Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Salute an Officer! Sailor Jeans

Owning the perfect pair of jeans is probably one of the most difficult tasks that we have as a woman. How is it that we can go into a dressing room with 15 pairs to try on and we walk out feeling beaten and battered with nothing to show for it? Stop the madness.

The sailor jean is a quick answer to fix most ladies jean shopping problems. The high waist and flared leg allow for movement and comfort because you are not having to suck, tuck and squeeze yourself through your day. Shorter ladies must hem these to wear with heels because the overwhelming width of the leg will be too much for your petite frame. Unless you are at least 5'4", buy some stacked heels in addition to your sailor jeans. Also, be sure to have a back pock or at least the illusion of one unless you have the perfect heiny of a twenty year old. Ah, the days....:)

This style also allows you to play with your funky sailor side (we all have one) as well. Jeans are a basic concept, but this design puts a spin on them that is definitely worth playing with. I am always screaming about adding your own personal flare to any look and here is a simple way to set yourself apart. Plus, during fleet week (one must live in NYC for this Labor Day extravaganza) it will be an easy way to have something in common with all of the cute sailors....

KUT Stretch Sailor Jeans


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