Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 4th Lake Fabulous!

July 4th is truly my favorite holiday. The only real purpose of it is to gather with friends and family, drink (a lot), eat (a lot) and watch fireworks. Seriously, does it get better than that? To add even more fun, it is my best friend Tina's birthday.... And this year, it was her 30th. Good times. I am lucky enough to be invited (or just show up) every year to her family's lake house on the finger lakes. It is not only beautiful, but her family is like mine so I can be as ridiculous as I want to be. They love me:)

For some reason, mother nature did not want to cooperate this year and it was a low of 55 damn degrees at night. Probably even colder because we were on the lake. When has it ever been this cold on July 4th I ask you???? I am a fabulous packer and am obsessed with, but I was traveling from working in Chicago prior to this and could not expect such insane coldness! I was packing ten days in advance of this lake trip and was WAY off with my chosen summer items. Why would I think to pack a parka? I had to think quickly, and this is how it turned out.

The story of this outfit goes: My boyfriend was driving from Ohio so I requested he bring me my dark, straight leg jeans. The shoes were already with me and complimented the jeans nicely and didn't compete with the rest of the ensemble. The striped button down is from Tina's mothers closet with a birth date of 1975. Yes I said 1975, I do love vintage:) Shockingly, it did not button all the way up (I have a small bust) so I utilized by nude tank bra as a layering piece. The safari inspired blazer was a lucky pick-up. My last client in Chicago had decided she was not in love with this earlier purchase I had picked up for her and that I could have it. Really! So I should just buy you things that I love, convince you to keep them and then you will give them to me next time I see you? The gig is up! Just kidding, I felt badly but took it anyway... It was cold! I layered on a vintage coin necklace that I picked up in another finger lake town for $25 and my longer multi-charm necklace I had brought with me. Add aviator shades and I was lake chic! Happy fashionable July 4th!

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