Friday, June 5, 2009

Personal Styling at it's Best! Shopping with Someone Else's $

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Everybody has their good days and their bad days, but overall, my life is pretty ridiculous. Let's be honest, I designed it that way. Here is a basic fact: I get paid to shop with other people's money. Now here is the way I read that: I get paid to shop until my heart is content feeding off the thrill of the hunt and loving beautiful clothing, enjoying the rush AND actually making money to do it. Isn't buying it more than half the fun anyways?

When you love all things fashion related, shopping on someone else's dime really does help feed your addiction. Example number one: Do you see the ten pairs of shoes pictured that I bought, but didn't personally pay for? From Louboutin to Prada, they make me salivate just looking at them. I often joke that I have not made it until I am actually able to shop like one of my clients. No, my closet is not full of Louboutin's:(yet).

Now although shopping at Barney's is always a treat, I do shop mostly at the more realistic stores on a more realistic budget. My speech goes something like this, "I shop anywhere from Loehmann's to Neiman's, it just depends on the client's budget". Truthfully, the best shopping is done when you mix it up. Why do you think high powered celebrities love to hit the flea markets? They have all the money in the world and even they love to get a good deal.

So, if ever you are shopping in NYC or Chicago and coming soon, Columbus, OH, I am there to guide you:) Hell, I also travel to your great parts of the universe. As one of my fabulous clients told me yesterday while shopping at Top Shop, "I don't shop without you, why would I when you buy all of the "right" things and I actually wear it all?" A good ego booster never hurt, but I really do hear that all of the time.

Truthfully, the best part about it all (aside from playing with pretty clothes) is that people leave feeling differently about themselves. I actually feel like I have done some good in this world by slowly boosting people's self-esteem and letting them see how fabulously beautiful they really can look!!!!

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Yumi and Yohann said...

Paid to shop your addiction? How I envy you...