Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday Stroll: Leisurely Chic

There is nothing I love more then a Sunday with no particular place to go. Of course there is no question that although there is no destination, I must look cute getting there. And so I create a leisurely look that says, "I am fabulous, but I didn't try TOO hard".

This past Sunday was not unlike most of my Sundays. I know I want to do something, the real question is what. As my brain is mush by the time this day of rest comes along, my "fashion show" styling capabilities are not in full form. This does not mean I stroll outside in my pajamas! Take note, there is never a time or place when roaming around in your "leisure wear" is acceptable. This does not mean you should ever sacrifice comfort for style. Ever.

It was hot and my ensemble was going to reflect that. I chose a red loose and easy top from Zara. This great store in all over NYC and is coming soon to Chicago's magnificent mile. It is a dressy, yet comfortable option. Jean shorts, as with jeans, are a no-brainer bottom half. As I mentioned, my brain is not functioning at full force on Sunday. I threw on my new, amazing Grecian sandals that I picked up at Off 5th the weekend before. Orginally $250, bought for $60. I am awesome. Grecian themed sandals will pump up almost any look and this lovely Sunday was certainly no exception. Dressy sandals are one of the easiest Summer options to make your entire look pop. My black and gold hardware Nine West bag was the most simple finale to my look. Not too much competition for the ensemble, but it is definitely a great stand alone piece... As all of your choices should be! One vintage white jade ring and I was done.

When you break apart this outfit the concept is easy: It doesn't take much to look fabulous on a day when you really just don't want to care that much about your fashion. Top, bottom, shoes, purse and a ring... All of the basics without all of the fuss. Find your fabulous individual pieces and pair them together for a no-frills dressing experience! Sunday is now stupendous!

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