Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sizzlin' Summer Scarves

The summer scarf is hot, hot, hot! Literally, I am hot just looking at it. I have my own personal issues with heat (I don't like it), but I will definitely promote wearing this sassy accessory for less heated individuals:)

I am all about simple. With a season full of less clothing, it is of vital importance that you load up on accessories. It is the quick and easy way to make a tank and shorts look polished. With the summer scarf trend sweeping the world, isn't it time that you stocked up and got ready for the big, bad summer?

I have actually gotten several requests for a Sass N Style episode showing many fabulous ways to tie this little garment. Here is the issue; There is truly only so many ways a loose and flowy summer scarf can rock out. It is literally just meant to be tossed around your neck and look messy yet stylish. This style to the right is probably the most complicated of all of the ties and it really is still only one knot. Simply fold the large square scarf in half, drape the bottom part of the triangle downward and tie behind your neck. And voila, you have a sassy scarf tied oh so sassily around your neck. I am a scarf tying magician!

So raid nana's old stuff (I am sure there is a few choice scarves floating around), go to H & M, even hit up your local Goodwill store. These are all prime places to pick up your next great scarf and there is no need to spend Hermes prices!

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khmari123 said...

i'm have so many scraves! i love them.....i need someone help me to stop buying them in every color..Do i have a problem? Someone let me know!