Monday, July 13, 2009

Toyko Joe: Awesome NYC Consignment Store

So with the special requests to see more of my own personal style, I thought it was time to invite you in to one of my favorite stores. This is not one of those places that you go to with a plan, oh no. Your sole purpose for going to Tokyo Joe's is to to find that one amazing "diamond in the ruff" type of piece. Some of my greatest purchases have been from this small 11th street consignment store and none of them have been sought after or planned.

The preparation to shop at Tokyo Joe's is simple: Just go. It is full of fabulous consignment pieces that range from Manolo's to Jimmy Choo's with a bit of Banana Republic and Theory thrown in for good measure. Basically, you can seriously get a range of items that can instantly spice up your look. The greatest part is that the buyers for the store really do sift through all of the incoming possible items to make sure they are current and fashionable. They may only take one or two items from an entire bag full of clothes which ensures that your intimate shopping experience will be that much more worth while.

The space is not that for the "merchandised" shopper, so be prepared. You are there to search in what appears to be a studio sized apartment. You must be easy going about your shopping experience and only bring those along that are also ready for the hunt. Since all of the items are one of a kind it is best to bring a friend that is not your size and super stylish. This way they will not only NOT be your size, but they will be of great assistance in finding items for YOU! Of course this theory works both ways so one must not be greedy!

Just a quick list of unbelievable things I have gotten here: A massive brown suede and pattened leather Kate Spade tote, a brand new Franco Sarto bag for half price, a white watch similar to Channels, a wrap shirt by Anne Fontaine, a large black leather clutch... I could go on and on and on..... The basic point you should take away is that even if you can't make it to NYC's east village, find your own favorite "hole in the wall" consignment or sample store. Stop in from to time and your favorite pieces collection will slowly grow and grow and grow.....

Toyko Joes: 11th street between 1st and 2nd avenues

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