the world with me, I chose my biggest bag to keep it feeling funky and casual. Topping it off with my new vintage coin necklace was a way to throw the entire look off by choosing an accessory that didn't necessarily fit. Cowgirl chic and grecian fabulous are not exactly under the same umbrella, but my choice only solidified the alternative, eclectic feel I was going for. Can I find a few more adjectives to describe this ensemble???:)

Hope you enjoyed my fashion show!


Hum said...

While I love you posting fashion trends, its much more helpful to see how you're wearing the trends so this is fantastic!

Great outfit and great tips!

Amy Salinger said...

I am glad you like them! I will definitely post more of my own style moving forward. I do try and explain exactly how to wear each trend when I show them. I try to focus on the styling aspect of anything I post. Hopefully I explain it well, but I will definitely do more looks!!!! Thanks for the comment:)

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree, posting your own styles is very helpful. And I do loveeeeeeeeeeeee your style.