Monday, November 2, 2009

Parisian Chic for a Daytime Stroll? Hell Yea!

When I have meetings all day all over the city, I have to make sure I look cute and professional.... Not to mention comfortable! This outfit literally started with a hat and a hair-do. I had a bra and underwear on and was having a brain fart when it came to my actual outfit. But have no fear, I barreled through it and managed to create one of my more favorite ensembles.

When my head hurts from trying to put together something amazing, I usually grab for my go-to foundation piece, a white button down. It is a no-brainer for almost any gal because it looks clean, crisp and sophisticated. If you have trouble closing it because of a "bust" issue, layer a white tank underneath. I paired it with my flare leg Seven jeans and called it a day. It really was my AWESOME gold 50's style jacket that made the outfit anyway:) Remember ladies, your outfit does not have to be the most complicated part of your look, your outer most layer can say it all! Especially if you are outside all day as I was.....

As for styling, the part that made this look the most interesting was the fact that the sleeves of my jacket were 3/4 length. This allowed the wide cuff of my tuxedo style white button down to peek out. The collar of the shirt also showed just enough to make the look a bit different. A jacket is not always just for warmth, it can be your look!

To finish out my fab Parisian chic ensemble, I put a day's worth of stuff into my Prada saddle bag. Let's not get crazy, I did not pay full price for this. I got it almost 6 years ago at Filene's Basement in Chicago. At the time dropping $400 on a purse was a lot, but I mulled it over and decided it would be well worth the large price tage. I have never regretted the purchase and have used it over and over and over and over.... You get the idea:)

Buy things you love and styling yourself will not be the most difficult task of your day....

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Shana said...

So freaking cute! That coat is a great find! As always, jealous of your ability (and patience) to find these gems!