Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Canvas Totes

Al Gore changed my life. Really. After I watched his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", I was literally crying. I felt scared and mostly bad about how I was contributing living in this big, bad city of New York dumping most of my life away. I promptly began separating my trash for recycling and prepared for my new and more earth friendly life!

Now, lest you be concerned that this "new" life would be anything short of fabulously fashionable, think again. I am a huge shopper over at Whole Foods and am willing to spend a few extra dollars for better quality grub. Toting my fresh veggies and salmon is a tougher task living in a non-car friendly city so I had to evolve as a fashionable human being.

The canvas tote is our Eco-friendly answer to looking cute coming from the grocery store (or other locations where you will be carting stuff home). It is actually now recognized as stylish to be rocking a re-usable bag as opposed to answering the question, "plastic or paper?" No thanks, I've got my own! Fold this bag up to the size of an envelope and stuff it in your purse for later use. I assure you, your grandkids will be thanking you (and so will mother earth)!

Dogeared Canvas Tote

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