Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make Yourself Skinny: The Perfect Tank Top

Every girl loves a good skinny trick and those ridiculous infomercials about losing 10 pounds in 10 minutes are not what I am talking about! Step away from the television and get ready to shop because wearing the proper clothing is TRULY the way to drop pounds instantly! As I have noted before, I wear many hats and now apparently "dietitian" is one of them.

Woman truly underestimate the power of a proper silhouette. Wearing your clothing correctly, meaning that the fit and shape are complimentary to your body type, is the best makeover you will ever give yourself. Looking frumpy is not always your bodies fault, it might truly just be your bad shopping habits!

This tank top is a perfect example of how a garment can make you look smaller. Oh ladies, start the drumroll please and let me explain! Draping, as this shirt does so perfectly on each side, can be the best blessing! If you notice, each side has very thin draping that points not only inward, but upward. Is this literally not where we want all of our parts to be? Stomachs in, boobies up! The other fabulous and deceiving part of this shirt is the large band straight down the middle. This, along with the inward and upward draping, are focusing the eye to the middle. NOT TO YOUR SIDES, which would only widen you. Add a V-neck to open up your chest and a thicker strap which not only covers your arms, but also creates more of a visual toward your middle and boom, skinny. Or at least much more flattering! The truly great part is that this style of shirt will not stick to your middle so it is form-fitting, but not showing off TOO MUCH of your "curves". The longer length is perfect because it adds to the illusion that you have a more slender torso. It literally lengthens your body.

Have I sold this damn silhouette yet?????

Nine West Poison Ivy Rouched Front Tank

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