Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bikini for DDD! That's right, I found it.

I love to help a friend out and this was my most recent query, "Where the hell do I find a bikini that will fit my medium sized body and size DDD chest???". Well, I found it. And why not share it with the world since I am sure there are many other busty women who have this same annoying problem. You want to look hot on the beach, show off your curves and not be spilling over. I don't think that is too much to ask!

Well curvy ladies, Shoshanna Loenstein is here to save your day.... And accentuate your God-given gift! Who is this amazing designer who has made a career out of helping busty women in this world? You may remember her from years ago when an older Jerry Seinfeld picked up a hot NYU student who was a mere 18.... Well she is all grown up now and has a thriving fashion design company. She is also a member of the "over DD" size club and felt the very pain that all of the others felt while out shopping. So, she did something about it.

This bikini is a perfect option for curvy ladies who want to feel secure and sexy at the same time. Nothing is going anywhere in this style top. It gives you wide coverage while showing a bit of cleavage because of the cinched center. As opposed to a plain bandeau top that leaves you with one big boob, this top is complimenting the bust perfectly. You can now run down the beach Bo Derek style and not worry about anything going anywhere! Braids not included.

Shoshanna "Tulum" Floral Bow Bandeau Bikini


Leilani said...

Amy! You are a life or should I say "boob" saver.. Thanks so much for looking around for me.. I am going to Nordstroms this weekend to try it on..

Love your friend,

Amy Salinger said...

Yea! I am so happy you like the post and that you are going to Nordstroms this weekend! See you VERY soon:)