Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stripes Gone Right: A Spring Dress With the RIGHT Idea

Stripes can be your enemy. The thought of them can haunt you through the night and well into the morning. The very curse of their presence can be like a ten pound weight on your shoulders. Oh the insanity!

Ladies, everything can be wrong until you make it right! Most fashionable concepts can be made to look good on you if you find the right silhouette and/or pattern combination. You will learn my little pupils, you will learn.

This striped frock is a very clear example of stripes gone right. Now take out your pencils and take notes! Stripes done horizontally are bad, stripes done vertically are good! You know you have heard this urban legend before, but why you ask? Very simple. Horizontal lines are drawing the eye outward to your widest part. Vertical lines are giving you length and height therefore slimming your silhouette out. Or at least giving the illusion of this weight loss miracle!

The fact that this dress combines the bold, vertical stripe with a waist tie is only additionally complimenting your smallest part, your waist. I love that the stripes drape downward on the arms only accentuating your very straight and slender middle. The barely there necklace encourages your eye to focus on the center without taking away from or overpowering the dress. Is Spring here yet? I am ready to put on this damn dress!

BCBG Striped Boat Neck Dress

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