Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sassy Spring/Summer Woven Clutch

We have already established time and time again that I love anything metallic. I cannot stress enough that it is the easiest and most stylish way to give your outfit a kick while not diverting attention away from your look. It can be a standout color choice, but truthfully it just adds that certain something that only exemplifies that you are a true fashion diva.

No matter what the season, the clutch and metallic colors will always be en vogue, so why not pair them together? This great gold woven clutch is a perfect boost to your Spring or Summer ensemble. Woven bags are going to be huge this season so why not pick one up for yourself. It will be a staple of you style this season so it will be well worth the money. You will not even be able to figure out the "cost per wear" figure because it will be in your pretty little hand so often!!!

Due to its extreme versatility, giving you specific styling tips on how to rock this bag seems ridiculous. Wear it with anything. I am (almost) completely serious. You can obviously tell if something looks off, but this bag will most likely fit in with most of your Spring/Summer outfits. From the easy breezy to the simple and sophisticated, this bag will shine like the top of your grandfathers bald head.

Soft Woven Metallic Clutch


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