Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brunch Fabulous: A Stylish Morning Tradition

Ah, the morning after. It is often daunting to try and be stylish after a long night of fun. It is the time when people feel it is alright to put fashion aside and just pull out what is closest and easiest to get to. Stop! Just stop right there! Simple fashion is just that, simple. So I just don't want to hear anymore excuses about how it was too difficult to find something cute. Summer is quite possibly the easiest and most convenient stylish season of all and brunch is the perfect time to show it off!

The sundress will forever be the one piece wonder that exemplifies class, elegance, trend and style. It is the brainless wonder child of designers all over this great earth. For as much as women love to fuss over their outfit, there are some days that we just don't. Love thy sundress. It is the answer to all of your, "I don't feel like getting dressed today" prayers.

There is no layering, no blousing, no tucking, no anything to make this fantastic garment just that, fantastic. It is simple elegance at its best and requires nothing more than a cute pair of shoes, maybe a bobble or two and a bag. Pulling together these pieces should not hurt too much.

So don't fret about your fabulous brunch ensemble, dress to impress in the most simple way possible, a sundress. Your friends will quickly compliment you on how fabulous you look even though your prep time was most likely less than 20 minutes. Everyday does not have to be a fashion show even though you can always look like it!!!

Banana Republic Cotton Embroidered Shift Dress


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your videos on youtube, and now I'm glad I found this blog!.. gonna read it everytime ;) ...
I dream about becoming a fashion stylist here in my country, where this job is so unusual...

Thao said...

Totally agree! I've been lounging around in my sundress all day long. That BR dress is gorg'.