Monday, June 8, 2009

Trendy Fun: Top Shop hits the Mark

Top Shop is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I just went there last week (I wanted to avoid the craziness when it first opened) and it was definitely a fun experience. Positives: Fun and trendy items that were not TOO expensive. The quality is better than H & M. Negatives: Slightly TOO expensive for what you actually expected. The overly trendy pieces scarred me and are apparently their best sellers! Oy.

What I did find though are some cute and sassy pieces to brighten up your wardrobe immediately. This isn't exactly the place you go for foundation pieces, but if you are looking a pick-me-up piece, this is your spot. It really was a pretty good experience even if I did get yelled at for being a stylist. Apparently this very fancy store has their own in-house "style advisers" who don't want you stepping on their toes. Truth be told, sales people always welcome my presence because I bring them lots and lots of money. Hello 20 year old salesgirl, I am here to make you money so stop your whining. Alright, I feel better.

This cute sailor dress is just an example of the fun and cheeky garments Top Shop is now offering NYC. A one piece skirt and top combo, it is a mindless pick for those days that getting dressed seems overly daunting. The fit was actually fantastic and the material was quite comfortable. It is a complete knock-off of a Theory dress, but isn't that why you are shopping at Top Shop anyway? If short skirts aren't your thing then this store is not for you. I could not find a skirt past my client's lower thigh in the entire store. Seriously.

So, if you want trendy and cute clothing that is mid-range quality with mid-range prices, this is your store. Have fun dressing like Kate Moss.

Stripe Block Poplin Dress


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